Night Nurses Abandon Koinange Street For More ‘Lucrative’ Opportunities Online

When most Nairobians hear the phrase online business, the first thing that comes to mind is online writing and transcription. While small business owners are struggling to get their businesses online, former Koinange street night nurses are really making a kill. There was a time we would just connect with a random lady on Facebook, hit their inbox and ask them to come to our place for a movie. And just like that, we got tickets to free sex. At times it was girls we met in the matatu or supermarket – just promise to cook them nice chicken and wash it down with a Johny Walker, they even brought friends for a sleepover!

Badoo and Tinder have however made things harder for boychaod. If a girl is not looking for a mzungu boyfriend, she at least wants an expensive holiday to some exotic destination. At this age of slayqueens, boychild is under siege and he has to become a sponsor before he can be considered a boyfriend material. Certainly, there is no romance without finance so what can a man do?

Sometime back, men could not afford to doze off in the bar if they did not have anybody to guard their drinks. This was because of the many mchele ladies who came from the city’s red light districts. With 50/-, a man could relieve himself and get on with his business. But today, it is very rare to find girls stopping you on Koinange street at the middle of the night soliciting for sex.

It was only recently that I bumped into a forum that was explaining where these girls had vanished to. If they have not rented a house in your estate, then they are on Exotic Kenya. You may ask, why Exotic Kenya? Well, over the years, the online industry has been changing and sure, many people have created websites aimed at bringing sex workers online. As they say, this helps them focus on other things, reduces their risks of catching a cold or pneumonia, and also enables them to link up to many more clients. Many escort websites have been created before, with some of the website owners even appearing on TV for interviews, but then these were just catering to the population in Nairobi catering to Nairobi Escorts and Mombasa Escorts.

When you visit any bar in town and ask any hobbyist about massage girls, they send you to Exotic Kenya. Maybe it’s because it sounds exotic, or probably because they have girls from different nationalities, or just maybe because of their Africa-wide presence. Well, I got an opportunity to talk to some of the women there and what I discovered is that if there are hardworking Kenyans, these are one of those.

You may not consider flesh peddling a business because it is not legalized in Kenya, but one thing that comes out clearly is that Exotic Escorts take their trade more seriously than majority of the business people we see.

For instance, Khadija* who prides herself with exceptional massage and hand job skills says that she has had to buy a house with ample parking and invest in expensive outfits to attract high class clients. “I used to stroll along Mama Ngina drive hoping to bump into a Mzungu who needed quick sex at the garden. But one day a friend told me I could advertise my services on Exotic Kenya. I was reluctant at first but then I received a call from someone from the website asking to meetup at his hotel. He was coming from Nairobi and just wanted company. After a while, I discovered that most guys wanted privacy, and preferred to come where I was. Some were fishermen, but majority were just tourists who wanted an experience with a local girl. I decided to save and buy a house in a serene environment where my clients could feel secure. These people still send me money even today, long after they went back to their countries,” she explains.

This is not an isolated case. From our conversations, these women explained that being an escort is not easy. Yes, there are those who do not engage in sex and all, but knowing that this is man’s greatest need, an escort needs to be very smart to give a client fulfillment without engaging in sex. Still, staying beautiful tops the list for women, while staying fit remains the priority for male escorts.

Have you worked as an escort, or hired one? Please share your experience below.



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