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What Andrew Kibe And Amerix Don’t Tell You About Simping

Just as the great Toussaint L’Ouverture helped Haitians reclaim their land from the entitled Frankia natives, Andrew Kibe and Amerix are currently waging a strong campaign to help every possessor of a phallus to not only dismantle toxic feminism but also rediscover his lost masculinity. So far, the campaign has been successful, with many men opting to change their ways after realizing that they were simping too much. Thanks to the two, Kenya is now populated with men who won’t accept any kind of baloney from women. My thoughts? Bloody awesome! As someone who used to write tons of articles in an effort to drive such points home, the new developments make me very happy.

However, as Kibe and Amerix are freeing men from the shackles of simping, a bigger problem is emerging. The refusal to simp is directly leading to a dry spell pandemic and I’ll explain how. Kibe and Amerix are teaching men how to not be puppets of women without telling them how to extract the most ideal benefits out of the same women. As a result, we now have a large group of young men that like to resist all-things-women but shy away from doing anything else. They don’t want to do anything to please women because they believe it’s simping, but at the same time, they also want to get laid or have good relationships. As expected, it’s not working.

As much as Kibe will tell you to beat your dick when horny (like literally punch it like Sugar Ray Leonard) or Amerix will tell you to sleep on a cold floor, the truth is every man wants pussy. Some want it more, some want it less, but the fact remains that no sane man can truly remain celibate. After scouring through several “Masculinity Saturday” tweets or watching several Fukuswii videos, you will still see a mali safi on social media or on the streets and wish you could bang her. Or if you are more dating-minded, you will still wish you had a nice girl that could treat you like a king and bend over whenever you want her to.

Wishing is all you will do because every time you think of finding a way to convince her to pick you or spending money on her, you won’t do it because you have been told not to simp. Consequently, you won’t get laid. Women will keep on rebuffing you for demanding sex while bringing only your dick and desires to the table, and this will make you very depressed. As is the norm, any man or woman who doesn’t get laid is always angry.

So, what’s the solution. should you just simp? Hell no! Kibe and Amerix are right about not simping. There is no worse man than a simp. As a simp, you might get pussy but you will always be treated like shit. What Amerix and Kibe are forgetting to tell you is how to make yourself a desirable man so that women will find you attractive even when you refuse to bend to their will.

Before you declare you shall never simp, you should at least have the basics sorted. Ask yourself: Do I dress well? Do my shoes look good? Is my hair cool or does it look like separated ndengu? Am I a confident man? Do women find my conversations interesting? Do I know how to have fun or do people find me boring? Do I have incentives (mostly money) or look like someone who is serious about getting money? Am I intelligent? Does my body look good? Am I a good decision maker?

If you can confidently answer yes to most of these questions, then you can confidently afford not to simp without any negative consequences. But if you still have a long way to go, the refusal to simp will lead to dry spells or the inability to form meaningful relationships. Women just aren’t going to open their legs just because you are a rebel who refuses to be controlled. Your refusal to simp isn’t a magic wand that will automatically make every woman see you as a king. It has to be accompanied by other things that make a man attractive.

Do not simp but also make sure you are better than most men out there.

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