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Kam Tuwatch Movie

This is a tactic that is prominent in youth circles. Guys have employed it for ages in order to get sex.

We’ve all been there. You invite that fine chille over and now she’s sitting next to you.  Two episodes into Power and you’re hiding all visible signs of arousal underneath your boxers and wondering when and how to make the move. You are salivating at the thought of squeezing her frontal flesh beanbags….

It’s a moment as tense as a penalty shootout but this article will hold your  arm like a good guardian and walk you you through the sealish operation.

The “tuwatch” in “Kam Tuwatch Movie”, as every bloody Kenyan knows, does not in fact mean “tuwatch”. It means: “Sit patiently for anywhere between 15 minutes to an hour-and-a-half, fully aware of your breathing and your every motion, the blood pumping through your body so hard you can feel it, and then – slowly, halfway through that boring episode, that boring character goes back to his old house and gets attacked by someone – while that’s happening, you slowly initiate anything from low-level finger trekking to full on intercourse.

Here are some guidelines on how to go around the whole thing, because what is fun casual sex without some extremely easy and fast rules about how and where to do it?

Invite the right chick

My experience with chicks has taught me that the ‘Kam Tuwatch Movie’ tactic usually works better with chicks you already know but haven’t banged yet. Let’s say it’s a classmate, workmate, your neighbour (if she is too hot to be ignored) or a chick you happen to know through a social circle. She can be a friend but not a tight friend that has already placed you in the friendzone. Maybe you just know her through one of your boyz..

You should have a credible friendly relationship with the chick you are inviting over, but you can’t have too much of a relationship so that they would see this invitation as an affront to common human decency.

The ‘Kam Tuwatch Movie’ tactic hardly works with chicks that are strangers. There are rare occasions where you might get lucky but even then, you will have to put in a lot of work through texting and calling.

Otherwise, most stranger chicks will insist that you take them on a proper date first. In that case, if you are looking to turn a movie-watching session into coital bliss, it’s better to try chicks that you already know in some type of way.

Put a modicum of effort into looking and smelling good 

This is an integral, yet often overlooked step. Scent can be the deciding factor between a chick saying no and saying yes. It makes girls overlook any awkward moments and conversational torpidity that might happen when she’s at your place.

Ladies cannot resist a man that smells good. And If colognes aren’t your thing, there are a variety of male lotions that emit very nice scents too.

Also make sure your attire is on point. The fact that you are in the house doesn’t mean your should wear your ‘chilling outfit.’ You know that jeans and hoodie you wear when you have been alone in the house the whole day? Avoid that.

Pick a boring movie

Forget all the advice you’ve come across before that tells you choosing an awesome movie is vital to seduction. Ati a film that creates a jovial mood and sets you in the mood? Forget that.

Play a boring movie. The film should so bad that turning it off (or ignoring it) and having sex is the only viable option besides sleeping. If a movie is too good, the chick might concentrate too much and want to keep on watching it hence any advances you make might be rebuffed. But if it’s boring, she be more than willing to embrace a change in activity. And that activity is none other than hot, hard smashing.

Make sure she is sitting next to you, not on another couch

It’s hard to initiate anything when a chick is sitting far away from you. She might freak out when you have to stand and move to her in order to kiss her. So make sure to park yourself right next to her. Then in your heart, start rapping DMX’s “Bring It…..we right here…..we ain’t going anywhere.”

If you were born yesterday and you don’t know that song, let’s move on.

Put your arms around her shoulder stealthily.

Do not do it in one go. To make sure the operation is a success, move your hand slowly, like a Kung Fu maestro. You can place your elbow on the couch’s headrest first (at the back of her head) then after a few minutes, you slowly curve it around her neck and let your palm touch down just a few centimeters from her boobies.

Tell her how much you’ve always been attracted to her.

Honesty is the best policy here. Be real as it gets. You don’t need any special lines. You just need to state your case.

She knows you already but she didn’t know you liked her so now is the time to tell her. How she reacts here will determine whether you move to the next step. If she is collecting your heart as you pour it (not getting pissed or disgusted), you need to consider this as a green light and get sexual as soon as possible.

Go for the kiss  

Kiss her and focus on her mouth only. After a minute has passed, you can now summon your hands and start caressing every part of her body. Do it in a relaxed manner (no need to hurry). The point is to not freak her out.  Don’t escalate too rapidly like a horny dog who never seen female body parts in its life. .

Don’t give up too quickly if she doesn’t respond the way you want her to.

Chicks like to offer some resistance just to make your work a little harder! Hence, if she doesn’t kiss you back, it isn’t indicative of a thing besides the fact that she is not ready for a full-blown kiss.

View objections to your kiss as the chick saying “NOT YET” instead of Never. Most guys foolishly get butt-hurt and discouraged at this point, misinterpreting the girl’s objections for rejections. If she deflects your kiss attempt by moving her face or what have you: “Take 1 step backwards and 2 steps forward”!

Continue to caress her body while kissing her on the neck and so forth, then try for the fullblown makeout again. It will eventually come.  Once it comes, make good use of the opportunity. (If you need more tips on how to convince her to have sex, read this article – Sio Sabuni Haikwishi)

Now bang her goddamit.

Move to the battlefield on which the sexual war will be wrought. You can choose to do it right there at the couch or take her to bed. Doesn’t matter. Just pipe her out until she cannot walk and if she can walk, it should be with a limp.

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1 Comment

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    at 2:24 pm

    Hey bro, i commend your work. Try interpreting your language we’re not all from your country. Thanks

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