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What To Do When She Says “Nipatie Fare Ya Kukuja”

Today i’d like to talk about something that most guys have experienced in their dating or player lives. There is that time you want a chick to come over  to your place so that you smash her, but then she says, “Nipatie fare ya kukuja”. Now this request is complicated because so many men have been tricked into sending money then the lady in question goes silent and doesn’t show up.

The lure of prime vagina can cloud the most perspicacious men’s minds and make them send money in an instant. That’s not wise. A man must always devote pointed mental energy to noticing any signs that a woman is just using him and not planning to reciprocate.  It pays to be cognizant of signs that she’s using you for emotional or material support.

So how do you handle such a suggestion from a lady you really want to devour? If you simply say “No”, she might catch feelings and blacklist your ass. What’s a man gotta do now?

There are two ways to go about it.

1. If she’s a reliable chick that you’ve had sex with before……

Have you smashed her before?Is she cool? Does she always keep her word? If the answers to all these questions is “yes”, then you can send her the fare. There is no big deal because the two of you understand each other well.

2. If it’s a chick you are meeting for the first time…..

if you don’t know her that well, don’t make the mistake of sending the money because 1) she will think you are too desperate to get into her pants hence you would do anything for her and 2) she might actually accept the money and not show up.

What’s the best answer to give her then?


That’s right. It’s more advisable to give her fare when she is leaving rather than when she is coming. If she can’t agree to your suggestion, ;eave her alone. She’s not worth your time and effort.

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