Form Ni Wamama?

In the old days when the world was more sane, marriage was between a young fertile woman in her prime and an older man who had an established career. This was sensible because the man provided resources and wealth while the woman was young and strong enough to bear and raise children. Additionally, she was attractive enough for her husband to want to fornicate with her.

Other reasons that were common sense came into play – the girl was young, meaning she was happy and eager to please. This gives joy to an accomplished man, especially after working hard for so many years in the sick cutthroat world of modern “civil”-lization. There was little to no drama between the husband and wife, because the wife was disciplined to know her place and so she knew not to even attempt any shenanigans. Order and respect were given to the father in the household. This method worked, however now in the modern age, people have more options, particularly women. With this, the roles have been reversed.

Nowadays, old women think they deserve young hunks. Ideally, any young guy shouldn’t even look at such a rotten thing, but ironically enough, not only are they having intimate relationships with them, they’re freaking marrying them! The roles have been reversed, now older females are bedding young studs, and because these guys lack the ambition to make money compared to their predecessors, they give in to the old females.

Wababa are to blame?

The reality is that when a man is well-settled, he has a normal natural attraction to the most desirable YOUNG women. There’s nothing wrong with a man for wanting it, he’s smart. That means early twenties. Girls past 30 are screwed up. Those in their 40s are stressed because their husbands don’t even look at them anymore. Kwa hivyo they have decided to play the same game their men play.

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