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No, Hot Women Are Not Lazy In Bed

There some selected pervasive sexual market myths that cry out for tender vivisection that only the sheriff can lovingly execute. One of these blustery myths is the notion that hotties are a disaster during coitus.  Lack of sexual aggressiveness and enthusiasm has been labeled a character defect that most fine chicks posses. Someone even coined the term ‘mende kufa‘ to brand the hot-on-the-face but cold-on-the-cunt women. But how true is this?

I’ve been with hot women who fuck like machines and lick dick like it’s candy. Women that  make you want to go back again and again. I’ve also been with hot women who believed that being hot was enough and it was their right to just lie there and consume di cocka.

I wouldn’t make a generalization by saying that hot women are lazy in bed. There are lazy ones but there are also those that are champs in bedroom gymnastics. But the undeniable truth of it all is that men will always appreciate sex with a hot woman even if she was uninspired in bed. Virginal incompetence accounts for very few bad sexual encounters.

Majority of men will betray their stated lofty principles to experience hotter, better sex with a beautiful woman than with a plain Njeri or Kwamboka. Because of this real world dynamic, men will expend a lot of energy seeking hata shot moja tu with pretty women instead of relaxing in the confines of a secure relationship with a potatoface who shags like three pornstars combined,.


Men are primed to percieve a hot woman’s sexuality in more glowing terms than they would a plain woman’s sexuality, even if the plain woman objectively possessed a broader repertoire of sex positions and wider flexibility to accommodate those positions.

If a man banged a woman like Victoria Kimani, he would tell all his friends about it it, even if she just lay there and looked at the ceiling the whole time. But if he banged a woman who looks like Ngolo Kante, he would take that secret to the grave even if she rode him so spectacularly like she was Zorro and he was a horse.

Noblemen won’t admit it but they always regret sex with less attractive females. No matter how many classic moves a chick pulls out in bed, a guy will always get the ‘nimeblunder!!‘ feeling afterwards.  That’s right. Sex with a less-attractive woman is just like strawberry toppings on a poorly prepared sundae.

Let’s all admit that the “dead fish in bed hottie” myth has no bearing in reality. It might just have been spread by men who were unable to get hot women. It’s normal for human beings to bad-mouth things that they can’t get.

One advantage that hot chicks have over average-looking chicks is that they aren’t afraid to flaunt their bodies in bed. Kiatu chicks on the other tend to feel that their bodies aren’t good enough hence they are even hesitant to engage in certain positions. Hot chicks are actually more passionate in bed because they know their beauty is a turn-on for men, and they get turned on by watching their men lose control.

My theory is that If you start telling yourself that ugly girls are better in bed, you will start fucking ugly girls only. And ugly girls are easy to get hence you will be settling for the easier option. You will have become lazy. After all, how will you learn how to fuck well if the ugly woman who wants to impress is doing everything for you?

A true African man of discerning taste should make it a rule to pursue the choicest ass and the prettiest of faces. A true African man understands that phoning in unexciting lungula with marginal chicks will have a negative effect on his bedroom skills. His thrusting muscles will atrophy and his staying power will grow weak. Soon, he will forget what it takes to drive a woman into ecstasy. Then when the time comes to perform with a quality babe, he’ll stumble into his role unprepared and unsure of his abilities, like a declawed house cat that’s one one on one with a big mouse.

Easy sex with mediocre girls also risks damaging a man’s self-confidence (though not as badly as involuntary celibacy would). He will begin to wonder if this is the best he can do. As an analogy, if you spend a few hours learning to play one simple song on a guitar and then play only that song over and over for months, you’ll slowly lose pride in your accomplishment.

Seducing a beautiful chick ensures you’ll give her maximum attention to detail in bed. The way to be a sex god is to have sex with women who motivate you to be a sex god. You’d be surprised at the depravity you’re capable of with the right girl.

Keep yourself in fighting form. Let the other guys hunt wounded prey. If you consider yourself a strong man,go after the hottest women. And I am not shading average looking chicks here. Any woman can always look good if she puts in the effort to improve her looks and buys the right clothes. Just like greatness, beauty isn’t only confined to those that were born with it.

So in conclusion, the ‘madem wahot wako down upande ya lungula‘ mentality is flawed. The extent to which a man enjoys a woman in bed just depends on how beautiful she is to his eyes.

If you ask me, a woman doesn’t have to be excellent in bed. That’s a man’s job. In fact, if a woman is too good in bed, she ends up looking like a whore who has permitted 100 cocks to rotor through her tunnel of love.  I’d say a woman just has to know the basic stuff. She just has to know how to suck cock well (a must), be flexible and willing to be penetrated in different positions,, have good facial expressions during lungula, moan well, have the ability to surprise a man and look sexy. And before I forget, a woman has to show desire for sex too. Women who pretend like sex is the greatest sin are a complete bore.

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