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How To Tell Someone They Are Bad In Bed

The funny thing about sex is that people think a woman can’t be bad in bed. Women aren’t really bad in bed, they are sometimes boring in bed.

Everytime sex is bad the finger is always pointed at the man. That’s why it’s so much pressure on men to perform in the sack. It’s even more pressure when you’re a sex-blogger😉

But hey women can be bad/boring in bed too, some of us have experienced bad sex with a woman. How you define bad sex is up to you. If you see potential in her, you may want to work on improving her sex game.

However, you have to do so in a way that won’t offend her or hurt her feelings, because let’s admit it- women’s egos are just as big as men. So here’s

How to Tell a Woman She’s Bad in Bed:

1. Pick the perfect time

Right before sex, isn’t the best time because that will turn her off, she’ll dry up, and you’ll be left with blue balls. Then if you wait right after sex then she’ll be sitting in your bed embarrassed, thinking that the sex was really horrible.

Here’s what you do, aim for the time when you guys are laughing and most relaxed. During that time that’s when people are most accepting of critiques or real talk. Let’s Say you guy’s are watching a movie and chilling that might be the best time to talk.

2. Don’t say the wrong things.

Just be nice. Don’t be ruthless. “don’t tell her ati anaride dick ka mtu anaumwa na mgongo,”

Instead of telling her that she’s bad in bed how about you come up with a sex-gestion (suggestion). Suggest how you want things to be. If you want her to suck your dick in a certain way then tell her.

If you suggest nicely she will have no problem listening to you. You can also ask her how both of you can improve the relationship. She will also have a few suggestions.

3. Assure her that there isn’t any pressure

Women need assurance. She should feel like what you are suggesting will lead to the best sex possible for you two. You want to be able to please her and vice versa. Don’t pressure her into doing things that she ain’t ready for. No one becomes a freak over night.

You can also tell her that the more you guys have sex the better it will be and that you want to learn things about her body and more about what she likes.

However, if you don’t feel this way and it’s all bullsh!t, then just hop to the next one and send her ass packing.

Your Welcome.

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