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Thou Shall Not Let the Dick Slip Out. With that being said, once you see his package it’s up to you to never let the dick slip out

Ladies and gentleman, allow me to introduce myself. I’m Dennis but you can all call me Menez. This is my first time writing on this website and i want to start things on a high note.

So this blog is for women who are not sure if they ride the dick well, have never ridden a dick or just want to add some knowledge. Everyone can ride a bicycle but not everyone can ride a bicycle well. When it comes to riding a dick there are some skills that you should know. Luckily I’m here to educate from a man’s perspective.

Let’s begin.

How To Ride Dick

Don’t Give a F*ck, Try and Practice

Do not fear the dick or the man attached to the dick. Don’t worry about making a fool of yourself. You can’t get better at something if you’re scared to fail. When you tell someone you haven’t done something before, that statement should then be accompanied by “but i can try.”

You don’t say you haven’t done something and continue not to do it; without trying you’ll never learn. Find a reasonable and understanding partner. If you say “I want to practice riding your dick?”, surely he’ll be over there in no time to assist you.

Please Yourself First, Please Him Second

This is your moment to shine. Men don’t have a problem with you jumping on the d*ck and doing what you do. If your objective is to make yourself cum hard, do it. Do all that nasty sh!t you do in your room when nobody’s watching.

Don’t think of your partner when you first get on top, think of him as an object that was sent directly to you from God as solely for your pleasure. However once you get to that point learn what pleases him. Who knows you might actually like what he likes and can start killing two birds with one stone.

Some men complain about women that get on top only to please themselves and that’s just selfish; if you want to be a skilled rider you have to learn how to do both. To help out with that here are some basic techniques below:

Riding Techniques That You Can Use

1. Grind

For the most part women like to grind, stimulating their clit and p*ssy at the same time until they achieve orgasm. Grinding consists of rubbing your body against his with minimal range of motion, but usually a lot of force. Some men never cum from grinding because men usually need friction in order to cum for the most part. Men need to be stroked to achieve orgasm, which grinding can limit.

2. Bounce

Bouncing on the d!ck makes you the bad bitch that you claim to be. When you take a man and f^ck the nut out of him. Women that bounce on the d!ck usually know exactly what they’re doing and they ride with purpose and enjoying themselves. They’re not afraid to damage there insides. Bouncing on the d*ck gives a man that medium to fast pace friction that he needs to cum.

You can bounce on a dick by either squatting on the dick then begin to ride and bounce or by just sitting on the dick and lazily ride. The faster you ride the more you bounce.

3. Juice(Squeeze and Pull)

Some women don’t know about juicing, but just think about grinding for a second. Grinding is the rubbing of two surfaces to cause friction. However, juicing is when you squeeze and pull away from him to cause the friction. It’s basically like you’re trying to squeeze and stretch him out.

When you juice, mentally picture you trying to take his d*ck from him. Squeeze his girth and watch the facial expressions he has; also juicing usually is done better in the reverse cowgirl position.

Most Men Love When You Face the Other Way and Ride You Should Too

When you face the other way, it’s like giving him and yourself privacy even though you’re having sex. You can make all the goofy, nasty facial expression you want. You can play with your clit, while he massages your ass. Or you can fantasize about someone else.

It’s just better suited for two people to please one another, yet have the privacy they want while having sex as weird as that may sound.

Disclaimer: Breast-men usually like you to face them, but that’s up to your discretion.

F*ck Him Back

Some women say, “When I get on top, he manhandles me and just likes to take over.” Well next time don’t let him manhandle you and f*ck him back. Make it a competition to make him cum before you do. Have fun and don’t be intimated by the man underneath you.

But if it’s that much of an issue tell him to let you lead or put his hands behind his head and make him keep them there.

Thou Shall Not Let the Dick Slip Out

Does size matter? Yes it does. With that being said, once you see his package it’s up to you to never let the dick slip out. The most talented riders can keep the d*ck still inside no matter how big or small and it’s because they have complete control over their bodies/abilities.

No matter what technique you decide to you use, your man will still cum. So when you get on top just enjoying riding him. Do anything that feels comfortable to you.

Last tip: Don’t be a lazy dick rider. Ride like you mean it

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