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Oral Sex Is Only Good If You Do It This Way

No matter how old you are, you can always learn a thing or two when it comes to sex. More specifically, oral sex.

This article is intended for men (or women) who want to learn how to eat pussy the right way. If you’re easily offended, please leave now.

No matter how old you are, you can always learn a thing or two when it comes to sex. More specifically, oral sex.

Today I’m going to show you how to lick pussy like a true champion. Good pussy licking skills will always be an advantage to you. By the time you’re done with her pussy. She will be unable to walk, talk or function like a normal human being for at least 30 minutes after.

So listen up.

Every man will lick a woman’s pussy because of these three reasons.

  • He wants to and likes doing it.
  • He’s doing that so as to get a BJ in return.
  • He’s doing that because you asked him to.

Ladies and gentleman take out your notebooks. Class is in session.


Comfort is very important.
Women want to feel comfortable, secure and wanted. When you can make her feel those things in your presence, she’ll be able to cum a lot quicker.

The environment you’re in has a huge impact on whether she will be able to fully relax and let go. If you’re at her place, then all you need to do is be gentle and caring because the surroundings are familiar.

If however, you’re in your house, then you need to work a little more to make her feel happy and safe. Get the mood right, your bed sheets should be clean, alcohol can be a great relaxant. Music is powerful so use it to your advantage.

Everything above is basic I know, but you’d be shocked at just how many men have problems keeping their home inviting to women.


I’ve said this time and time again. Women are like dials, not switches. You need to turn them on and gradually let the tension build until she’s super horny. So before you can even go down on her, turn her on. Warm her up.

There are several ways to turn a girl on which I won’t go into detail here. But some general tips would be; kiss her neck, grab her ass, slowly undress her, suck on her nipples, rub her pussy whilst her panties are still on…. You will notice she will get really wet.

Foreplay might seem like a chore, but I can assure you, the better you get at foreplay, the easier it will be to get her to cum from licking her pussy.


The magical formula.

Never start with the clit. This is a mistake a lot of guys make. You need to build up to the clit and then stay there until she cums, but don’t jump straight to it. Think of it as the final piece of the puzzle.

Kiss around her pussy first, inner thighs are a great erogenous zone (pleasure zone). Stop over her pussy and breathe slowly, so she can feel your warm breath. This will increase her anticipation.

Begin slowly licking the labia minora (lips) for a minute or so. She should be groaning, wriggling and grabbing your hair. Listen to her body if she’s not telling you what she wants verbally (which most women won’t).

After a few minutes, then start working on the clit. Softly kiss her clit, lick it and suck it. You need to lubricate that little wondrous marble.

Now things are in full swing and she should be on her way to cumming. Don’t stop there though, move back down to her lips, let your saliva and her pussy juice make a slippery lube for her pussy.


The golden rule.

There will be two types of communication from your girl during your oral session. Verbal and nonverbal. However non-verbal will be the most prominent.

When she squirms, bites her lip, moans, groans, grabs your head, moves her hips, grabs the bed sheets, says things like “fuuuuuck”, that means you keep doing what you’re doing and DO NOT STOP.

Also, stay at the same speed/rhythm. You don’t need to go super fast or slow, just keep the same pace until she cums. If you change things up, she’ll find it harder to climax.


Always use your fingers.

The mouth isn’t your only tool. You could and should use a finger, heck, use two fingers. Whilst your mouth is on her clit, insert your index finger and slowly slide it into her pussy, use the backwards stroking method to stimulate her g-spot.

See what’s happening here? You’re stimulating her clit and her g-spot like some sort of cunnilingus mouth wizard. She will be gasping for air at this point because it feels so freakin good. If you’re feeling brave. Use two fingers and thank me later. So that’s it. Clear instructions on how to eat that pussy like a pro.

Now onto the positions…


Sit on my face!

Feeling a bit daring? Ask her to sit on your face. This will get her seriously turned on as she can ride your face. Super horny for both of you.

On all fours

Get her on all fours and lick her pussy while you’re on all fours also. This will definitely feel kinkier than the normal position.

The missionary position

If you like it old school, then just keep her laying in the missionary position and go to town on her pussy.

Now let’s look at some useful tips you should be taking note of, to further make your girl understand she’s dealing with a bedroom ninja.


Mastery level.

Make sure your hands are warm

Warm hands are essential. There’s nothing worse than cold hands touching your private parts. It kills the mood.

Tell her you love her pussy (taste/smell/visual)

Women like hearing that they have a pretty pussy, that it smells good, that she tastes amazing, it turns them on and makes them feel sexy. So do just that, but don’t over do it. Once or twice is fine.

Ask her what she likes most

This should go without saying, but, all women are different!. Ask what she wants and do that, simple.

Here are some other useful tips.


What is a vagina supposed to smell like?

This is a very broad question. It ranges based on the girl and multiple factors, such as how hygienic she is, what lotion she uses if she’s just coming off her period, if she’s sweating from a night out, etc.

So the short answer is… it’s not supposed to smell of anything in particular.

Do women like their pussies being licked?

Most do yes. But every woman is different, so you need to either ask them or just go down on them and see if they say no.

I hate eating pussy, do I have to?

Nope. It’s up to you. But it will improve your girl’s sex life and in turn, will improve yours. You should learn to love it. Don’t make it look like you hate it or it’s a chore, that’s a huge turn-off for her.

My girl doesn’t like her pussy licked.

Some girls don’t, either because they are insecure about their pussy or they haven’t had a good experience with oral before so just shy away from it. Ease her into it slowly and show her what she’s missing.


Whether you like it or not, eating pussy will be something that you’ll just have to learn to love, if you want a good sex life that is. If you’re simply the type of guy that doesn’t like going down on women, then be prepared for her to find someone who will.

Once you start getting good at oral, you’ll start to notice that your girl will be more willing to give you blowjobs more often and return the favour.

Good luck young pussy licker.


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