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Sex For Hire – The Rise Of WhatsApp Call girls & Escorts

Paying for sex is taboo – nobody wants to admit doing it. It is gross, weird, or even perverse. At least that is what some people say. But there is a huge market for paid sex.

Sex For Hire – The Rise Of WhatsApp Call girls & Escorts

Paying for sex is taboo – nobody wants to admit doing it. It is gross, weird, or even perverse. At least that is what some people say. But there is a huge market for paid sex.

1. What is paid sex and where does it happen?

Paid sex, or prostitution, means paying someone for sexual services. The payment can be cash, but it can also be through gifts and favors.

2. Where can you get paid sex?

There are many places for paid sex. Some women offer their services on the streets, others work in brothels, or as escorts, who offer their services in hotels or private homes.

Definition of a Call Girl.

A call girl is a female prostitute who accepts appointments by telephone.

Technology is changing everything. In today’s world, you can find pretty much anything if you just know which smartphone app to use. With apps like WhatsApp and Telegram you can easily get paid sex. All you have to do is to be in the right group or groups.

Telegram has become the hub for everything illegal in Kenya. Most channels created are catering for different sexual services. If you want casual sex, a threesome, orgy, one night stand, sensual massage, fuckmate, fwb or foursomes you can get it at a small fee.

It’s not just the men paying for sex there are women paying for sex. Online prostitution is a huge business in Kenya. As long as there are men, women indulging in this business will never lack food on their table.

I usually find myself in weird groups. Lately there is this guy who has been adding me in groups that I shouldn’t be in. One group in particular is very interesting. You’ll be amazed at the things that take place in that group. I’ve been in this group for a while now and all that takes place is organizing orgies, selling and buying of pussy. The group has a total 253 participants. It’s practically full.

The group has several ladies…. No offense but I think they are all prostitutes. These ladies consider themselves high end prostitutes, meaning clients can reach them on their work phone and pay them more than those who stand by the roadside. Their rates start from 1500. For something like anal sex, you’ll have to pay 8k. For a good threesome you’ll at least pay 6k.

Dudes who haven’t had sex in a really long or who want quick sex will just send a message saying how much they have and if the amount is pleasing enough one of the ladies will slide in his inbox.

An example of how the message is formulated.

“I’m in Umoja with a token of 2k. I will host”

This message means he is willing to pay 2k and the lady can come over to his place. The above text will prompt an interested woman to respond. Normally the girl will begin negotiating. For 2k you get 1 hour. And if you want an extra hour add some extra cash. Normally the dude will pay for her fare so that she can deliver the pussy to him.

Another example.

[8/11, 2:40 PM] Male: Anyone around Machakos Kitui🌚🌚🌚
[8/11, 2:41 PM] Female : 🚶🏻‍♀🚶🏻‍♀machakos
[8/11, 2:42 PM] Male : Ni serious
[8/11, 2:43 PM] Female : Yes Kama ni pesa nko serious pia

In the above example it is a dude seeking for pussy. Now lemme show you how ladies hustle for dick.

[8/8, 10:01 AM] Female : My pussy is in town now inbox me for a deal @3k only😋😋
[8/8, 10:03 AM] Male : Lol for how long
[8/8, 10:21 AM] Male : In town where😋

This how their business is done. WhatsApp hookups are easier and faster than those from Telegram or online websites. Hookups in telegram go Through Third party agents and chances are you’ll be scammed. You will be forced to pay a hook up fee ranging from 200-500 so as to get the woman’s number and then you will have to pay the lady that you are hooked up with.

Are there any risks to this business?

The risks are so many. Off late the call girls have been getting robbed. Some men would call them and when they met they decide to steal from them. Several women reported that their laptops and phones were stolen. This business has provided an avenue for thieves to capitalize on. No one expects someone to rob you right after sex.

Everyone has a reason for doing certain things. This ladies have their own reasons. They are hustling from their homes. They are not in brothels or standing by the road side at night. They are using technology to do their business. All they have to do is advertise their pussy and a willing man will pay. If they sense you are joker they block you.

Some of them have other professions. One lady is nurse, another one works for the Nairobian and another one has her own business. I don’t know what’s making them sell their pussies.

Getting pussy is becoming costly. Never take for granted the free pussy that you are getting from your gfs and friends…. out here grown ass men are suffering. Apart from having a normal budget they have set aside a budget for pussy. If you are a man who is hungry for sex and pleasure and you can’t get free pussy try paying for one.

Life is hard… As they said free pussy ends in campus. Once you are done with campus you have to work for pussy. It won’t come as easy and as free as we have grown accustomed to.

WhatsApp and Telegram can be a great tool for keeping in touch with friends and family but the dark truth is that they are also a haven for women and men literally selling and buying sex.

Apart from call girls operating on WhatsApp you can find others on different escort services websites. If you are idle just search escort services in kenya and browser around.


1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Peter John

    at 12:10 pm

    These women are everywhere. I can’t say that I am complaining, I guess everybody got to hustle but damn! they are really too much. Nowadays is very risky to have a girlfriend and always be online on WhatsApp. She be wilding thinking you playing her with one of them call girls from WhatsApp.

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