Copies Of The Fornicator Are Sold Out… But There’s Hope If You Didn’t Get It

So here’s the thing. After running out of copies of The Fornicator, I am still receiving requests. I am now in a dilemma, though it’s a good dilemma to have.

I don’t want anyone to be left out. It’s only fair that everyone who wants the book, gets to read it. I understand that maybe you might not have been able to purchase it earlier coz you didn’t have money. But now you do. It’s only been three days since end month and your bank and M-pesa balances are looking like that of a company that has been awarded a major government tender.

Well, here is what I am going to do. Since the majority of people already have the book, I am not going to publish thousands of copies like the first time. I am willing to publish only a few more copies for those who missed out on the book and really want it. I mean those that really really really want it. Sio wale watu wa “wacha tutaona next week.” Siwapendi atol atol. Kaeni mbali na mimi. 😂😂

Wale watu serious kujeni tuongee. Inua pesa yako na useme unataka copy.

In short, this means pre-ordering. If you are willing to pay in advance and wait for your beautiful copy to be published, hit my inbox on FB or whatsapp me on 0722258272. When your book is ready, I’ll sign it, give you a call and have it delivered to you. The publishing process should take less than two weeks or even one week, depending on how quickly we hit the minimum number of pre-orders (which we are close). A good number of people have already pre-ordered and right now I just need like 20 more people to get this going.

Kujeni Whatsapp sasa.

Let’s do this

And thanks again to everyone who already bought copies and made sure this naughty writer’s book becomes a success at all costs. You are awesome.

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