Mama Collins Kissed The Maid

WARNING: This story contains detailed descriptions of sexual acts. If you are holier-than-thou and judgmental, close it and open the bible instead.

“Umefikisha Collins shule?” Mama Collins’ eyes trailed her house help Kaweria as she walked past her, heading towards the kitchen.

“Eeeh! Nimemfikisha!” Kaweria responded with humility.

Nothing ever distracted her when she was watching reruns of Varshita on Maisha Magic but this time, Kaweria’s ass did. Roughly the size of two soccer balls, it was the biggest ass in the ploti.

‘’Sawa! Oga kwanza ndio uendelee na kazi.”

Kaweria stepped into her room and stepped out again three minutes later with a leso wrapped around her body. Going down, it only covered a small fraction of her thighs.

Mama Collins stared at her again, her eyes never leaving the ass as she walked into the bathroom. Kaweria had been given a towel but she preferred using a leso to wipe herself after bathing. No one knew why. Maybe that’s what she was used to in the village.

Kaweria turned on the shower and allowed water to run over her. She didn’t realize it when the bathroom door was opened. She only knew things were not okay when she felt something on her skin. She jumped and screamed.

“Relax! Ni mimi!” Mama Collins made a confession to the househelp without looking her in the eye. She was naked too.

Kaweria was shocked. Her throat closed in on itself when she tried to speak. Wordlessly, she backed into the wall. She didn’t understand what was happening. Did Mama Collins want to bathe with her to save water? Most people preferred to conduct their bathing routines in private. Having to share with someone could be uncomfortable just as easily as it could heighten arousal.

“Unajua nakupenda Kaweria?” Mama Collins looked at her right in the eyes.

“Aje Mama Collins?” Kaweria still didn’t understand.

“Hivi!” She planted a kiss at Kaweria’s mouth and began to fondle her breasts. Kaweria wanted to resist but the electric currents that shot from her nipples down to her pussy made her unable to move.

She stood there, surrendering herself to Mama Collins.

Mama Collins was glad that Kaweria wasn’t offering any resistance. She wanted to explore her body in all kinds of ways. She had always been bisexual, though Baba Collins didn’t know.

Ever since Kaweria was hired two months earlier to replace the maid that had left to work elsewhere, Mama Collins had crushed on her. Now that it was her off day and Baba Collins was at work, she saw it as the perfect opportunity to make a move.

She kept kissing her. Their breathing fell into ragged synchronicity. Jolts of arousal stabbed through Kaweria, calling every muscle into tense response. Mama Collins loved losing herself in this feeling of being naked with another woman, the single-minded drive toward slaking her desires. No room for anything but the moment.

She squeezed the small up-tilted breasts and the hard nipples, dragging whimpers of need from Kaweria. She pinned the mboch more firmly and indulged in slow caresses. Kaweria’s pussy was dripping. Strands of silken arousal clung to the scallops of flesh. Her clit protruded, begging to be stroked. She pushed her hips forward in craving.

“Unaskia aje?” Mama Collins wanted to make sure this was consensual.

Kawerai strained closer. “Naskia vizuri. Endelea.”

Mama Collins ran her thumb up over the swollen clit of Kaweria, rolling its fleshy hood back and forth, enticing throaty responses. Kaweria bit hard on her shoulder. Mama Collins growled from deep down as Kaweria’s slippery folds pulsed and compressed. Mama Collins circled her hot, tight entrance, toying with her slowly, enticing her to open wider.

“Si unanipenda pia? Si hua nakutreat vizuri?” Mama Collins drove two fingers inside Kawera.

“Ndio! Nakupenda Mama Collins.” The response came out in a breathless rush.

Kaweria shuddered. Her hold on Mama Collins tightened. Cupping her, Mama Collins didn’t move.

Kaweria squirmed. “Usiache.”

Mama Collins sent short, sharp thrusts of her fingers into Kaweria’s pussy.  A whimper broke across her shoulder as Kaweria gyrated on the adventurous hands.

“Si napendanga hizi hips zako,” Mama Collins said, slowly withdrawing from her vagina then sliding in once more.

Kaweria blinked up at Mama Collins, wet-faced. “Asante!” Her legs had weakened. She clawed at her boss.

Their mouths crashed into each other once again in a kiss.

Mama Collins pumped faster, drawing a scream of delight. Her sounds, the faint slurp of their wet bodies, the pounding of their hearts drew Mama Collins’s nipples even tighter. Her clit went out in sympathy, pulling at the surrounding flesh like a compacted knot. She savored the sensation, kissing and licking the hot skin of her house help sliding over hers.

“Uuuwwwiiii,” Kaweria cried out, meeting each thrust of the fingers with gasps and moans. Mama Collins slid a hand between them, reaching for her own clit.  She ground the ball of her thumb over the tiny head, moaning in delight.

Kaweria spread herself so her boss could sink in deeper. Her muscles closed around the fingers. Their rhythm changed, the finger-fucking suddenly becoming fierce. Head thrown back, Kaweria murmured a steady stream of guttural cries. She started to shake. Her clit seemed to grow beneath Mama Collins’ thumb

As her body keened and tensed, Mama Collins seemed to be loving it, “Unaskia wow sindio?.”

‘’Eeeeh! Naskia wow! Naskia vi-amazing.”

With a startled whine of joy, Kaweria shuddered through a violent orgasm, then her head dropped heavily against Mama Collins’ breasts. They stood still in the wet steam, slow to separate until Mama Collins turned off the water. Then they stumbled out and toweled off erratically.

“Nifuate!” Still damp and panting, Mama Collins began walking towards her bedroom.

Kaweria seemed reluctant to enter her employer’s bedroom but Mama Collins assured her that it was okay. Obediently, she crawled across the bed, shoving back the covers, her cute round ass provocatively raised.

Mama Collins flipped her onto her back and yanked her legs roughly apart. She liked the view. “Bado sijamalizana na wewe.”

Kaweria’s bright eyes swam with want. Her inner thighs were wet, the fluids glistening. She placed her hand over her pussy, feigning shyness.

“Baba Collins hawezi rudi sai atupate?”


The hot throb at Mama Collins’ core was almost unbearable. She thought about having Kaweria suck her off right now, but she wasn’t ready to surrender this high-pitched intensity. She placed a hand over Kaweria’s labia. Her fingers were instantly drenched. The scent made Mama Collins ache to get back inside her, but she wanted to taste her, too. She wanted to lick her and tease her until she was ready to give it up, then fuck her deep and hard. Releasing her hold, she moved off the bed.

“Uko na matako mzuri pia,” Kaweria complimented her boss as Mama Collins took a large 14-inch double edged dildo that had a plastic head on each ends. She dropped it on the bed.

She then went down on Kaweria and licked her pussy for a few minutes before rising above her and placing an oddly innocent kiss on her lips. Kaweria pressed her lips softly to Mama Collins’ like the final seal on a letter full of promises. The distant throb of music from Classic 105 reverberated up through the floor, adding ballast to the beat of Mama Collins’ heart. She was briefly overwhelmed with an urge to make love, not just have sex, and for several seconds she lay still, succumbing to a wistful wonder at the tenderness she felt.

The tip of Kaweria’s tongue curled beneath Mama Collins’s top lip and danced its way inside. Mama Collins sank into the kiss, stroking the velvet curve of Kaweria’s spine. Her skin was a little cool in the aftermath of the shower. Mama Collins closed her eyes, making room for her other senses. She let her hand wander over Kaweria’s ass, down her thigh, back up her supple flank and the dip of her waist, all the while listening for the sounds of pleasure. Kaweria’s breathing quickened and her mouth parted on a gasp as Mama Collins found her nipple and clamped it between thumb and forefinger.

As Maina Kageni began speaking on the radio, Mama Collins stroked her tongue against Kaweria’s and inhaled the drift of scents in the room. The salty tang of her own wetness and the sweeter tinge of Kaweria’s inner core.

She released the nipple and cupped Kaweria’s breast, feeling goosebumps corrupt the patina of her skin. When Mama Collins opened her eyes, Kaweria was staring at her. They continued to kiss in sensual thrall. As she sucked Kaweria’s bottom lip, she felt the cool glide of a thigh over her own.

Kaweria splayed her hand on Mama Collins’ back, inviting her closer. She placed delicate kisses down Mama Collins’ neck and the slope of her shoulder. Her teeth sank in. She pushed Mama Collins onto her back and used the dildo to rub against her pussy. Not exactly what Mama Collins had planned but the view was quite something.

Kaweria then made Mama Collins sit. She sat too on the bed so that the dildo was sandwiched between them and pressed against their glistening pussies. Sitting forward, her hands flat on the bed, at either side, she moved back and forth, coating the dildo with her fluids. Mama Collins rocked her hips as well, welcoming the dildo further inside as she felt Kaweria’s weight shift.

“Sssss…..uuuh.” Kaweria writhed and moaned.

Mama Collins felt herself spilling and tightening as the double-edged dildo pleased them both. Something clawed at her insides, bursting up through her, demanding to be let loose.

They were completely joined, only separated by the lump at the middle of the dildo that was meant to prevent either pussy from getting a bigger share than the other. Mama Collins spread a hand and held on to Kaweria’s teat, pressing it hard.

From Kaweria’s sharp cries and glazed unfocus, Mama Collins knew she was close. Breathing harshly, trying to delay her own climax, she dropped a hand to the fair-haired mound, working the swollen flesh against the flat of her palm as she rubbed her thumb past Kaweria’s clit. She could feel her spiraling higher and higher as they fucked harder and faster, gasping, groaning, drenched in perspiration.

Mama Collins dug her feet into the mattress and raised up so she could drive deeper. She felt Kaweria’s clit rise and peak against the ball of her thumb, quivering with the rest of her body until she screamed through her teeth, “Woi. Woi, Woi,” and a hot gush of fluid soaked Mama Collins’s crotch.

Crazy with need, Mama Collins angled herself just enough for a change in pressure and jerked hard, then fell back as her body spasmed in release. Kaweria collapsed over her, a deadweight, panting and sighing.

They lay still and sweaty, glued together in the aftermath of their mindless union. They grabbed each other’s heads and kissed endlessly, never wanting to let go.

They were not aware that they forgot to lock the bedroom. Kaweria hadn’t lock the main door either when she came back from dropping Collins at school.

Right at the entrance of the bedroom door, Sammy, the neighbour’s three-year-old kid looked. He always entered any house in the ploti, so long as the doors were open. Satisfied that he had seen most of the action, he crept away.

In the evening, he would run to the gate to welcome his father back from work.

“Daddy! Mama Collins kissed the maid.”

The watchman would look on curiously.

‘’Which maid?” His father would ask.

“Their maid Kaweria. They kissed and did tabia mbaya!”

The watchman would remove his cap, scratch his head and part his mouth in shock. Kaweria was his girlfriend. She was even three weeks pregnant for him.

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  1. Tim

    at 4:54 am

    nice story, Phillip. i won’t even ask how you came to find out about this naughty story 😉 but i’m glad you shared it with us. you’re so good at describing everything

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