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Kua Mjanja Kuliko Dem Yako

No woman desires to be with a man who doesn’t know more than her.

However, they can not publicly admit this, or else they’d be guilty of committing the cardinal sin of going against the sisterhood code. Hence, we would instead hear such coping hogwash from women, such as, “Nataka mwanaume mwenye anaeza niskiza.”.

Women don’t want to have to teach men how to be competent. But if you actually get suckered into believing the crap that they spew out of their traps, you’d be left with the impression that women are viscerally attracted to men to whom they could teach and preach.

When one of my exes tried to take a dig at me, insinuating that I’m a know-it-all; I actually took it as a compliment rather than an insult. As the man in the relationship, you should be the one who knows it all! You should be the one who has the most competence! You should be the one who’s more cultured, more educated, more learned, more worldly, more sophisticated, etc. Those attributes are things that women find inherently attractive in a man. No woman wants a man whom she can run circles around, on an intellectual and mental level.

All this equality bullshit that women scream and clamor about: they neither believe that shiiit, nor do they actually want that shit [equality].

She wants someone who can teach her how the real world works.

Scratch that! ❌️

Screw what she wants!

She NEEDS a man who can tell her how the world works and how life goes!

In theory, this is why women in mass, are attracted to men who are older than them.

In such a dynamic, where the man is older, they [women] could be schooled and led.

Women don’t want to have to school and lead their men on life’s goings.

That would be a major turn-off for them.

Historically speaking, women have always known and accepted that men should lead them.

It was only since the advent of feminism that fostered the propaganda that we consume today, which peddles the idea that women and men should be equal, women should go 50-50, so on, and so forth.

However, at the core, women admire a man whom they can look up to for guidance and competence.

This “guidance” and competence can manifest themselves in various ways: small or big.

For example: the other day, my girlfriend bought a new doorknob for the bedroom, since the locking mechanism was spoiled, thus rendering the unable to lock.

She tried to change the entire doorknob but couldn’t.

I came home from work and fixed that sucker within no time. ?‍♂️

Remind you: I have never changed a doorknob in my life until that day!

That is what you call COMPETENCE: an ability to think on your feet (as a man) and get shit done.

A small thing, but crucial, nevertheless.

Women look forward to that.

Their panties get soaking wett over a guy who can come in, take charge, and get shit done, i.e. a guy who knows.

If your girl catches a flat, she wants to know that you know how to change that goddamn tire.

How would you look- as the superior/man- looking at you girl and going, “I can’t change a tire. Can you”?

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