Mobetto’s Buttocks – A Celebrity Sex Story

“Usiwe na wasiwasi, Zari hayuko leo. Atarejea baada ya siku tatu” Diamond told Mobetto as he stared at her lustfully.

She smiled.

Perhaps ‘smile’ wasn’t the right word for it — the top row of teeth was showing, and there was a faint curve to the lips, but there was no crease below the eyes, no movement of the cheeks. On anyone else, it would be a grimace, at best. On this pretty face, however, it was a sign of happiness. She was glad to be in his house, only that she was a little tensed.

Diamond’s driver had picked her from her place just as he had instructed him, and dropped her at his mansion. Now that she was here, he couldn’t wait to be buried balls deep in her sweet heat.

Noticing that she was quiet, he snaked his hand behind her nape and projected his famous big lips towards her face. He kissed her and she kissed back.

Hot and so breathless she grew lightheaded. His tongue traced the line of her mouth and then delved inward. She sucked at the tip, wanting more. Heat scorched a path from his mouth straight to his dick and flayed open every nerve ending along the way.

She licked at him, meeting his tongue in a flirty duel that had him sucking back. Eagerly, she nipped at his lip, first his bottom and then the top. Oh, but she wanted to devour him.

Her breasts throbbed, and deep down at her very core, an ache began and spread through her groin until her clit pulsed and her vagina tightened with anticipation.

All from a kiss. Just the touch of his mouth, and desire swept over her like a tidal wave.

She was loving his hands. How they touched her and held her. How possessive they felt on her skin. He wasn’t tentative and she really loved that. He seemed like a man confident in his ability to make love to a woman.

She closed her eyes and trembled violently against him. She was in turns terrified of her reaction to him and more turned on than she’d ever been in her life.

Diamond then stopped kissing her and gave her a searching look. Then he reached up to brush the hair from her face.

Unapendeza sana Hamisa,” he told her.

Just the way he said her name with such aching tenderness made her cunt flood with fluid. On his lips, her name was something different. It wasn’t just her name. It was an endearment—something very precious.

“Asante, Najua uko katika ndoa lakini singejizuia kua nawe.” Mobetto answered.

Music filled the air without effort, like the waves filling holes in beach sand. It was an old school Bongo song playing. TID’s ‘Nyota Yako’ to be specific. She was surprised that Diamond wasn’t playing his own music. But she loved it anyway.

The lyrics swam through Mobetto’s cerebral cortex like a wakeful dream, the notes relaxing her, enabling the song to call to her entire being. Music could never be something superfluous to her, it was medicine delivered in the most divine way.

Diamond came to her again, his mouth brushing over hers in the most tender of kisses. Slowly, he took her hand, lifted it in the air and turned her around. Her buttocks were lovely. Not too big but magnificently shaped.

He then grabbed the zipper of the dress and pulled it down. His fingers then curled at the hem as he pulled the attire from her body.

Her knees quaked and her breath sped up so fast that she became precariously light-headed. Her dress drifted to the floor and finally, she stood naked and painfully vulnerable to his gaze. Naked in heels.

She wasn’t wearing any panties –lovely.

Mobetto lowered her gaze and closed her eyes, unsure of what to do next. She was used to being in control. The men she had been with before let her drive the action. She played, she taunted. Everything was by her rules.

But now she found herself at a complete and utter disadvantage, in front of a superstar that she had a deep crush on. Panic welled from deep within, threatening to overwhelm her.

Diamond turned her around to face him again, then he lowered his head and pressed a single kiss to her boob.

She stared at him, baffled by the warmth of his tongue as it traced on her nipple and how his gaze stroked over her body as though she were the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen.

He coaxed her nipples to rigid peaks and then he sucked them between his teeth, one at a time, alternating until she was making incomprehensible sounds of pleasure.

His movements were like the most beautiful notes. Perfect pitch. So in tune with her body—and her soul. He stroked her like a pianist might stroke the keys of a song he’d composed just for her. She heard the notes, the raw, exquisite beauty, as they reverberated over her skin

Once he was done nibbling at her boobies, he jerked his head back up again.

He sneaked his hands around her and grabbed her by the soft buttocks. Her breasts pushed again his chest. His body cupped around hers, flush, so warm and solid.

A restless, itchy sensation prickled over her skin. She wanted to feel his flesh against hers. She wanted no barrier between their bodies.

Before she realized she had, she raised her hands and pushed underneath his T-shirt until her hands slid over his abs. He immediately froze. She could feel the huff of his breath over her face.

Diamond eased back just a step and then he reached for the hem of his shirt. Giving it an impatient yank, he hauled it over his head and dropped it to the floor. Then he stepped back to her and circled her wrists with his fingers.

He raised her hands and placed them against his chest, holding them there against the solid wall of his muscle.

Napenda ukinishika hivyo.”

He brought one hand to his mouth and kissed each fingertip before lowering her hands to his waist. She shook so bad that she fumbled clumsily with the button of his fly. The sound of the zipper was loud. It broke through the heavy music and made her flinch as she eased it all the way down. Slowly she peeled the denim over his hips and down his legs until it gathered around his ankles. He stepped free and stood before her.

Mobetto reached gently to caress the very noticeable bulge between his legs. His cock strained against the boxer, a hard ridge trapped against his body. She smiled and sent her hand seeking into his underwear until her fingers wrapped around his rigid erection. His breath caught and he went hard like a metal.

Before she could utter another word, Diamond took her elbow and propelled her toward the bedroom. She had to hoof it to keep up with his pace, and the heels she wore weren’t conducive to a footrace. But she managed anyway.

Once there, there was no reason, just lust and the need to satisfy it.

She wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him down with her when he would have laid her on the mattress.

His mouth brushed across her shoulder and he stopped to nibble a path to the column of her neck. Then he retraced back to her shoulder and he sank his teeth into her flesh.


You like that?” he asked her with that weird tweng that he usually has.

 “I like it,” she responded like one of those girls in the Jibebe song.

She reverently rubbed her fingers along the silken mattress. She pressed her cheek to the cool, velvet pillows. The comforter was thick and irresistibly soft, like a billowing cloud.

He kissed every inch of her abdomen and then lowered his mouth to her pelvis. After pressing a gentle kiss to the flesh just above the juncture of her legs, he raised his head and eased a finger over her bare folds.

“So smooth…..nyororo kabisa,” he murmured.

She blushed but she didn’t raise her head because, really, she’d never had a man do an analysis of her pussy while she was lying beneath him.

Diamond stroked the lips of her vagina and then ran his finger over the small triangle of hair just over the hood that shielded her clitoris. He studied briefly before fingers returned to her folds. He seemed to be fascinated with the smoothness because he kept stroking her over and over until she was ready to twitch right off the bed.

Didn’t he realize he was making her crazy? He lowered his head and nuzzled softly through her folds. The tip of his tongue brushed ever so slightly over her clit and she shuddered uncontrollably.

“Tamu sana,” he murmured.

Whenever he talked to her like that, she felt like it was a song

Mobetto nudged him upward with her knees and then reached for him, wanting him over her body. She wanted him to cover her like a blanket so there wasn’t an inch of her skin untouched.

Diamond looked down at her tenderly as his hand went to part her thighs.

He took off his boxers now. His body screamed at him to take her. To mark her and possess her in every primitive way there was for a man to possess a woman.

Ingiza tafadhali,” she whispered.

The fact that her words so perfectly echoed his thoughts made his chest tighten. Desire raged through his veins and he stilled for a moment before the urge to thrust as deeply into her as possible took over.

He eased forward, bathing the head of his penis in her silken flesh. Sweat broke out on his forehead as he fought for control.

Finally, he sunk his cock inside her vagina. It was slow but riddled with a sense of urgency.

He stroked in and out while savoring the rawness. She arched into his touch like a cat seeking petting. A low sound of contentment poured out of her throat and she reached blindly for him as he continued his erotic assault on her senses.

Her fingers curled into his hair, before she idly stroked down to his nape and followed the thickly corded muscles of his neck and shoulders.


His name escaped as a whispered plea and her eyes were glazed with passion. She stared at him through half lids, her vibrant eyes dazed from pleasure.

He inched forward, pushing farther inside her. God, she was tight. Her nails raked over his back and came to rest on his ass. Mobetto arched and pulled at the same time, trying to force him deeper. With a groan he relented and thrust hard.

“Do you like it?” he asked her once again with the tweng.

“I like it!” she responded again like those Jibebe girls.

“Say you like it”

I like it!” she obeyed and repeated.

Her breath huffed out in jerky little spurts until her vision blurred and she grew light-headed. Black spots danced in front of her eyes and the world seemed to get smaller and dimmer with each passing second

After a few seconds of missionary, he turned her over so that she was lying chest down and her ass was up in the air. That ass. It looked more glorious than ever.

Wanting her closer, wanting deeper, he reached down to cup the buttocks and marveled at how she filled his hands with such delectable, plump flesh. He squeezed and molded her in his palms and then plunged harder, reveling in the moans that whispered past her lips.

It was too sweet. He cursed under his breath because God, he couldn’t last any longer. His heart raced. Faster and faster and lightning sparked. His release was like a fast-burning fuse, sizzling through his balls and up his cock

Diamond’s hips jerked forward as if he had no control over the beast that arose within him.

His mouth found her neck, and he sucked at the sensitive spot beneath her ear as her cry split the air. He closed his eyes and rested his body on hers for a long moment as his cock twitched and shuddered deep inside her.

Finally, he withdrew from her. Her body still shivering in the aftermath of her own orgasm. He was surprised that she had gotten one too.

He turned her to face him.

Their breaths worked hot and hard, colliding with each other as they both gasped to catch up. When he finally felt his head stop spinning, he kissed her and, with a reluctant groan, pulled himself away.

He knew it was stupid to have slept with her but at the time he accepted the inevitability of it. She was like a slow-moving drug that had taken hold of his system, insidious and unrelenting.

But now he had to admit that what he’d done could and probably would cause problems. He hoped nothing would happen. He really hoped so.

In the morning when Mobetto was gone, he went through the bed to check if there was any kind of evidence of infidelity that Zari would find once she was back. He didn’t find hair or anything that would serve as an exhibit that a woman had been in the house.

But he forgot to look under one of the pillows. Underneath it was Mobetto’s earring. The earring that his dear Zari would eventually find. The earring that would make him lose a wife.


Note: This story is a parody, an imaginative piece of erotica. None of the events actually happened in real life…









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