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If You Can’t Control Your Thirst, You Don’t Deserve To Get Laid

There is currently an epidemic of men who cannot control their thirst. These men are bombarding women with praises, favors and sex requests, hence making them feel too important. Men who are as mediocre as the ‘Wabe’ remix.

Thirst is at the highest level ever seen. It’s like global warming or something. Some men are becoming so desperate for sex that they are begging for scraps from the most inferior and unattractive girls in the country. This has in turn made seduction difficult for normal, charming men.

It’s hard to seduce a woman who is getting 50 inbox messages on Facebook and 100 Whatsapp messages a day from men that are willing to do anything just for ‘shot moja tu’. Just go to the comment section of any hot girl’s photo on Instagram right now and you will see what I mean.

Thirsty men and their pettiness have caused the supply and demand of sex to go to shit. It is so out of whack that some chicks are feeling like they are angels despite being rude, stupid, slutty, fat, non-feminine, the list goes on and on. Now even girls with mountains of Muthurwa weave who only know how to have a conversation if its on a screen think they deserve perfection.

The thirst, as it’s understood by most of the bitterati, means sexual desperation; that is, men going crazy when they see women and heaping transparently shallow compliments and favors on these women in hopes of sexual reciprocation. (Which never comes)

If you belong to any of these categories for example, you are a thirsty mofo that needs to be booted to Mars.

1. You send random girls messages on Facebook telling them how beautiful they are or how you want them.

2. You like and comment on photos of every girl you follow or are friends with.

3. You post “thanks for the add” on a lady’s wall after she accepts your friend request.

4. You send girls dick pictures and other forms of nudes without them asking for it.

5. You are not rich yet you are willing to spend more than 5k on a woman just to bang her.

6. You are in several Team Mafisi Groups that discuss sex 24/7.

7. You love watching porn and masturbating.

8. Women always reject you in under five minutes. (They can smell your thirst)

9. You actually beg for sex most of the time…..

10. You insult girls after getting rejected (too bitter that they won’t quench your thirst)

And so on…..

Women hate thirsty men because sex isn’t at the top a female’s mind. Unlike for us guys where each sexual conquest brings immense satisfaction, women see it as merely a bonus to other things in life such as love. Women grow up dreaming of prince charmings, kids and their wedding days; they don’t grow up dreaming of all the cock they can squeeze into their hymenically-unsealed snatches. So the more thirsty you are, the more you will get rejected and end up with even more dry spells.

And like I said, thirsty men are making things harder for all the cool and decent men out there to get lungula. First, unless your vibe is really strong, or you have money or status, a girl  will be quick to ignore you or dismiss you outright. She will be less likely to give investment into any association with you if her phone is blowing up from so many other guys on Facebook and Whatsapp.

Nowadays, too many girls have such a surplus of horny and desperare in their pipeline that they become pissed and ignore requests from decent guys and assume they are just like the rest.

Thirsty men make it harder for the rest of us. In the past men had an abundance of women to choose from. That’s why polygamy was so common. Right now it is reversed. Women are picking men like they pick their shoes; they shop. And if they find one little thing they don’t like, they move onto the next one. They have options after all. They have an unlimited supply of over-thirsty guys that are showering them with attention which they don’t deserve in the slightest.

Thirsty men do more harm to other males than any feminist could. Their weakness is an embarrassment to the entire gender, and a hindrance to any improvement in male-female relations.

Unfortunately, it is hard for this trend to be reversed. If anything, it will get more severe. Social media will allow a ‘kiatu’ woman to get attention from hot guys who have failed to get good women while she sits on her toilet bowl taking a dump.

Any male concerned with self-improvement, of course, would work to break through this barrier by standing out from the thristier hordes. The efforts of the simp, however, make this a much more challenging endeavor than it needs to be

So unless us decent men. actively campaign for over-thirsty men to change their ways and call out their bullshit, we will have to work harder than normal. Getting laid was never easy for men, but I’m afraid that because of the excessive attention that thirsty men give women, the females will ‘fura kichwa’ and it will only get harder.

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