Etemesi’s Tales | Rise Of The ‘Mjulubeng’


EXPLICIT CONTENT: Do not read if you are judgy and holier than thou 

There is a ‘fine ghel’ who had been teasing me a lot online. Her name is Mimo. She was always in my DMs on Instagram or FB. Whenever I posted a link to a new article, she would share it. Then she would ask a lot of questions.

’Are your sex tales usually true?” she asked me one time.

This is a question that a lot of people keep throwing my way. It gets tiring honestly. Sometimes I tell them that the tales are not true just so that they can focus on cherishing the quality of the writing instead of focusing on my sexual skills.

My goal has never been to make people see me as a bedroom guru. I adore erotica as a form of art and as a limb of literature. And like any other writer, I always want people to appreciate my writing skills first before anything else. I want people to appreciate the vivid descriptions, the narration and the mastery of the Queen’s language.

“Why don’t you come to my house and find out if they are true?” I gave Mimo a cheeky response.

“Mmm….but I don’t think they are true,” she responded.

“Well, that’s okay. What matters is that you read them and enjoy. Keep the spirit of erotica burning. Thanks for being a dedicated fan of my work too.”

After that conversation, I ignored her. But she kept on sending me messages. Sometimes she would offer unsolicited criticism of my work.

‘Leo article yako haikua poa,” she would say.

I would tell her that I had noted her concerns but sometimes she’d just try to deliberately diss me. There is a vast difference between dissing and genuine criticism. In such cases, I would just snub her again. I am good at ignoring when I put my mind to it.

“How is that Luhya manhood?” she texted again another day.

Since she was now becoming a bother, I got angry and decided to keep it real with her.

“Hey if you don’t wanna meet up, kindly keep away from me. Stop teasing me? Okay? I don’t do these pointless convos. Sorry.”

Every guy has at one point met a girl who just wants to tease but doesn’t want to do the real thing. It’s really annoying. Remember when the screenshot of my conversation with a girl that I had made to squirt circulated on the internet? She still teased me about it, saying she wanted the same but she would come up with excuses to avoid meeting.

It took a while for her to respond to my angry message and when she did, she said:

“Hey, sorry Etemesi. It’s just that I have a boyfriend. When the time is right or if I ever break up with him, I’ll look for you.”

I didn’t respond.

Two months later, she sent me another message.

“Hey Etemesi. I’ve broken up with my guy. I feel sad and lonely. Wanna help me have some fun? I’ll make it worth your while for all the trouble I’ve put you through. I’ll let you own me and do with me as you please”

I ignored her.

On Monday, November 19th, she sent a picture of her boobs. The girl was crazy.

“If you really don’t want these, then I’ll leave you alone. Sorry to bother you.”

There is always magic in the words ‘’sorry to bother you’’. Whenever someone says them to you, your perception of them immediately changes. You feel a little guilty.

To be honest, the boobs were unbelievable. They looked ripe and succulent. I was actually in a meeting when she sent the picture and my dick almost tore my trousers.

You can guess my response after she sent that picture. Of course, I told her we can meet up. Dem akilia mjulubeng? Mpe

I was afraid that she would be in another town but luckily, she didn’t live that far from me.

I told her to come over at 8pm on Thursday night (November 22nd). I am actually writing this early in the morning after she has left my house so that I don’t forget anything.

Mimo arrived on time. I opened the gate for her and led her to my house. I devoured her with my stare as she walked across the marble floor, her heels clicking in the silence.

She was outfitted in a tight green dress that clipped the tops of her knees, bared the lower expanse of her legs and hugged her in all the right places. On her pretty feet, she had a pair of fuck-me heels that gave her a much-needed height to put her on a slightly higher level than me. On her well-shaped head, she had an upswept hairstyle that practically pleaded for a man’s hand to tug it down.

The way she stole glances at me betrayed the hunger within her. My own eyes burned with impatience and simmered with heat. Her warm gaze drifted over me, warming my skin as if she’d actually touched me. When she was bold enough to finally stare at me in the eyes, she smiled and then simply held my hand.

We searched for words but failed to find any. We both knew that we didn’t even want to talk. We just wanted to do this.

I circled her fingers and squeezed before pulling her into a breathless kiss. I sipped at her lips and then grazed them with my teeth, nipping with just enough force so they tingled. Then I licked over the seam of her mouth, coaxing until she opened again and allowed me entrance. Butterflies took wing in her belly, and lower, until she squeezed her thighs together in an effort to assuage the ache.

I’ve had a lot of fun dominating women lately and giving them instructions. I realized they like it this way. Mimo had given me permission to do with her as I pleased hence I was planning to dominate her to the extremes.

I disengaged from her and walked over to the armchair that was situated catty-corner to the leather couch. I sank into the chair and angled one leg over the other in a casual pose that signaled how relaxed I was.

“Toa nguo,” I said, my voice vibrating over my skin.

She stared back at me, eyes wide as she processed the command. She started to slip out of her heels, but I halted her.

“Usitoe viatu. Leave them on. Just the shoes.”

She lifted her smooth fingers to the two buttons in front and slowly unfastened them. Then she pulled the shoulders down and let the dress slide down her body, leaving her in only her bra, panties and heels.

My pupils flared. Raw hunger ignited and my features became primal. Mimo’s nipples hardened as well, pressing against the silky material of her bra.

“Nitoe bra ama panty kwanza?” she asked huskily.

“Toa panty kwanza!”

She hooked her thumbs into the lacy, thin waistband and slowly pulled downward. It was instinctual to try to cover herself, to preserve what little modesty she had, but she forced herself to let the tiny scrap of material drop to the floor. She stepped free and slid the panties away with the toe of her heel. Then she raised her hands again, pushing back her hair and then arranging it over one shoulder so she could reach the clasp of her bra. She unhooked it and the cusps loosened, baring the underswell of her winsome mammaries.

One hand holding her bra over her breasts, she pushed her hair back with the other hand. Then she carefully lowered the bra, allowing the straps to slide down her arms. She pulled it from her body and then let it fall to the floor with her other clothing.

“Beautiful,” I said, my voice a low growl of appreciation.

She stood, vulnerable, as she awaited my next command. I was in no hurry whatsoever and I intended to savor seeing her unclothed for the first time. The girl who had given me trouble for such a long time was finally naked before me. Amazing!

She was becoming shy so her arms crept around her middle and then up toward her breasts.

“No, usizifiche,” I said softly. “Come hapa.”

Mimo took a slow step forward. And then another. Until she stood before me, merely inches away. I took down my leg and widened my knees, leaving a gap.

I held out my hand, beckoning her. She stepped between my thighs and took my hand. I pulled her forward. Her knees dug into my sides, her legs wedged between me and the arms of the chair.

She settled her behind on the backs of her heels and waited. Breathless. Her light muscles coiled and taut as she anticipated what I’d do next. Sliding my hand around to her nape, I gripped her and pulled her to me, crushing her lips against mine. My breath whispered over her face, hot and rapid. My fingers slid higher, into her hair, wrapping the strands around so my grasp on her was even tighter.

And then, just as quickly, I pulled her away, my hand still wound tightly in her hair. My breaths were sporadic and my chest heaved. My eyes burned brightly with lust, enough to make her shiver with the raw heat emanating from me.

“Nakutaka sana,” I murmured.

“Nakutaka pia,” she whispered “And I am all yours.”

The promise slid over me like silk, warm and inviting. Husky and so sinfully sexy.

I loosened my hold on her hair and then placed my palms on her belly, sliding them upward until I cupped her breasts. Holding them, I lowered my mouth, sucking one nipple between my lips.

Mimo moaned and quivered beneath my touch. She braced her hands on the arms of the chair and tossed her head back as I ran my tongue around the puckered crest. Alternating between the mounds resting in my hands, I teased and toyed. Sucked and licked, nipping lightly at the taut peaks until they were rigidly erect and straining outward, seeking more of my touch.

I released my hold on one boob and ran the tips of my fingers down her rib cage, and then lower to her belly and between her spread thighs. My touch was delicate as I delved through the curls and to the sensitive flesh of her punani. One finger danced over her clit, and her entire body tightened in response.

I teased over the damp flesh, circling her entrance with a finger while my thumb gently stroked the tiny bundle of nerves.

“Etemesi!” she whispered, my name more of a moan.

Mimo lowered her head just enough that she could see me past half-lidded eyes. My mouth on her breast, sucking at her nipple, was exciting and erotic, fueling her already out-of-control desire.

My finger slid inside her and she moaned again. My thumb applied more pressure, moving in a circular motion as my finger stroked deeper. Then I nipped at her breast, grazing my teeth over the puckered ridge.

Her hands flew to my shoulders, her fingers digging deep, anchoring herself more firmly against me. She stirred restlessly, her orgasm building. It was impossible to remain still. Her entire body was taut, tension coiling low in her abdomen.

“Come for me, Mimo,” I said. “Nataka kufeel ukicome kwa mkono yangu.”

Making women come with my hand is a skill I have also mastered recently. It helps and makes your work easier because later on when you are fucking her, you won’t feel the pressure to make her come

My finger slid deeper, pressing against her G-spot. She gasped as my thumb pressed over her clit and I sucked her nipple into my mouth once more. She closed her eyes and cried out my name as the first wave swept over her. Tumultuous and overwhelming.

“That’s right. My name, Mimo. Say it. I want to hear it.”

“Etemesi!…..Uuh The Sheriff.” she breathed.

She arched up, frantic as I relentlessly pushed forward, taking her higher. She twisted in my hold and then slumped forward, catching herself on my shoulders, holding tight as she sucked in deep, steadying breaths. Slowly I withdrew my hand and then wrapped my arms around her, pulling her in to my body, my warmth. She rested her forehead on my shoulder and closed her eyes, wrecked by the intensity of her orgasm.

I slid my hands up and down her bare back, soothing and stroking, my touch gentle and comforting. Then my hand tangled in her hair and I pulled just enough that her head came up and our gazes met.

“Nishikilie,” I said.

She’d barely wrapped her arms around my neck when I pushed forward and then stood, lifting her into my arms.

“Wrap your legs around my waist.”

I hoisted her higher, my hands sliding underneath her bottom to hold her as she hooked her ankles around my waist. I strode from the sitting room and through the corridor into my bedroom.

Leaning over, I landed her softly on the bed and then just as quickly, I withdrew, taking off my clothes with pace. I frantically searched for a condom and in less than a minute, it was wrapped around my mjulubeng.

Mimo lay there, dizzy with exhilaration, her body still humming in the aftermath of her release. Her vagina exposed it’s inner pinkness as it throbbed and ached. She wanted more. She wanted me.

I grasped her legs, pulling her roughly to the edge of the bed, spreading them as I positioned myself between them.

“Unidinye as hard as you want…sawa?,” she breathed out, her voice a husky whisper as she stared into my eyes. I had never really heard a girl using the word ‘dinya’ on me. It sounded really erotic though and it only turned me on more.

I lowered myself to her and pushed the head of my world famous Luhya manhood into her swollen heat. I paused only for the briefest moment before I surged fully into her, seating myself deeply into her body.

Her gasp mingled with mine. The shock of my entry nearly sent her over the edge. How could she possibly orgasm again so soon? But she did. It was amazing, the way she released hard cries of sweetness. The sensation of me inside her was overwhelming her. She was filled. Completely. So tight around me.

My fingers dug into her hips and then my touch gentled, almost as if I was reminding myself to take care. I stroked and caressed, sliding my hands to her belly and then up to her soft breast, palming them and tugging at her nipples. I could touch them forever.

Mimo’s hands went to my wrists where my hands covered her boobies. She let them slide up my arms, reveling in all that strength I possessed. My hands moved to hers, covering them for the briefest moment. And then I yanked her arms over her head, her eyes widening at the ferocity in my face, at how my eyes narrowed as a low growl rumbled from my throat.

Her hands went flat against the mattress just above her head as I leaned down, my palms flush against her, holding her down, holding her in place so she couldn’t move. In this position I continued pumping into her vagina non-stop. It sent a thrill deep into her belly and fluttered outward until it was almost as if a drug had invaded her body. She was high on me. My power and control over her. My dominance.

This was what she craved. Me on top of her, deep inside her, me having absolute power. She couldn’t even draw a breath. She was light-headed from exhilaration, anticipation and enjoyment. I withdrew and thrust forward again, jolting her body with the force of my reentry.

My gaze seared into hers, so intense that she shivered.

I released my hold on Mimo’s hands, and when she would have moved them, I pushed them back down again before once more releasing her. It was a command that didn’t need to be voiced, and she complied, leaving her hands where I’d placed them, her gaze riveted to me as she waited breathlessly for what I’d do next.

I reached down, grasped her legs and pushed them upward to wrap around my waist—and again that look. That shivery, sexy look that she gave me lit another fire in me. Then my hands slid down, underneath her ass, and I began to push into her, hard, forceful, a steady rhythm that sent waves of pleasure singing through her body.

It was instinctive for her to try to reach for me. She needed something to anchor her in the storm that was my possession of her. But I grabbed her wrists and put her hands back to where they’d been.

Her pulse accelerated, nearly exploding, tripping erratically at the sexy,badass look on my face. Her gaze was full of promise. Of all the extra sweetness that was going to come from her.

I pounded into her again, shaking her body with the force of my reentry. She closed her eyes, clamping her teeth together to call back the cry that threatened to burst free. Her eyes flew open, finding me instantly, her breath exploding in a violent rush.

I withdrew and then surged forward again, my hands tightening on her ass. My fingerprints would remain on her for sure. I held her, spread her even wider as I hammered into her. She couldn’t last. Wouldn’t last. It was too overwhelming. It was too…everything.

“Say my name, Mimo. Who owns you? Who do you belong to?”

“You Etemesi,” she gasped. “You. Only you.”

Satisfaction blazed in my eyes. My expression was fierce and possessive, strain evident in my jaw.

“Yea,,,That’s right, baby.”

I slipped a hand between her legs, finding her clit and stroking as I continued to thrust into her. Mimo ‘s sweet vagina tightened around my Luyha manhood. Soft and so silky. So very tight. It was fucking heaven. She let out a sharp cry, her arousal at a fever pitch. Her orgasm flashed, explosive and intense, even harder than before. I was deep. Impossibly deep. So far inside her that she could feel nothing else but my pulsating hardness as it drove through her snug tissue.

She had obviously had enough but still, I thrust. My eyes glittered, a look of triumph as she writhed beneath me, her orgasm quaking through her body with an intensity she hadn’t imagined possible.

Mimo went limp on the bed, boneless, exhausted and sated as I continued to press into her. I slowed my thrusts, as though I wanted to savor every moment. I closed my eyes, stroking deep and then shallow. Then I pressed my lips together and began to move with renewed power. Deep. Hard.

And then I went taut against her, every muscle in my arms and chest straining, coiled tight. My hands moved from her ass and back to where her hands still rested above her head. I pressed my palms into her, pushing them deeply into the mattress as I lowered my body until it was nearly flush with hers.

She went slick around me as I pulsed wetly into her. I continued to thrust until I came. My release seemed to go on and on.  And then I went deep and held myself there, slowly lowering my body the rest of the way until I covered her completely.

My chest heaved and my breaths were hot against her neck. I was still wedged tightly within her. I was still hard as a rock even after coming so hard for so long. God, but I felt so good.

Tentatively she slid her hands over my shoulders. She allowed her hands to roam, luxuriating in the postcoital glow. They slid down my back as far as she could reach and then up again, stroking and offering me the same caresses I’d given to her.

I made a sound of satisfaction that made her entire body clench. I groaned in reaction when she squeezed around my cock, and then I pressed a kiss to her neck, just below her ear.

There wasn’t a part of her body that didn’t feel the stamp of my possession. She was tired, sore and completely satisfied. Moving wasn’t an option, and so she waited, content to lie there, me surrounding her and still deeply embedded in her.

“Waaa…enyewe you really are the Sheriff,” she said while still struggling for breathe.

What more could I say?

“You are welcome,” were the right words..

She smiled. That satisfied smile of a woman who has received the best sex of her life.


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I am the sheriff in this town. Writing is my joie de vivre. I am a superman thanks to God. Need to discuss a thing or two with me? Shoot me an email via


  1. Tim

    at 5:44 am

    you’ve got girls hitting you up like that? That’s awesome man. I’ve been reading your articles and slowly improving my skills with women. Got this girl I’m suppose to be meeting for lunch/dinner soon so hopefully she shows up

    These stories are fun to read and so well written

  2. Leslie

    at 9:04 pm

    the way your have fucked that mimo girl is the way am looking forward to fuck shiko….so tell her am looking for her and she can call me 0702159371….

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