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Deflowering A Virgin (How To Do It Right)

If you are a keen follower of my articles, you know this is a topic I’ve touched on before. But they say man gets wiser everyday. And Etemesi is no exception.  In that case I’ve decided to refine the tips. So today, I Philip Etemesi will teach you how to be a professional de-virginator.

To be honest, banging a virgin is never that exciting. It’s such a thankless task for men, unless the partner in question is your girlfriend. Otherwise, you are just making work easier for the men that will come after you. Personally I can only conduct the opening ceremony on a virgin if she’s a chick I am planning to date or bang for a long time. I implore you to do the same.

DO NOT have one night stands with virgins. After deflowering a girl, keep things going with her until both of you can’t stand each other any more. If you deflower a virgin, make sure you extract at least 10 more lungula sessions from her on different occasions before you let her go. That way, your work wont have gone to waste. You will have left a lifetime mark on her too. She will always remember you as the guy who taught her everything she knows about sex. Memories of your shaft parting her pussy lips will forever be etched in her mind.

So unless you see yourself going out with her for a while, there is absolutely no point of banging her – you will never get a return on your investment.

Well….. how do you go about banging a virgin?

The truth: It’s easier without a condom

I know…I know. Before you draw out your daggers, listen to what I have to say. People really get on their high horse when it comes to using condoms. And there’s a justifiable reason for that. But if there’s ever a single scenario where you have an excuse to avoid using condoms, it’s when banging a virgin. CDs make the girl feel more pain than she should. Banging a virgin raw on the other hand makes it easier to just ram in. Before she can let out a scream, you’ll already be inside. My advice is for both of you to get tested first. Don’t just go ahead and bang her because she says she’s never had sex before, hence you think she’s clean. She might be lying. If all that is too much for you, just go ahead and struggle with a CD. I am just giving you an easier way out.

Do not eat her punani or finger her before you bang her

This is because she might end up loving fingers and tongue more than dick. Have you ever heard of the saying “kuzoesha mtu vibaya?” I know a couple of young guys who complain that their girlfriends don’t like sex but they like it when their punanis are licked or fingers are inserted inside them. This problem arises because such chicks were vigorously fingered or had their pussies eaten before they ever had dicks inside them. They felt the sweetness before the pain, yet it should be pain before sweetness.

Forget those fellas who lie to you that if you finger her, the vaginal walls will expand a bit so she won’t feel a lot of pain during actual sex. That’s B.S. You will end up with a girlfriend who gets furious when you refuse to finger her or eat her punani. Then when you fuck her, she stares at the ceiling like a dead fish because she isn’t enjoying it. Just kiss, cuddle sufficiently, make sure she’s really wet then ingiza hiyo kitu huko ndani.


Do not postpone it. 

I repeat. Do not postpone it. Many guys have been caught up in this situation where she says “ni uchungu” then you agree “tutajaribu tena next time.”  Wrong move bro. You will discover that someone else already did the job while you were hesitating. A virgin chick once approached me asking me to deflower her because her man wasn’t aggressive enough. He kept stopping when she said ‘ni uchungu’ then they would postpone. Whether I went ahead and deflowered her is a story for another day. Meanwhile, take a guess. Just know that when a virgin removes her clothes, she is ready right there and then.Finish the job.

Of course it’s sweet to show genuine concern throughout the process. Don’t just be rough and forceful like a bear. You should already expect her first sexual experience won’t be earth shattering because of the discomfort. So, make sure to continue asking her if she is okay. Always put her feelings and emotions first. But that doesn’t mean you should be too soft. Be sweet with words and tell her how the uchungu will only last for a short time but finish the job.

The most important thing is to maintain a woman’s level of safety and comfort so she always feels that if things are going too fast that she can ask you to stop, and you will respect her wishes. The idea is not to give up at the first sign of resistance, but simply to recognize that you are moving things a little too fast and to simply slow down enough to where her level of safety and comfort can grow to the point where she loses all inhibitions and becomes horny enough to let you have your way with her.

All women have a natural fear of being forced to do things sexually with a man before they are ready. It’s like a pot of boiling water on the stove. When you first turn on the heat, nothing much happens. But over the course of several minutes, the water gets warmer and warmer until it gets so hot that it boils. The idea is to make her so horny that she wants you inside of her. That way it will be easier to finish the job quickly.

Don’t expect to enjoy it or for it to last long

If you’re intending to bang a virgin to get some pleasure, kill yourself now. Shagging a virgin chick is equivalent to being on a car ride with someone who has just gotten their driver’s license yesterday…..And now intends to take you on a road trip.

Can you foresee the complications from a lack of experience? (unable to follow traffic signs, drives too slowly, too fast, or keeps breaking)

That’s what you’ll get the first time. But the second time will definitely be better

Stay strong

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