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How To Cheat Successfully

Most MEN will probably know the art to cheating, but for those who don’t, I’m here to break it down.

I know you have heard how women don’t get caught and men are stupid and bla bla bla. Truth is, some males just haven’t learnt the game and don’t understand the art to cheating and getting away with it.

Most MEN will probably know the art to cheating, but for those who don’t, I’m here to break it down.

How To Cheat Successfully

1.) First rule to successfully cheating, DON’T BE RECKLESS!

You see women never cheat in a reckless matter. Cheating recklessly is a sure way to get your ass caught. This is why women say “only way you gone catch me is if I want to get caught”. See reckless cheating includes dumb ass things like coming home at late times, claiming I stayed at my “friends” house, etc.

That shit is unacceptable if you have plans of getting away with it. Cheating must be a thought out process, it’s a science to this thing. You don’t just wake up and rob a bank right? So you cant just wake up and rob the new pussy.

Your girl is like the Police and they will search for any clue or information for your alibi and whereabouts on the night of the robbery of pussy. So you have to really think about your cheating plan. Cheat during your free time.

2.) Don’t and I mean DO NOT accept every pussy that is thrown at you!

When you are in a relationship you are more attractive than when you are single. People always want someone that is cuffed. Don’t cheat with any woman that comes your way. Be really picky. Especially don’t cheat with a woman who is prettier than your woman. This will be a conflict of interest.

3.) All cheating should be done in truth!: Don’t lie to the side chiq.

Tell that side chick right away your in a relationship. See lying to the side chick will put you in a situation to keep lying to your girl and that will eventually get you caught up. Like I said women are like Detectives searching for incriminating evidence, so any change in the story and they will have your ass in the interrogation room like “whom have you been fucking?”

Your girlfriend already knows the answers to at least 95% of the questions during interrogation. So when you cheat, actually create truthful stories. You must cheat at opportune times. If you get off work early that day? Get the pussy BUT get home at your regular time.

4.) Cheat with other people in relationships!:

This is simple they don’t want to get caught either.


This is the MAIN reason women get away with it. See if you lying and deceiving the mistress, she will get attached and SHE is the one that will get you caught. She will text at some weird time or call or something stupid. You have to make sure she understands the situation.

6.) Jump out in front of any chance of getting caught!:

If your side piece ever threatens to tell on you, delete all info and actually tell your girl about this weird woman who has been trying to get at you. You always jump out and plant the fake story. You must always know what to do next. Any “freestyle cheating” will get you caught. Everything must be planned.

Women are very good detectives and they will get your ass, so make sure you jump out there before she fishes for info like Inspector Gadget.

7.) Most importantly, you can not have a conscious!:

Don’t EVERRRRRR tell on yourself. Don’t ever pull the “I made a mistake” line. It wasn’t a mistake! You liked that new girl, so if you ever start feeling bad about it, just don’t do it no more. Consciousness is the root to get caught. If you have a conscious then you shouldn’t have been cheating. And ladies, another woman cannot steal your man, he chooses to go.

Maybe it was a lack in judgment, maybe he’s been unhappy for years, who cares what excuse he brings to the table, a grown ass man doesn’t just fall into pussy and cheat.

There you guys have it… now there is more, but since women be reading too, I cant TOTALLY give you all the secrets.

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