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The Untold Dangers Of Sleeping With A Woman At Her Place

I strongly espouse the merits of home matches when it comes to non-relationship hookups. Away matches are way too perilous. Sleeping with a woman at her place nowadays is like walking in Dandora alone at midnight and convincing yourself that nothing bad will happen.

Don’t test your providence like that.

Imagine if fate stations you in these circumstances. You are a smooth guy who has no problem cajoling females into jumping in bed with you, devoid of brassiere or undergarment. You happen to successfully seduce a high-status woman and she invites you to her place for a sex-a-thon. That woman happens to be another Monica Kimani – a woman who is tangled up with dangerous men. The same day she invites you is the same day that her killer shows up.

What’s the aftermath? The next day, you’re probably in the afterlife and all over the news. The killer made it look like you are the one who murdered her and then you committed suicide. There is a huge public outcry. Feminists are up in arms to demand the stop of violence against women. Your family can’t believe what just happened. “Our son was a good man, he can’t have done it,” they say. But no one believes them. You’ve now left behind a legacy. The legacy of a murderer. You are now in the same conversational parenthesis as famous killers like Tsutomu Miyazaki (the human Dracula), Ted Bundy and Onyancha.

Such a sad story right?

A sharp-witted man once said that more caution equals less tragedy. The probability of the above circumstances occurring can be minimized if you follow one simple rule – Always vet the women you are involved with thoroughly and never sleep with a woman at her place.

When it comes to random hookups with women, having sex at your place is the safest bet. Women nowadays are complicated. You never know what they are involved in or who they are dating. That lady you are naked with is probably someone’s girlfriend or wife. Maybe you know it but your immoderate lust has convinced you to do her anyway. Or maybe you don’t know it because she didn’t tell you. She made it look like she was single. Or maybe she just has a former bitter lover who is refusing to let go,

So, what happens when that man shows up unexpectedly? You have no defence strategy. You don’t even know where to escape from or how to confront him. Disaster quickly follows.

The truth is that you are likely to be less confident and more confused at someone else’s house than the familiar turf that is your house. When an unexpected thing happens in unfamiliar territory your reaction will definitely be that of panic. You wont be thinking “let me handle this like a man.” You’ll be thinking “how do I get away from this?”

You never know who is paying the rent of the house that woman is living in. It might be a sponsor. If it’s just an ordinary guy’s chick that you are sleeping with, you might be lucky to leave with only a few bruises. But what happens when it’s a sponsor or a husband? A man who has invested heavily in that woman? The harm will be worse, no doubt.

The importance of home matches can never be underestimated. Even in sports and in war, it’s always much easier to put a solid defence when you are in your home turf. When you are at your place and a girl’s lover manages to trace you and burst you, there will be several options at your disposal. You can choose to not open the door. You can also call for immediate backup from friends. But what happens when you are miles away from home naked?

In the BC and early AD eras, a good number of wars were won by just sitting behind walls and defending from there. The Romans actually did this a lot in warfare. Good armies never kept charging and putting themselves at risk. They positioned themselves in places where they would see the enemy coming. This same principle applies today in the dating market. Don’t put yourself at risk.

Remember the story I once told about a former friend who got seriously clobbered by the husband of an older woman that he was sleeping with back in 2015. The husband found him in bed with her in Karen.

He was beaten so bad you’d think Redsan and Anthony Joshua took turns to deliver the assault. I am talking teeth on the floor, swollen face, broken ribs and blood everywhere. The mboch is the one who apparently snitched on them because the mama was always rude to her.

After receiving the UFC-ish beatings, the guy had to be admitted to a hospital for a week. Dude still walks with a limp to this day and is now saved.

He probably wouldn’t have been caught if he was sleeping with this woman at his place. Or maybe he could have still been caught but he could avoided the beatings because he could have defended himself better in his home turf.

Now if you’re married, woe unto you because you cannot bring another female to your house. You probably should just rent another cheaper house somewhere that your wife doesn’t know about because lodgings and hotel rooms aren’t safe either. You can be ambushed anytime.

Safety aside, it’s more manly to host a woman at your house than hers. Plus, you are always more likely close the deal more often at your place than at hers. This is what I’ve found to be true. Taking a lady back to your castle instills a power dynamic that works to your favor. She will “feel led”, and that feeling, especially when coupled with a stir of anxiety, arouses her. She wont feel that you are too desperate to get laid that you’ve ferried yourself all the way to her place. Plus, a woman who knows subconsciously that she can kick you out of her bed on a whim is a woman who has too much psychological leverage to ever fully submit in that most pleasurable way to your indomitable presence.

Play it safe, play it at your place.

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