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The events depicted in this story happened on the night of January 31st. I am kinda late with this one because Annette was initially against the idea of me writing about her. I managed to convince her anyway because that’s what the sheriff is good at: convincing girls to do his bidding.

I enjoyed sex with Annette more than Conte enjoys hugging people. She was one of those chicks I shagged until I was exhausted to the frontier. I am talking balls dry and dick clapping in appreciation. The sex left me feeling like a Chinese laborer constructing the Great Wall back in 220 BC. When she left, I couldn’t help but notice she was walking with a limp. I must have given her a cruciate ligament injury that would keep her on the sidelines for some days. I had ran through her like a bulldozer while she had submissively served me the glorious gift of sweet cunt – again and again.

I can’t even remember how many rounds we did. It’s like we just kept on going and going. It was unrivaled non-stop action. Every time both of us came, we would start kissing each other again and seconds later, I would be inside her.

What was special about the night was that it was raining heavily all over Nairobi. KPLC had also decided that Kenyans in our hood deserved no power.

So there I was at around 8pm, with a candle in my sitting room, waiting for Annette to lay foot in my crib. Given how heavily it was raining, there were no signs of power coming any time back soon. Luckily I had already prepared supper and bought some chocolate too. When she’d arrive, everything would be well set and we’d only have four things to do: 1.) Eat 2.) Fuck 3.) Rest 4.) Repeat.

I kept chatting with Annette. She told me she was still in tao, sheltering under some building because it was raining too heavily. She called me to discuss whether we should postpone the shag date.  I told her it was okay to postpone to a day that would be more convenient for her but she insisted she really wanted to see me and so she’d just brave the rains. In fact, my suggestion to postpone seemed to have disappointed her.  That came out rather surprising because seducing her had been difficult to begin with.

She couldn’t stop stating how she feared me because of my reputation as a vagina explorer. She also revealed how she wasn’t used to casual sex. She had just broken with her boyfriend of four years recently. Her affinity for taking hard stances meant I only managed to fully convince her on the morning of the same day we were to meet. She promised that as soon as she left her workplace, she would come over.

9 pm was fast approaching with no signs of Annette.

After a few more minutes of waiting, she said she was on her way. When she alighted from the mat, it was still raining. I wanted to pick her up but she insisted she’d just get a nduthi to bring her over. However, when she reached the main gate of our lane of compounds, the watchman insisted that nduthis weren’t allowed inside the gated community. So Annette called me to go get her.

I was excited to see her. We held each other at the waist as we rushed back to my house to escape the hard-hitting rain.

When we got to the house , I closed the door and welcomed her. We didn’t even talk much. I stroked her cheek, then her hair. “Oh, God,” she whispered, swiveling her hips and thighs in a way that sent me right over the edge. Only a few words and then she lost her train of thought as my hands started swirling tight, erotic circles on her back . . . her hips . . . her ass. I was hungry for her and she felt the same way. Proceedings kicked off quickly when my lips brutally claimed hers all thanks to my tendency to not waste  time. My hand shaped her neck, my thumbs held her jaw in place for my assault. Horniness howled in my veins, wanting things, needing things. Lucky for me, she surrendered, no fight left in her, no longer wanting to be the difficult ‘hard-to-get’ woman. She let me work her mouth, slide my tongue inside and map the roof. She let me handle her in whatever manner that suited my preferences.

Only a few munjus in, I broke the kiss, my eyes hazy with a strange brew of lust and compassion. I nuzzled along the line of her jaw, my lips igniting volcanic heat across her skin. “Napenda boobs zako,” I told her as hands kneaded her rear in a way that made her mindless with desire. Moisture flooded her punani at the thought of what would come next.

As she felt the bubbles in her bones, I grabbed the chocolate pack with one hand and tore it with my teeth. The other hand remained around her shoulder.  The mere touch of my hand circling the back of her neck sent an odd little warmth running through her veins.

“Philip I……. —”


Her body short-circuited as I hushed her . The scent of her femininity reached my nostrils as I brought a chocolate piece to her mouth, her pupils so blown up they were all I could see.

Fungua mdomo,” I coaxed.

The gentle brush of the chocolate bar across her lips sent a current through her body. I stared down at her with a wicked smile, and then she felt me brush the bar over her lips again. Instinctively, sensually, she opened her mouth and let me feed it to her, breathing hard. By the time she swallowed, I had already began unwrapping her like I was a kid and she was a new toy inside a box.

She joined the disrobing party and before we knew it, we were pulling each other’s clothes apart. Tops and shirts flew briefly in the air before succumbing to gravity . My meaty paw yanked away the fabric over her soft, aching breast. It did the same to her panties. My palm covered her easily, molding her soft flesh to my rough ministrations. The condom was introduced as soon as possible, my dick hard as iron, ready to bang. Ready to say hi to Le Punani.

First I banged her on the couch, my cock abrading her sensitive folds as I plunged inside her mercilessly. Then I placed her buttocks on the armrest of the next couch and fingered her. I nuzzled against her, my lips on her neck, nibbling and kissing my way up to her earlobe, where she was a little ticklish. “Ooh,” she whispered. “Ooh! Oh, oh, oh,” she sighed, as I worked my fingers against the pussy lips . . . and then she forgot to moan, forgot about all of the world, and lost herself inside her own pleasure. I watched her squeeze her eyes shut as she clamped her thighs against my wrist and snapped her hips up, once, twice, three times before she froze, all the muscles in her thighs and belly and bottom tense and quivering, and I felt her contract against my fingers.


But the best moment was when I bent her over – ass in the air and her palms firmly placed on the armrest. I brought my dick and rubbed it across her ass, just for the fun of it. I did that for a few seconds, just to make her desperate. As she waited and got frustrated, I suddenly pushed it in, the whole of it.  She screamed.

It was phenomenal how my Luhya manhood rubbed against that taut bundle of nerves in her cunt- hard and fast. It drew the blistering sensation to a peak. All she could do was writhe. And feel. In the candlelit room, my dark, cocoa skin against her gilded flesh heightened our contrasts, yet also showed how well we complemented each other. The candle’s light diminished but was still bright enough to show her body’s potent reaction to my astonishingly sexy domination. I enjoyed touching her nipples from behind. They were a lot perkier than those of other women. The softness of her ass was something else altogether.

“So sweet Phil..” she yelled.”Harder baby…harder.” She added.

And harder it came. Perhaps even more than Annette anticipated. Thoughts vaporized. Muscles dissolved. Desire flew loose in her core as the ferocity of my world famous Luhya manhood smashed her senseless. All her beauty was there for the enjoyment of both my eyes and my member. Her lush skin, her soft skin, her beautiful hair- everything looked and felt like a blessing from the gods above to their champ underneath.

I dicked her with zeal, pushing in and out, torturing the g-spot until she gushed on my feet. She came hard and thick. Her fluids splattered all over my feet. Some on the floor. She stood there, a sleazy mess, which made it filthier and sexier and so, so good.

After her breathing had resumed to normalcy, I held her hand and guided her as we made our way through the dark corridors to the bedroom. We couldn’t even see each other properly. But that is what made it even more erotic. We could locate each other’s sexual organs of course and that’s all that mattered.  We kept banging again and again.

At around 1 am, we were both really hungry. I wanted to go warm the meal I had prepared but she said she had carried boxes of pizza and Del Monte for me and wanted us to eat it. Awesome. I warmed the pizza and we fed each other, naked. After eating, we retreated to the bedroom to fuck again

After a couple more rounds, I couldn’t fuck again. I was too tired. But Annette wouldn’t just let me lie. She decided to give me the most amazing oral onslaught ever. She got on her fours and grabbed the Luhya manhood by its head.

Her tongue flickered and danced around the tip and I instantly could feel myself growing hard for her, my penis filling her mouth more and more with every flick of her tongue. She pulled back slightly as the head of my cock started to push against the back of her throat, but then she opened wider and took all of me inside.

I groaned, and the sound excited her. I pulled one of her arms and begun sucking her fingers.

Her mouth felt like home to me. She was well versed in the girth and ridges. Since it was dark, I couldn’t see her expressions. I had to keep guessing what move she was going to make next.

Was Annette going to dive deep with her throat or stay in the shallow end with her tongue running laps around the head of my thick dick? She did it all. I felt like a don, lying here, this woman sucking me with so much dedication. Annette enjoyed giving me head just as much as I enjoyed receiving it. I could swim all day in her mouth, backstroking in it, treading saliva

I liked the swish, swish sound she made like waves, and then…the way…I felt…when I came hard, crashing against her lips…as if…they were…a…shore. Load after load of cum shot into her mouth. To my surprise, she swallowed it. The whole of it. Not even a drop spared. I had to give her a high five. Not many women suck dick like that.

Finally we slept,

In the morning, before she left, she gave me another powerful BJ and swallowed my cum again. For the rest of the day at work, I couldn’t concentrate. All I could see was the image of her head bobbing on my cock. What a woman. She seemed so innocent at first but turned out to be a real freak between the sheets.

They say nowadays a blowjob is as commonplace as cream cheese frosting on a red velvet cupcake. The difference is that some women just toss it in randomly with no thought or direction, while others create a licky masterpiece that leaves a man talking about the act for months.

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