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Good Girl Gone BAD

Every girl thinks they have Pro pussy, but they’ve been mislead. You may say pussy is pussy but damn some pussy😋😋 make you promise shit you can’t do. ” baby i will give you the world” 😂😂😂

I will be blunt and brutally honest. No sugarcoating things.

Men are nasty by nature, but when it comes to the women we want to commit to and open our hearts to, we tend to seek out the more conservative girl as appose to those who are down for 3sums Etc.

Women would be told “You have to please your man to keep your man.” Women are expected to be sexual beasts in order to keep their man happy,

Ladies welcome to the double standards of sex. Most guys will totally agree with what i have to say. No matter how good of a human being you are, if you don’t serve the pussy the right way you risk your man creeping out.

Guys want a lady in the street but a freak in the sheets. We want a chick who will fuck us in all imaginable kamasutra styles. At the same time, we’re looking for a girl we can take home to mommy and not worry about how some guys may have passed through her.

The phrase “she can’t fuck better than me” is real. Am sure you have ever heard someone say it. Us guys we are always aware that there is another chic out there with a better bedroom skill set than the chic we’re with. Most men don’t cheat because the other woman is prettier, they cheat because she may have a better Pussy than the one we left at home.

No man will EVER tell a girl her pussy isn’t the best, we’re men aka the most dishonest creatures on the earth. We’ll keep it to ourselves, wait until the next train to new pussyville arrives, and we will be out of there in a blink of an eye. Will a woman leave a man for a better dick? I doubt it. Will a man leave his woman for better pussy? It happens all the time but no one talks about it.

You may read this and ask is sex that important in a relationship? YES it is. It’s no. 2 behind HONESTY.

Sexual compatibility is extremely important in a relationship but women and men do not communicate what they’re into so it becomes a constant game of guessing or trying things only when you’re drunk. Men are better at being vocal, we’re quick to tell a woman how to give us head or what position we want her in because we need our nut and know how to get it. On the other hand too many women keep their mouths shut in the bedroom when it comes to getting their nut.

Every man thinks he has the best dick ever and that you get turned on automatically. That’s because women allow us to believe that. We may think you like something but secretly you’re just going along with it to make us happy. It’s time to stop the lies and open up about what turns you on. If you love love some rough sex just say it. Don’t leave frustrated.

Women should know their freak level and what they need to get off. And once she’s in a relationship her man should know what she’s into as well. As young boys we would watch porn to get our game on because growing up all you hear from the older dudes is “you better tear that pussy up” that’s a lot of pressure especially when you don’t even understand what “tear that pussy up” entails.

Little girls don’t go through that anxiety because most of them think all you do is lay there. It’s true, a woman can lay there with her legs up wide open and be told she was the best he’s ever had because at that moment of ejaculation it is the best. It’s only later when we run up in a vagina with superior skills that we realize how wack Mitchelle with the big ass really was.

Women struggle with how much they should put the pussy on a guy when they’re first getting to know him. If you fuck his brains out, he’s going to think you’re a loose hoe. If you hold back and he has to work extra hard to bust that nut, he’s going to be like, “ I wasted my time on this?” Why play games at all? If you’re not 15 years old, he expects you to know how to fuck and fuck good. Maybe you don’t 69 or suck his balls during sex, but when it comes to the actual act of riding, moaning, talking shit, etc… you have to go hard.

You want to stamp it in this nigga’s head that you have the type of pussy that he can be married to for the rest of his life. The real reason niggas don’t want to get married is because there might be a better pussy he’s going to miss out on. Too many different flavors.

Women grow up learning how to do their hair, match clothes and all the girlish stuffs. They will never be taught anything about sex. They are expected to learn from their experiences. Guys grow up worrying if they can fuck real good.

Lemme share something I learnt. There are 2 types of women.

  • The Accidental Nut: She shows up. Takes her clothes off. He puts it in. He cums. Not because she’s good, but because it’s a wet, semi-tight hole.
  • The Pro Pussy: She shows up. Rips her clothes off. She puts it in herself. Now he’s apologizing for cuming too fast.

Every girl thinks they have Pro pussy, but they’ve been mislead. You may say pussy is pussy but damn some pussy😋😋 make you promise shit you can’t do. ” baby i will give you the world” 😂😂😂

Guys will tell you that you are the best fuck he has ever had. Here is the messed part…. He will tell you that only to inspire confidence in you so that he can keep fucking. bad sex is better than no sex on a lonely Saturday 🌃.

Girls , raise your ✋ if have you have ever been in a solid relationship with a guy who didn’t give you the big-O during sex. Did you find a way to sabotage the relationship and leave him? I bet 9/10 of you girls stayed with him. You over looked his problem and soldiered on.

Most women are not sexually shallow so the subject of sexual inadequacy only comes up AFTER she breaks up with him ( hence the girl outside of the club screaming at her ex boyfriend “that’s why your dick is little”). Men are very shallow when it comes to sex. Bad pussy is a deal breaker for us and we will sabotage a solid relationship if her sex isn’t on the level we’re accustomed to.

I have heard chics say they have the best sex when they are drunk or high…. That right there is some high level bullishit. Why wait til you drunk or high so that you fuck his brains out. You don’t have to be drunk to fuck like a champ.

You shouldn’t be afraid to tell him to fuck you harder or you’ll find someone who can. You shouldn’t be afraid to look down as the dick goes in and out. It’s cum, not acid—don’t run from it! Be nasty. Sex is nasty! Hump hump go to sleep? Huh, what the fuck were you two doing because that’s not how it’s done. In 20 years you’ll be married and miserable and you can bust nuts like that, but for now go hard! Let him know your pussy has that instagram verified sticker.

You shouldn’t have good sex to please your man, it’s not about him, it’s about being the god damn best at what you do! Every time you have sex it should be better than the last, even if your man can’t smash like he should make sure you’re on point.

When you’re beginning a relationship 💏 I know it’s tough to step your game up. Girls don’t want a guy to think they’re hoes so they hold back. Learn to fuck. Just because he says you’re the best and cums fast doesn’t mean you’re doing it to the best of your abilities.

Here’s some homework, the next time you have sex I want you to test yourself. I don’t care if you’re smashing your bf, bestie, crush, or best friend’s boyfriend, the next time you get it in, I want you to be nasty, aggressive, and creative. Do everything in your power to make him cum with the fury of an AK-47. That pussy should be so good that after he busts, he’s content with lying in a pool of nasty wetness with the condom still on for an hour.

If you freaky😉, show it

If you nasty😋, do it

If you daring😝😜, attempt it

Good girls😇 can be badIf you uncomfortable, this ain’t for you

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1 Comment

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