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The Stress Of “Blue Ticks”

As you all know, the “blue ticks scenario” is when a girl you would like to devour, ignores your texts or doesn’t respond as soon as you would like. As as a result, your head ends up formulating a myraid of conspiracy theories and questions such as “Did I say something bad?”, “Ama ni ile text nlituma Jana ndio ilifanya ajam?”, “Sasa huyu dem ni wa wapi hata haezi jibu text?” or “Sasa mbona alinipea number yake? Ufala tu”.

This situation often gives men something close to chronic depression, including myself, so whenever you face it, you need to handle it like a pro. That means, unless she’s your official bae, ‘avoid getting mad at all costs.’

I can say with a good degree of assurance that calling chicks out for crappy texting behavior is extremely counter-productive in the early stages of a seduction or dating trajectory. It just doesn’t work. The tough guy traditionalists might mis-advise you that real men should not put up with shit from women. They’ll tell you to be a man, and that means reprimanding women when they get out of line. Ok, great, but will that get you any closer to getting laid, which, remember, is your primary goal? Si you will just lose the girl and end up masturbating. And real men fuck women, they dont fuck their own hands.

By chastisicing a girl when she is acting non-responsive, you are only blowing up your bridges to sex. It might make you feel better for a moment, but it won’t pry open many vaginas. In the end, you will just continue making the manufacturers of Vaseline petroleum jelly richer.

Getting angry is more likely to make a girl ignore you even more and issue you with a lifetime ban from her punani than make her say “Pole….aki sitakutext after 2 hours tena.”

But why?

Understand that if a girl doesn’t know you that well yet or doesn’t have deep feelings for you, she will never — I mean NEVER — accept that she is on the wrong for not texting you back or not texting you as frequently as you would like. Women will always find a way to excuse their actions. In other circumstances, they will feel like they don’t owe you an explanation at all. You are not her mother after all.

Getting mad at a girl you barely know will only give her more justification to reject you. She will tell herself things like: “Wow, huyo chali ako weird. Good thing we didn’t meet up.”

But It’s a different story if it’s a girl you’ve been sexing for a while or are in a relationship with. At that stage of the fuck cycle, you should establish your dominance when she starts pulling shit on you to test your mettle.

So what are you supposed to do?

Take a girl at her own pace. The best way to do this is by having a life and also having many women that you are seducing at the same time. By chatting up many chicks at the same time, you won’t even notice when one of them takes longer to respond or goes missing. You wont be so emotionally invested in a single girl. Also when you have options, you won’t be that bothered when you lose one girl.

Chicks out here are chatting with like 20 guys a day. Why should you limit yourself to one? Have many options and be busy.  And when that chick that is a lazy responder says “Hi”, calculate the number of hours she took to respond and add one to it.

So if she took 4 hours for example, it’s 4+1. That means you should respond after 5 hours. This tactic is meant to convert her into the chaser. She should see that you are online but not responding so she knows what her own chloroquin tastes like. Slowly, she will be back in line.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Tim

    at 9:52 pm

    i never knew this was called blue ticks, learned something new today. although i suck with women, even i know not to blow up a girls phone with texts/calls.

    i got this tinder girl who seems to be into me, but she’s pretty slow with responding. i just been taking it easy and waiting for her to respond haha.

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