The Rise And Rise Of Sex Parties In Kenya

There has definitely been an increase in the number of sex parties happening in different towns – maybe it isn’t an actual increase as opposed to an increase in publicity – but they have definitely gained more visibility.

There has definitely been an increase in the number of sex parties happening in different towns – maybe it isn’t an actual increase as opposed to an increase in publicity – but they have definitely gained more visibility.

If you are you have decided to take part in a sex party, then there are basic rules that you need to consider before attending. If you think that they are all fairly common sense, then you’re probably ready to attend one. If you aren’t so sure, then maybe you should wait a little bit before saying going to a sex party.

I’m in this WhatsApp group whereby most sex parties in Nairobi are planned from. In order to partake in the sex orgies you have to pay a fee of around 1000-2500. The organizers of the parties prefer you pay in advance so as to be added to an exclusive group whereby you’ll meet other guys attending the party.

This is where things get pretty tough. Not many guys will blindly pay their hard earned 2500 to someone they’ve met online. The whole idea sounds like a scam. But trust me, there are a lot of people who can pay 2500 for unlimited amount of sex from different women in one night. That’s a good deal because with 2500 you can take someone out and still won’t get to fuck her.

Lonely, desperate men would pay such an amount if the events were actually real. Some have happened in the past and some have been scammed. I saw a clip of one of the parties. The dudes in attendance were less than 10. They were being serviced by close to 12 ladies. They ended up having an awesome night.

How common are sex parties in Kenya?

Every week there is a sex party happening in BuruBuru or in Rongai. On weekends there are a couple of parties happening in Juja or Ruiru. The planners of these events plan them regularly and there is a lot of secrecy. In places like JKUAT sex parties happen all the time. With just 1k and with the right connections you can participate in a sex party.

There is a daytime sex party and a night time sex party. Those who have paid to attend the parties have an option of either going to the daytime party or going to the night time party. At the parties you will be provided with weed, alcohol, women and condoms.

The guys have to pay in order to attend. For the ladies the entry is absolutely free. Ladies who participate in sex parties are on a different level of crazy.

Women who attend sex parties. Where do they come from?

The organizers of these parties have their own girls who will and are very willing to fuck strangers at the parties. The girls are mostly some campus chicks or escort girls. For those who don’t know an escort girl is not a prostitute. An Escort is hired as a temporary companion who may or may not be used for sex.

The ladies have their own group where they are told about how many people will attend, how much money has been made from that party and much more. It’s like a mini organization whereby there is the boss (the planner) and the associates (the women).

The ladies are easily recruited via WhatsApp or telegram. The only condition that she must meet is that she has to be freaky enough and well open minded to take part in a sex party. Of course they will be paid for offering entertainment at the parties.

When recruiting the ladies, the organizers will video call each and every woman and have a sort of an interview with her. If she pleases the organizer she’s added to an ‘all females’ group. From there they will directed on what will go down.

These is where most hook ups happen. The admin from this group can go ahead and hook up the girls to any man who wants company. For a single night or day the hook up fee is around 2500.

How about the guys…

Apart from paying the entrance fee to the sex party any dude can pay 250 to meet and interact with the ladies before the day of the party. After paying, he will be added to a different Exclusive WhatsApp group whereby he will meet all the ladies.

A normal party needs like 20 dudes. With 20 guys the planners make 40-60k in one night. That’s a lot of money considering how frequent sex parties happen.

Most of these sex parties are planned by the same people and the planners all know each other. They aren’t competing in this sex market. They are co-habiting and helping each other out. If one party has lots of men and the planner hasn’t found enough girls he or she can ask for girls from a different person. It’s like an organization with branches. Branch ya Rongai ikikosa madem they import women from Karen.

Sex parties are some of the most mind-blowing experiences that anyone can have. I had a chat with one of the organizers and here are some of the rules and guidelines that she has for people who want to try a sex party. if you are planning to be a first timer, here are some tips on how to go about sex parties.

Surviving a sex party

1. Always stay safe at sex parties.

It is a sex party for crying out loud! So, don’t expect to go and just sit there holding hands and singing kumbaya or something. People are definitely going to get drunk, have a nice time which includes lots of nasty sex. And now that we know what this is all about, we shouldn’t use that as an excuse for not preparing ourselves beforehand.

Make sure that you have protection at all times. If it’s a sex party that has a lot of strangers in it, always make sure that you have a couple of friends that will always have your back no matter what. That way, even if you get a little too drunk, you can always be in safe hands.


If you don’t agree with the rules, then don’t go. It is as simple as that. Don’t show up and try to bend the rules or be the ‘exception’. They have been established for a reason and they need to be respected. Often you will be removed from the party if any of them are broken, so why would you want to ruin your night as well as other people’s nights.

3. Consent is incredibly important at sex parties (and everywhere else).

Some people have the misconception that when you’re at a sex party anything goes. In some respects that’s true. Sex parties are an opportunity to explore your sexuality in a group setting that our society doesn’t usually allow. It’s taboo, it’s exhilarating, and it’s fun But it’s not a guarantee that you will fuck everyone. Some women may decline to fuck you.

All of that said, consent is still fundamental. No one would or should do anything to you without your permission. The same goes for how you approach anyone else. Consent, consent, consent.

4. Stay Mostly SOBER

Alcohol will probably available. Alcohol can also make us do things we regret. This can go two ways – you can do something stupid to harm someone else, or you can say ‘yes’ to something that you soberly would have said ‘no’ to. Having a drink to calm your nerves is normal, but don’t get drunk. Make sure your judgment isn’t impaired for the party.

5. Relax and enjoy the sex

The best thing for you to do before engaging in any sex or intimacy act is to learn the art of relaxing. Take a couple of deep breaths before getting into the sex party. If you aren’t comfortable, just politely decline. And if you are okay with it, then do it as long as there is protection involved then you have nothing to worry about.

6. There are boundaries in sex parties

Remember when we talked about polite declining an invite if you aren’t into someone or a fetish? Well, that applies perfectly well at this point. You don’t have to end up doing something sexual and be uncomfortable.

Sex parties are supposed to be fun and that is exactly why the rules are there to make sure that you are in a position to enjoy yourself without having to worry way too much about hurting people’s feelings by politely rejecting their advances – operative word being “politely”.

7. What happens at sex parties stays at sex parties.

This is straight forward. No recording shit, no taking selfies, no capturing anything. The only memory of a sex party are those in your head.

Life is all about experimenting, choose your poison wisely. Sex Parties are filled with ‘normal’ people who have the normal sex that you and everyone you know have, it’s just that at the parties, they’re doing it with others watching.


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