Etemesi’s Tales | How Kilimani Mums Helped Me End My Dry Spell


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A week ago, I was in a dry spell. For the first time in over 18 months, I had stayed 8 days without sex. Yes, to me 7 days + 1 = [ a dry spell ]. That’s when the alarms start ringing and I realize there is something I am doing wrong. For some guys, a dry spell is a whole month without sex. For some it’s three months, some even six. But for the sheriff, more than a week without punani calls for a state of emergency.

All my options were appearing bleak. I had no intention of going out to the clubs and chipoing someone. Party chicks have become somewhat of a bore to me nowadays. They get pounded by millions of dudes. I am at that point in my life where I prefer quality women. No matter how famous or rich I become, I would prefer banging a Rubadiri or a Brenda Wairimu rather than a Huddah Monroe  But sometimes quality women take time to tune. Even if you are a pro-player, it always takes a few days or more to convince one that you are a worthy suitor.

As I was figuring out how to get some quick pussy, I logged on to Kilimani Mums Uncensored with my fake female Facebook account to see the lamentations of the women there. They always have some crazy things to say so I took my time to read through. As I was almost logging out, I saw an interesting post

“Hello fellow single mums, wangapi hapa wako dry spell? Imagine mimi nimekaa five months. I am even thinking of buying a vibrator but I am afraid my little son will find it. He’s so naughty”

Ahaaa. There was my opening. A woman that has been starved of sex is always easy to seduce. First I went to her profile to check out her information and pictures. She was 31 and hot as fuck, as if born to enchant, enthrall and transfix men. Her name was Rukia, definitely a coasterian. I am always lucky with coastal women. I get a lot of them. I just hoped she was residing in Nairobi


I had to be smart when hollering at her so after several minutes of intense thinking, I decided to go with the ‘caring friend’ move. I hit up her inbox with my fake female account and here is how the conversation went

My fake account: Hey, Rukia, I just saw your post on Kilimani Mums. Imagine I was in a terrible dry spell too but luckily I found a solution

Rukia:  Hello, thanks for reaching out my fellow mum. Ulifanyaje?

My fake account: I got a younger guy. He was really great in bed. Would you ever consider sleeping with a younger guy?

Rukia: Ummm….siko sure about that dada

My fake account: The guy I slept with has a hot friend too, A baby faced guy. If you want, I can hook you up

Rukia: Haha…wow. Hiyo inasound tempting but I am not sure. Let me think about it then ntakueleza baadaye

My fake account: No problem.

A day later, on a Wednesday afternoon, Rukia sent a message to my fake account asking to be linked up. Gladly, I asked for her number so that I would give it to the guy (who happened to be me). She asked for a picture of the guy first. Luckily she loved my pic.

Rukia: Huyo ako sawa….ntaenda naye mpaka che

My fake account: Haha…hakuna shida. Nishampea namba yako

Minutes later, I called Rukia and asked her when she can come to my place. Initially, she wanted me to go to her place  in Buru Buru Phase 2 instead but I couldn’t do that. Nowadays, It’s not wise to bang a chick at her place, especially if it’s a chick you just met. She might be having a boyfriend that she didn’t tell you about and you get ambushed. So after a little back and forth, I convinced her to come to my place and she agreed to do so in the evening.

“Acha nijiprepare, then nimpeleke mtoto wangu kwa my sister kisha naja,” she said.

Excited, I rushed back home from Westy where I was doing some deals.

Rukia arrived at around 6pm. I picked her up at the stage and as soon as we got to my house, no time was wasted.  Thirst was blazing inside both of us, and the scent of her perfume diffused to all chambers of my head. I locked the door and when I turned back to her, my lashes lowered. I flicked a look over the shorts and T-shirt she wore. She was dressed casually and seductively. I wondered how many men had suffered from seeing those thighs on the road.

“Naomba kushower kwanza”, she said.

“Si tunaeza shower pamoja.” I countered as I moved towards her, my body tightening with hunger. I had been like this for days, and it was killing me. If I didn’t touch her, have her then, I would go insane.

She didn’t say another word. Her hands just slid over my powerful forearms, as they enclosed her, my fingers gripping the zip of her shorts and drawing it down. She allowed them to fall to the floor and we began kissing.

Tossing the material aside, her lips began exploring my face, licking all over my cheeks and ears.  She then moved back to face me, her head tilting back, her lips accepting mine, as my tongue swept into her mouth once more .Honey and spice. That was her taste, and I gloried in it.

Kissing her, touching her, I lifted her into my arms and carried her all the way to the bathroom. She was petite with a fat ass so I didn’t struggle. I never took my lips from hers as I took off both my clothes and hers then went ahead to adjust the water. I sipped at her saliva, licked at her teeth, shared my taste with her, then lifted her beneath the spray of the showerhead.

The door closed behind us, wrapping us in steamy intimacy, as my hands coasted over her body. My lips moved down her neck, to her chest.

Rukia lifted herself against me, her head tipping back, as water ran over her head, soaking her natural hair, running in rivulets over her face, down her neck, to my lips. Lips that were moving from her neck to her nipples.

“Oh, God, yes.Suck it….nyonya.” She arched, driving the tight peak against my lips. “Suck my nipples, Philip.”

I sucked the hard points inside my mouth, drew on them deeply, growled in pleasure as she rubbed her leg along my thigh. The tiny, nearly invisible hairs that grew there, soft as a whisper of silk, caressed her.

Her hands weren’t still, and neither were my lips. As I sucked at her nipple, scraped it with my teeth, her head lifted to allow her lips to touch my brow. Her hands smoothed over my shoulders, over my arms. Her hips kept arching to grind her pussy against one hard, lean thigh, as I held her in place.

Wet liquid fire wrapped around her nipples. I sucked her deep, my mouth hungry, my tongue stroking and licking, as her nails bit into my shoulders. Warmth and pleasure filled her. Wicked, sharp pleasure that clenched her womb and had her breath catching with an overload of sensations. She had definitely missed this. She had missed a man’s touch, a man’s kiss. The heat of the moment was flowing over her and through her, until she didn’t know where she was and what she wanted. At that moment, I was her dreams, her adventures. Her sunshine after the rain


“It’s so good……….endelea,” she demanded breathlessly, leaning back against the shower wall, as my tongue swiped between her breasts, followed by a hungry growl. She loved that growl. A bit of a rumble, a latent vibration of pleasure.

“It’s been long sana,” she cried out, as she felt my fingers fill her rather than the thick length of my cock. From the look in her eyes, I bet It was good. It was wickedly good, the feel of my fingers caressing her inside, parting her pussy and rubbing against sensitive nerve endings. But it wasn’t enough. It wasn’t all that she hungered for.

Even as my fingers slid deep inside her sex, flexed and stroked the tender tissue, she was begging for more. My thumb circled around her clit, tightening it with agonizing need, as the nerve endings pounded with the need for release. I could smell the sweet aroma of her pussy now. Like flowers, syrup and sweet cream.

The bathroom wasn’t really convenient for us to fuck in at the moment as it was really slippery, so I gripped the backs of her thighs and lifted her. Slowly, I carried her out and placed her buttocks on a 135 liter water tank that was just outside my bathroom. I then rushed to get a condom in my bedroom and came back running while wearing it.

Rukia curled her legs around my waist on instinct, forcing her eyes open to watch me in drowsy pleasure, her legs falling farther apart as I neared the agonized flesh of her punani. She screamed as I tucked the head of my cock against the mouth of it.

“Beby……,” she moaned raggedly, as I began to press inside her, the silky preseminal fluid filling her, sensitizing her further.

“ Napenda……tamu,” she gasped, as I continued to slide inside her, stretching her, parting her, burning her with goodness. Her back arched, as I seated my erection fully inside her.

Rukia felt her muscles flexing, tightening around the width of my Luhya manhood, and sending brilliant shards of exquisite pleasure racing through her. They raked her nerve endings, embedded her soul, and whipped through every cell of her body.


Words weren’t needed now, only gasping cries of pleasure and the hard thrusts and acceptance of the heat burning through us. My dick shuttled inside her hard and deep in luscious strokes. Rukia twisted in my grip, taking me, stroking me, tightening on the hard, heavy length of my cock, as she began to tremble in my arms. She arched to me, rubbing the hot tips of her breasts against my chest, feeling the tiny fine, silken body hair that was almost invisible to the naked eye. Damn, it felt good, though. Like rough silk rasping over her nipples.


I increased my tempo, pounding like there was no tomorrow. She could feel her orgasm from a mile away. It was coming. It was tightening in her tummy, through her muscles. It was calling. Her eyes closed in delirious pleasure with its looming arrival. The sensations were nearly painful, the arousal building inside her and there was no doubt her bones would soon be rippling with it. Her clit was distended, her nipples hard and aching, as they raked against my chest. She was on fire. Burning. Sweating, despite the drops of water still rolling over us.

My hands kneaded her ass. Sweet delicate curves that clenched beneath my fingers as she lifted to me without reservation. And I accepted. I shagged her with a greed I didn’t believe was possible, terrified I couldn’t get enough of the sweet, addictive juices spilling to his lips and tongue. I could eat her for hours and never get enough. Lick her forever and die with the hunger beating at my soul.

I enjoyed the delicate, cheesy flesh of her pussy, humming my pleasure in a long, low rumble. She tasted better than honey, better than sweet sugar. The luscious juices spilling from her pussy were tinged with spice and spiked with pure sweet flames.

Seconds later, she exploded in my arms as she screamed out my name. Spikes of sensation shot through her. Tingles and flares and fingers of electric currents arcing from nerve ending to nerve ending as the breath caught in her throat. Her eyes closed, and her head tipped back as a keening cry spilled from her lips.

My release followed. The thickening in the center of my dick spread across her sensitive pelvic floor muscle, causing it to spasm and contract, to milk tighter, as a snarl of pleasure left my lips.

The blast of my semen into the CD triggered another orgasm in her, not as fierce or as hard. This one was gentler, easing through her rather than exploding over her nerve endings. As it ended, Rukia found herself still planted firm on the tank, as I trembled against her. Her hands stroked my shoulders, her lips pressed against my neck. She held me to her, absorbing the hard spasms that gripped my muscles with each spurt of my release.

Each eruption sent tremors of response racing through her. Like mini-orgasms clenching her womb. With each spasm, she tightened on that thick swelling, causing another pulse of me release to blast inside her. Causing me to shudder and groan in her arms.

After it was all done, we stepped back to the bathroom, allowing cool water to spray over our overheated bodies, washing away the perspiration that would have coated us, but doing little to still the heat that had raged through our bodies.

“That,was worth waiting for,” she panted minutes later, as the swelling of my Luhya manhood receded and I slid out of her, groaning.

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