Big Boobs Only Look Good On Slender Women

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I have a problem with overweight women who refuse to work out then brand themselves as Team Plus Size or Team Curvy. Fats aren’t curves. But that’s beside the point.

Girls with big boobs (D cup or bigger) love to talk about them. Their girlfriends love to talk about their big boobs for them. They think men fall over themselves to nestle in the glory of big boobs. What these girls don’t understand is that big boobs mean nothing out of context. The body to which the boobs are attached is what completes the picture.

Let’s cut to the quick. Big boobs are only — and I mean ONLY — attractive when they are firm and popping out of the chest of a slender woman.

They should point almost straight out, even upturned a bit at the tip, with little to no droop. None of the underboob should be pressed against the chest; there should be no more than a finger’s width crease between the boob ballast and the torso. You may wedge a toothpick in there, but anything larger and the boob has crossed the line from pert to saggy.

A mighty rack on a slender woman is a sight to behold. A woman with this blessing can incite instant wood walking down the street.

Regrettably, most mighty racks are attached to behemoths. Big boobs are the sort of thing fat chicks love to crow about, not realizing that the D cup boob loses all attractiveness if it is a bloated pendulous udder with the consistency of lumpy gravy resting like a flapjack against a bulging stomach.

Since the majority of big boobs are actually fattened teats perched on porcine figures, it’s safe to say the most attractive boobs are the sets belonging to thin chicks, which means they are typically in the B to C cup range.

If this isn’t getting through to the fatties, allow me to elaborate.

An A cup on a hot slender babe is way sexier than a double D on a plus size woman

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1 Comment

  1. Tim

    at 7:19 pm

    I 100% agree with you.

    but i don’t care about the size as long as the girl isn’t flat chested.

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