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How To Be A Sexy Man: The Seducer’s Bible

You opened the article. Welcome dude! You clicked on this article because you want to be a sexy man right? That’s exactly what I am going to make you. A badass sexy man.

But first, a brief story.


Sometime last year I was at a bar with some acquaintances. At the other end were two girls who kept staring towards our direction. Soon enough they came to the table next to ours, started a conversation with the guys on it but kept looking towards our direction. The lighter of the two stared harder.

These girls repeated a cycle of going to sit for a while and then coming back to the table close to mine as they kept staring. After about 15minutes, the darker girl stood up and left the venue. The lightskin hesitated a bit, she then stood up, looked directly at me and waved. Before I could think of waving back, she walked away.

These are the kind of things I experience. You might be thinking it’s just a one-time experience or something that can happen to anyone occasionally. You’re thinking wrong.

I encounter things like this almost every time I decide to step out of my house.

Girls stare. Guys look at me with respect or envy. Older women are over-friendly. Stepping into a new environment, I immediately have people gravitating towards me.

The pretty girls throw out signals for me to talk to them and the cool guys wanna say hi while the less cool ones reek of jealousy, no matter how they try to hide it.

I’ve gotten several compliments from girls ranging from “I love your hair” to “You have really nice eyes!” And nope, I don’t have grey eyes, they’re normal brown in colour.

The two best parts are being approached by girls and having girls get turned on, excited and act naughty around me without me even going into proper seduction mode.

Now you might be wondering:

How does he do it?”

“He must be really handsome

While the former is a legitimate question, the latter is a wrong conclusion. Here is your answer: fundamentals.


Here’s how the English dictionary defines the word fundamental.


fundamental (plural fundamentals)

(usually plural) A leading or primary principle, rule, law, or article, which serves as the groundwork of a system; an essential part.


  1. Pertaining to the foundation or basis; serving for the foundation.
  2. Essential, as an element, principle, or law; important; original; elementary.

With the above definitions, we can say a fundamental is the basic element of a system or subject.


In seduction, fundamentals are the basic requirements needed to be put in place to facilitate a successful seduction.

Fundamentals are not the fancy lines you use or the sex talk that gets a girl dripping wet. They are passive in nature but work efficiently in making your game work like magic.


What are fundamentals?



Facial expressions



Posture and body language/gestures

Eye contact


Facial hair

Those are the fundamentals of seduction.

If you dress attractively, have sexy facial expressions, talk slowly with a deep and alluring tone, walk like a badass hero from a Hollywood scene, have a killer posture mixed with slow and deliberate gestures and you have piercing and dreamy eye contact like some guy named André from those Mexican soap operas.

You then mix these up with a sexy hairstyle and some nice facial hair. You best believe you’d be a walking god.

Attracting and sleeping with beautiful women becomes so much easier.


I really wonder why no one talks about this subject. When it comes to advice in seducing women, everyone has something to say.

“Tell her she’s beautiful”

“Make her laugh”

“Invite her on a date”

“Ask for her number”

While all of the above statements don’t qualify as bad advice when used in the right situation, however, they won’t take you far if your fundamentals are shitty.

Picture a dude with wide-rimmed glasses, who avoids eye contact by looking down and slurs his words at best or stammers at worse. He dresses like a commercial motorcyclist and walks with his back bent. He then walks up to a dashing damsel and manages to blurt out the words, “you’re beautiful”

What would be her reaction?

Would she blush, smile and say thank you or would she look at him with disgust and walk away?

While this is an extreme example, I’m sorry to say that being average doesn’t cut it either. You might look better than a local taxi driver but being like everyone else means you’d get results like everyone else.

To be a very attractive man that beds women with ease you must have above average fundamentals.

Seduction can be said to be divided into 3 categories: fundamentals, game and sex.

Most seducers you’ll encounter would be good at one or two, rarely would you find a guy that has got all three well handled. Today I will be teaching you about handling your fundamentals to become an extremely sexy man.


So how do you do it? How do you become as attractive as Idris Elba or Brad Pitt. Don’t worry, Mystique to the rescue!

1. Fashion 

The thing about fashion is knowing what suits you and having the right combination of colours. Obviously being in good shape is also necessary. While I can’t delve too deep into the nuances of fashion (I’d need to open a fashion blog for that), I’d, however, advice you follow Instagram male models, read fashion magazines like GQ and try out outfits you see them wear. With time you’d get the hang of it.

After observing several Hollywood sex symbols, attractive guys I’ve personally encountered and experimenting, I’ve concluded that there are two types of sexy dressing which represents two kinds of personalities:

Edgy man and Gentleman

a. Edgy Man

The edgy man wears boots, jeans (or khakis) and long sleeve shirts with two extra buttons left undone. That’s his kinda sexy. To be the Edgy Man, you have to picture yourself as a rebel or good ‘ol fashioned badboy.

Another classic Edgy look is wearing jackets. They could be made of leather or other materials. For leather jackets picture a guy riding a superbike. Inner tees, leather jacket, ripped jeans (or normal jeans) and boots.

You can also wear a t-shirt, jeans and some sexy boots. V-neck or low cut tees  are generally more sexy than round neck t-shirts.

Denim jackets are also good for the edgy look. You can wear a casual long sleeve shirt or a t-shirt underneath, coupled with jeans or khakis and a boot.

You might have been wondering why I keep mentioning boots when describing the Edgy Man look. Well it’s because boots are hands down the most sexy shoes for an edgy look. An alternative to boots are brogues and they can replace a boot with any look, including the ones I’ve described above.

This look also goes well with necklaces (not chains) that have cool pendants, earrings, bracelets and eye-catching rings.

Edgy Man Inspiration:  Best examples for this look are Ian Somerhalder (in the series Vampire Diaries and real life), James Dean, Hugh Jackman, Jason Momoa, Johnny Depp, Cowboy movies (think Clint Eastwood), etc

b. Gentleman

A guy in a well-tailored tuxedo reeks of class, style and sex appeal. This is the gentleman look. He looks dashing, smooth and charismatic. There are basically two types of Gentleman looks:

Suit Up!

If you’ve seen How I Met Your Mother then you must be familiar with that epic Barney Stinson phrase. Well he was actually right, girls are attracted to guys who suit up. The first look is basically what it is: wearing suits.

You can decide to wear a tie or leave it out. If you decide not to wear a tie, you could leave a few extra buttons undone or decide not to. Whichever works for you.

You should also consider three-piece suits. Most people don’t wear it and you could stand out when you go for a formal event. A blazer and a trouser is also a good way of wearing this look. Coats are also part of the Gentleman look.

A good rule of thumb when wearing a suit is that the tie should be deeper or exactly the same shade with the shirt. To be on the safe side, your suit should be darker than your shirt. However if you’re very good at fashion you can easily break this rule.

  • Shirt and Trousers

The other Gentleman look is wearing a shirt (tucked in) and a trouser. It’s a more casual take on the Gentleman look.

There are two types of this look, wearing a long sleeve shirt or a polo shirt (the type golfers wear), tucked into your trousers or khakis. With the longsleeve shirt look, you can sometimes fold the sleeves of your shirt three or four times. Make sure the sleeves are below your elbow, it is more attractive this way.

The shoes for this look are brogues, monkstraps and loafers. Certain boots go with this look too. They usually stop at the ankle.

Gentleman Look Inspiration: the best example for this look is James Bond. Every James Bond Actor has pulled off this look successfully. Although they’re mostly on suit and tie, Daniel Craig pulls off the golfer polo-shirt-and-trouser look in a scene in Spectre.

Other good examples are Marlon Brando in (The Godfather) Jon Hamm as Don Draper in Mad Men (watch when he takes of his jacket, he pulls off the longsleeve shirt and trouser look elegantly), Jason Statham (The Transporter) Leonardo DiCaprio, Cilian Murphy (Peaky Blinders), etc.

You should switch between these two sexy looks to suit your environment, the event you’re attending or the kind of women you want to approach.

2. Figure 

Well, this is the easiest to figure out.  It’s either you lift weights and have a six pack abs and well toned muscles or you remain slim.

If you’re overweight or have a beer gut, simply cut down your intake of certain food items that make you add weight. Little by little you cut them out. If you wanna have a sexy body, you should get a gym membership and start lifting.

You don’t have to be as ripped as Dwayne Johnson. All you need is just some muscle and abs. Having a six pack abs is definitely an aphrodisiac.

3. Facial Expressions

This is the most difficult to explain with words. In fact, as I am writing this I’m seriously brainstorming on how best I can explain this nuanced topic to you.

Facial expressions are what differentiates a loser from a player. The smile, the wink, the I-wanna-bend-you-over look, etc. If you wanna be an attractive man, you just have to practice facial expressions.

The best way to learn sexy facial expressions are by imitating your favorite Hollywood sex symbols and sexy and/or charismatic women. Girls use facial expressions a lot and I highly encourage that you pick up some of them for yourself.

Practice daily in the mirror to get it right.

Some top recommendations for facial expressions are Sean Connery, James Dean, Marlon Brando, Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Ian Somerhalder, Ryan Gosling etc.

Observe the look they give in movies when they approach a girl or give a compliment vs when she says something silly. Observe their serious vs playful look. What facial expression do they give when skeptical vs when they’re teasing a girl.

When practicing facial expressions, learn to change from one to the other slowly. Do not change facial expressions so fast like Ian Somerhalder in Vampires Diary. He has a whole lot of sexy facial expressions nk doubt, so pick the ones you can and practice slowly.

I’ll list a couple of facial expressions and describe as best as I can.

a. Smiling

Whenever you smile, it should be a slow spreading smile. An attractive smile is usually crooked, that is it is tilted more towards one side.

Look at all those sexy Hollywood actors, from Sean Connery to Harrison Ford to Ryan Reynolds. Their smile is usually either tilted to the right or to the left.

Another variation of this is a smirk. Hands down, the best example is Ian Somerhalder. Give that devilish smirk with a mischievous look and girls hearts will flutter.

When grinning, make sure there’s space between your upper and lower teeth. It is more attractive.

b. Eyerolls and Winks

If you thought eye rolling is a strictly female thing then you thought wrong. Eye Rolling, when done right can be very attractive.

If you’re in a group where there’s a girl you’re interested in but cannot isolate yet you can use eyerolls and winks to signal to her that you’re both on the same page and you haven’t forgotten her.

For a example, if a member of the group says something silly, look at her, give an eyeroll  and then look back at her. She’ll laugh or giggle.

You can also wink at her anytime both of you exchange glances just to show her that you’re still interested. She’ll naturally smile in response to this.

The other way you can use an eye roll is when the girl you’re in an interaction with says something silly. Just give her an eyeroll and she’ll laugh.

Learn to wink at women, it is very attractive. If you catch a girl staring at you just give a slow spreading smile and wink at her. She’ll smile back and you can go talk to her.

c. Head Tilt and Underlook

Have you ever noticed that every of your favorite Hollywood sex symbols always have their heads slightly tilted or even sometimes in an obvious manner. It is very attractive to tilt your head slightly when talking to a woman.

The underlook is basically tilting your head downwards while looking upwards at a girl. It’s a super sexy look.

d. Lip Part

If you don’t part your lips, then you’re missing a lot in the sexy guy points. Models do it, girls on IG do it and you should do it too!

All you have to do is part your lips slightly. You can do this every time like Brad Pitt and 50 Cents or when you want to ramp up the sexual tension with a girl.

Asides from those I’ve mentioned above, other good examples for lip parting are Daniel Craig and Ian Somerhalder.

The facial expressions I’ve mentioned are just a few from a never ending list. Study Hollywood sex symbols and sexy girls and you’ll be good to go. A good way of doing this is noticing whenever these actors or a girl achieves a social aim or communicates something without saying a word. Observe the facial expression they used and practice it.

4. Voice

What has Chris Hemsworth got that his brother, Liam Hemsworth, doesn’t have: a sexy voice.

A sexy voice is one of the most rewarding  fundamental to have. It has been the hardest one for me to develop. In fact I’m still tweaking it to achieve my goal.

To have a sexy voice you should talk slowly and deliberately.

There are two types of sexy voice: The Commanding Voice and The Alluring Voice.

a. The Commanding Voice

The Commanding Voice is deep and well… commanding. Girls are attracted to powerful men and having a deep and commanding voice is a sign of being powerful.

The best examples of guys with The Commanding Voice are Vin Diesel and Chris Hemsowrth.

b. The Alluring Voice

This is usually soothing and sensual, and can be sometimes exotic. Top picks for this are, Tom Hiddleston, Ed Westwick (Gossip Girl) and Sean Connery

5. Walk

The way you walk says a lot about you. Do you look rushed and confused or slow and deliberate. You might be thinking it doesn’t matter, but trust me, it does a lot.

When walking, your thighs should be wide apart with your feet facing forwards and not bent to the side. Walk slowly and deliberately, taking up space as you swing your arms. Your back should be straight and your chest puffed out.

Do not sway from side to side like a gangster. There’s nothing sexy about a gangster walk.

If you are in a situation where you need to walk briskly then do it elegantly like male models on a runway.

If you need stars to model after then watch guys like Daniel Craig, Clint Eastwood, Vin Diesel, etc.

When you have a sexy walk, it makes you look confident and attractive. Women fall for you without you saying a word and men immediately respect you.

6. Posture and Body Language/Gesture

Have you noticed how a high value man stands. He is usually taking up space, looking confident and relaxed. Even while sitting, you can just tell he’s a VIP. That’s exactly how your body language should be too.

You don’t need to have big muscles and a huge physique to have a commanding body language.

What you really need is to deliberately take up space. Make sure you stand or sit erect with your chin parallel to the ground.

If you’re sitting, you can stare off into space as if lost in thought with your elbow is on your lap and your hand on your face or a fist supporting the side of your chin.

Get inspirations from models, they have lots of poses.

While standing you can lean to your right or left on a wall with your head slightly tilted. Whatever part of your body is resting on the wall, the corresponding leg should be a bit further in front than the other leg.

That is, if you’re leaning on a wall towards your right side, your right leg should be further than your left.

You can also decide to rest your back on a wall. You should do this with a slight head tilt and your left leg bent backwards, with the foot resting on the wall to help you balance properly.

Your body language should generally be slow and deliberate. Important people are never rushed, they have people waiting on them, hanging on their every movement.

Also learn to gesticulate when you talk or are trying to make a point. It commands respect and attention and is very attractive.

8. Eye Contact

Ever heard the saying that the eyes are the doorway to a man’s soul? This isn’t far from the truth as you can use the eyes to communicate a lot without any words. Having a sexy eye contact gets women attracted immediately.

A sexy eye contact is intense and/or dreamy. These are the two characteristics of a good eye contact.

  • Intense Eye Contact

Intensity in an eye contact basically has to do with passion and fiery lust. Imagine you were angry, draw up that contorted face and the fiery eye contact. That’s exactly how an intense eye contact looks like, without the angry face.

When you have an intense eye contact you look focused, determined and passionate. And when you decide to channel that intensity into a female’s eyes, she gets aroused.

Probably the best example out there of Intense Eye Contact is the character Ragna Lothbrok from Vikings. His look is so intense and fiery and damn sexy.

Other examples are Pierce Brosnan, Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt and indeed most of your favorite Hollywood sex symbols. Most of them have the intense look.

  • Dreamy Eye Contact

This is the kinda look you give a girl you’re deeply in love with. It’s perfectly shown in romantic movies. The man holds his woman in his arms, looks deeply into her eyes as he promises her heaven on earth. Females find this eye contact very attractive.

The good news is you don’t have to be in love with her before you can use dreamy eyes. With practice you’ll eventually get it. What you need to have in mind while trying to pull off the Dreamy Eye Contact is loving and tender look.

She’s adorable, she’s so cute, you like and cherish her.

The best example for this eye contact is Jared Leto.

To pull off a sexy eye contact, never forget to lower your eyelids into bedroom eyes. While Ragna Lothbrok and Jared Leto are able to pull off the intense and dreamy eye contacts even without lowered eyelids (perhaps it has something to do with the colour of their eyes or their crazy personalities), most people lower their eyelids to achieve this effect.

9. Haircut

This list would not be complete without talking about your style of hair. Your choice of haircut can be a sexy boost to your fundamentals. Let’s talk about the sexiest haircuts for black men.

  • Bald

To go bald, you don’t have to be old.

Yes you heard me right. People wait till they’re balding before they shave off every bit of their hair. What you might not have realized is that according to research, women find bald men the most attractive. So in essence, this is the most attractive hair style you can have on –no hair.

  • Long Hair

It turns out that next in line to bald hair is long hair. Women love men with long hair. Whether it is plaited, dreadlocks or just plain long hair tied into a bun, women fall deeply for these men.

Whichever long hair you decide to keep, be rest assured you’d have lots of women eager to talk to you. This however is selective in terms of career path. You can’t work in a corporate body or as a lawyer with long hair so choose wisely.

  • Afro with Curls or Spikes

This hair is sexy. wether it’s full or you mix it up with fades on the sides, make your hair curly or spiked and watch your sex appeal spike up.

How you do this is to allow your hair grow and become lengthy and then go visit a saloon. Tell them to make it either curly or spiky and watch them perform their magic.

  • Low Cut with Fades

This haircut is by far the safest. Any low cut hair without fades looks really boring and normal. If you decide to go for a low cut, put some fades according to your taste. It is sexy.

10. Facial Hair

Facial hair is the new abs!

Get some facial hair and you’ve automatically increased your attractiveness. Girls love men with facial hair, it’s an open secret. Whichever type you keep just make sure it’s neat. Let’s talk about some of the facial hair types.

a. Full but Low Beard

This is like a full beard –you know the beard gang stuff– only that the beard is reduced to be very low. This is arguably one of the most (if not the most) attractive beard a person can keep.

The perfect example for this beard is TY Dollar $ign. The good news is this type of facial hair goes with all types of hair cut. There’s just a certain mysterious sexual appeal to a guy with full but low beard.

How do you keep it?

Simply allow your beard to grow for a while into a full beard. After this go to the barber and have him reduce the beard. Make sure the beard at the lower part of your chin and a bit at upper part of your neck is not shaved off. It is part of the appeal of the beard.

b. Moustache and Goatee

This is the go-to facial hair for most guys that can’t grow a full beard. It is very attractive. Even if you have the ability to grow a full beard, you can experiment with this type of facial hair.

The best example for this facial hair is Johnny Depp. He pulls it off excellently.

c. Full but Medium Sized Beard

This is a graduation from Full but Low Beard. It’s not full blown beard-gang type but neither is it very low. This is the kind of beard most folks keep and it can be quite attractive. Feel free to try it out. The Weeknd currently spots this type of beard.

d. Chin Strap

This is a moustache that connects downwards with a goatee. It’s the type Bryan Cranston kept in the TV series Breaking Bad. It is a very attractive facial hair that fits mostly the older guys.

If you’re an older guy and you don’t want to go for the Low but Full Beard or the Medium but Full Beard (which are a perfect fit for both older and younger guys), then a chin strap should be your go-to facial hair. It drips of maturity and sex appeal.

This facial hair is best when it’s low, do not grow a full blown out lengthy goatee that looks well like… the original goatee on male goats.

e. Sideburns and Moustache

This one is for the younger folks, it gives a certain playboy feel to any wearer. Most folks with full beard started out with a sideburns and moustache before graduating into something fuller and lengthier.

How this looks like is that it has the sideburn which is usually thin (unlike a Low but Full Beard or his brother Medium but Full Beard) grow downwards to your chin and a moustache.

You’ll obviously have a goatee also, but it doesn’t have to be long. If you prefer a longer goatee though, you can go with it.

The reason why it’s for the younger guys is cause it gives a certain exuberant and reckless feel to it. It also makes you look like you get laid a lot, your second name is Mr Break Yo Heart and you wouldn’t mind partying till sun down.

If you’re in an environment where the girls only sleep strictly with hardcore players and you’re having an issue portraying yourself as one, you should give this facial hair a try and see how far it can take you.

I wouldn’t advise you keep this facial hair if you’re 35 and above in age.


You know the saying that no matter how fucked up your life becomes, the only person that still stays is your mother. Well guess what? Your fundamentals never leave you either. Whether you feel bad or happy, you just made a million dollars or you lost your car to loan sharks. Your fundamentals have always got your back.

Let’s go back to my narration from earlier. That experience of mine happened sometime last year. During this period I was going through some personal issues. I had a series of bad days.

This is perfectly normal, everyone experiences shitty days whether you’re Donald Trump or a homeless street beggar. This was the main reason I didn’t approach the light skinned girl. I wasn’t really in the right headspace. I had other things on my mind, and getting a new lay wasn’t a part of it. Also, I was staying with family. If I was interested in talking to her I’d have done that right from when she started staring or went after her when she left.

That’s the neat thing about having tight fundamentals, girls would always hover around you and would show signs that they wish you’d talk to them. Sometimes they would even approach you with silly questions just to start a conversation.

It can be unbelievable atimes,  and you might even doubt that the girl staring continuously towards your direction wants you to talk to her. But with time you’d get used to it and can easily tell when it’s a genuine show of interest.

Here’s a good rule of thumb: just approach her, whether you’re certain or not.

Also I would  advise that whether you’re exhausted or having an existential angst, you shouldn’t pass up a lay.

Go talk to her, take her to your house and give her earth-shattering orgasms. It’ll probably make you feel a bit better or even totally cure your bad day.

This is one advantage of learning seduction, your fundamentals, game and sexual prowess would always be there no matter what kind of day you’re having.

A Little Caveat 

When you’re new to improving your fundamentals, your mood would naturally affect your fundamentals. When you’re having a bad day your back might slouch and your voice might not sound commanding.

If you’re pissed off you might slur your words and talk too fast. When you catch yourself doing this, just correct yourself. Once you’ve practiced for a while and gotten your fundamentals ingrained in your DNA, you’ll see that nothing affects them.

Also if you haven’t been gaming for a while or worse for several years, it is normal to be rusty. All you need is a few weeks or a month or two to practice consistently and you’ll be back to your seduction prowess. Same can be said with sex. If you haven’t gotten laid in a while, when you eventually have sex you might bust a nut too quick.


There are a lot of fundamentals to be learnt as listed above so my best advice to you is to take one at a time and practice till you’ve gotten the hang of it.

For example, you can take the sexy walk and practice it for a while until you’ve gotten it down then you move to the next. It shouldn’t take you more than two weeks or thereabout to get one fundamental down.

However, things like fashion and voice are going to take a while for you to get especially if you’re starting from a background of really terrible fashion style and voice. Same goes for facial expressions.

Don’t get it wrong though, a few months of practicing fundamentals won’t automatically make you as sexy as Brad Pitt. It takes time. You can always improve everyday. A journey of a thousand miles starts indeed with a single step.

A Quick Summary for You to Remember 

I’ve dished out a lot of information so here’s a quick summary of all that I’ve said.

  • Fundamentals are the basic requirements needed to be put in place to facilitate a successful seduction.
  • Fundamentals are fashion, figure, facial expressions, voice, walk, posture and body language/gestures, eye contact, haircut and facial hair
  • Fundamentals make you sexy. Attracting and sleeping with beautiful women becomes easier
  • Seduction is divided into 3 categories: fundamentals, game and sex and most seducers are usually good at one or two
  • Under fashion as a fundamental, there are two looks: The Edgy Man and The Gentleman
  • The Edgy Man is a stereotypical bad boy and he dresses in leather or denim jackets, casual long sleeve shirts and v-necks matched with jeans or khakis and preferably boots or sometimes brogues
  • The Gentleman look is suit and tie (coats and blazers included) or shirts tucked into your trousers. It’s a James Bond type of look.
  • Having a sexy figure requires you to either have muscles and a six pack abs or to be slim and in shape
  • To have good facial expressions, imitate Hollywood sex symbols and sexy and/or charismatic women
  • Some sexy facial expressions are slow spreading smiles (with smirk and grin being types of smiles), eyeroll and wink, head tilt and underlook and lip part
  • There are two types of sexy voice: The Commanding Voice (think Vin Diezel) and The Alluring Voice (think Tom Hiddleston)
  • For a sexy walk you should walk slow and deliberately with your thighs far apart, your back straight and chest puffed out, arms swinging as you take up space
  • Sexy posture and body language involves you not acting rushed. You should gesticulate when talking and copy postures from models
  • There are two types of sexy eye contacts: Intense Eye Contact which communicates passion and fiery lust, and Dreamy Eye Contact which communicates romance, care and love
  • Sexy haircuts are bald, long hair (dreadlocks, plaited hair or hair packed in a bun), afro with curls or spikes and low cut with fades
  • Sexy facial hair are Full but Low Beard, Moustache and Goatee, Full but Medium Sized Beard, Chinstrap and Sideburns and Moustache
  • Your fundamentals are always working whether you’re having a good day or not and the same can be said about your game or sexual prowess
  • When you’re new to fundamentals, a bad mood can affect it. This also applies to your game and sexual prowess if you’ve left them for a while
  • You should master one fundamental at a time.
  • To have solid fundamentals and become as attractive as Hollywood sex symbols, you have to practice for a long time.

So now that you’ve been armed with the tools you need to become as attractive as those Hollywood sex symbols, go out there and practice. Try them on live women.

Fundamentals are not a replacement of game so you’ll still need to lead the seduction. You’ll still have to approach, take her on a date and bring her over to your house for some raunchy sex.

If you have any questions or contributions, feel free to drop a comment. You can also write me on the email written on my bio.

Here’s to becoming a pant-dropping sexy guy,


About Mystique Achebe

I am a Nigerian writer, a lover of women, film aficionado, and a self-improvement devotee. I believe that any individual (with enough zeal) can master anything, moving from zero to hero, be it in seduction, health/fitness, skill mastery, business or career as I am a living testimony. You can write to me on
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