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How to be a “Kichwa Ngumu” Guy That Women Will Love

I know it doesn’t make sense why women hate good guys but they just do. In that case, it’s in your best interest to be as toxic as possible. And you can do that by following these rules.

  • When his girl tells him “I love you”, the badboy will reply “Hiyo ni poa!”
  • A badboy will occasionally tell his girl to “F### off”, “shut up”, or “shut the f### up”, sometimes even when she doesn’t deserve it.
  • A badboy will surprise grab his girl’s matako in public… with children nearby.
  • When his girl tells a joke, a badboy will look right at her and not laugh at all, making her feel uncomfortable.
  • A badboy will say “No” once in a while when his girl wants to come over… even if he is doing nothing. He will then offer no explanation for his “No” answer.
  • A badboy will get another girl’s number while he is with his girlfriend…. and then tell his girfriend he only wants to make a new friend.
  • A badboy will sleep with other men’s wives. He will also seduce a girl even if she says she has a boyfriend.
  • A badboy will ask a girl to leave his house if she starts being petty.
  • A badboy will forget every birthday, anniversary, and holiday. He will never apologize for his forgetfulness, but he will make it up to her by giving her the dicking of her life.
  • If a girl tries to make him jealous, the badboy will tell her she should go marry the new guy if she wants
  • A badboy will be late for every date by at least 10 minutes, no exceptions. He will act as if nothing is wrong.
  • If caught with another woman, the badboy will not beg forgiveness or make excuses. He will instead “remind” his primary girl that he is dating around until he finds his soulmate. If he’s a really badass badboy, he’ll tell her he’s been waiting for her to join the fun and then pat the bed.
  • Badboys never split the domestic chores
  • Badboys never talk about their work with their women. They always keep it fun, light, and teasing.

If you are struggling to attract women, get laid, and fall in mutual love, then incorporate the badboy behaviors into your life and watch your girl troubles melt away.

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