Sweet Sidika – A Celebrity Sex Story

Otile was chilling at a restaurant located just five minutes from where he lived. He was having lunch with Njoki, a slay queen that had slid into his DMs two days earlier. He enjoyed meeting and having sex with the ladies that hollad at him on social media. I mean, such are the perks of being a single male celebrity right?

Njoki was talking too much and Otile was just looking forward to the lunch date ending quickly so that he would take her back to his place and tear off her panties. All girls never said no when he asked them to go with him back to his place. They never protested when he tore their panties either, despite the fact that some of them adored their panties so much.

He was good-looking and famous, so they let him do anything to them.

As he was finishing up his lunch, he heard the sound of another woman. Her laughter was the first thing that caught his attention. Vibrant and shining. So effervescent and full of unfettered joy that it arrested him and he couldn’t remember what he’d been thinking just moments earlier.

He turned, seeking the source of the captivating female sound. He thought he’d heard it before. He wasn’t sure where.

He couldn’t locate the woman who had just busted out in joy so he continued eating.

“Hey umesikia kenye nimekuuliza kweli?” Njoki shouted, rather annoyed.

“Umesema vipi mrembo? Ubongo wangu ulikua umetanga kidogo.” Otile responded with coastal composure.

“Nlikua nauliza kama unaeza nipeleke out this weekend? Mimi na mabesthe zangu?” she repeated her question.

Before he could answer, distant laughter sounded again, sending a cascade of chill bumps up his neck. This time he reacted much quicker and jerked around, his gaze honing in on the source.

Finally, he saw her. It was the famous socialite VERA SIDIKA!

All his breath left him in a ragged rush. She was facing away, which was why he hadn’t been able to find her the first time. He could just see the hint of her beauty. Smooth skin, creamy, beckoning his touch. A cascade of black hair tumbled down her back, going so low that he lost track of it.

She was too beautiful. Startling

He’d met many women over the years. Women who were beautiful, high-quality, willing to submit to him on a permanent basis, but none had captured his heart like Vera.

He had been crushing on her for the longest time, since the days when he was a rusty upcoming artiste in the streets of Mombasa. He had never met her before. Now, there she was. She sat just a few meters away from him as she enjoyed lunch with a friend.

As she turned, he caught a glimpse of the slim column of her neck, but then she reached up and pulled her hair over one shoulder, baring the expanse of her back. Her dress was backless and he froze as his gaze lighted on the fine skin trailing down her spine. He couldn’t breathe. His fingers curled and uncurled on the fork as he stared, riveted to the sight.

Almost in dread, his mind began racing fast. He was used to people coming to greet him but this time there was a bigger star in the room. He had to at least go and say hi to her. If he didn’t he would be a fool. She was Vera Sidika goddamit.

Before he could get to his feet, a man at the next table stood and extended his hand to Vera. She took it and gracefully rose from her as she obliged to a selfie request. The man’s hold was possessive and intimate, a clear signal that he was dying to have her, if only he was in her league.

As soon as he was done taking a selfie with her, Otile stood and walked over to Vera. Njoki asked him where he was going but he didn’t answer. His eyes and ears were trained on the target..

“Hi Vera, mimi ni big fan wako sana” he extended his hand to her as soon as he reached her table.

“Ooh…thanks,” she extended her hand too

“Naitwa Otile Brown. Mimi ni msanii kutoka pwani,” he introduced himself.

“Alright,” she responded casually.

He was now tensed, he had nothing more to say. He was wearing a heavy designer coat and all of a sudden, heat surged in his body. Sweat beaded on his face. His nerves felt like fuses about to explode.

After quick thinking, he whipped out his business card.

“Naomba nikupe hii card yangu. Iweke tu. Siku moja ukiwa na event na unahitaji msanii wa nyimbo za kimapenzi unaweza kunipigia.”

Vera accepted the card gladly without saying a word. She then continued chatting with her friend and ignored Otile who was still standing there. Maybe she had accepted the card quickly as a way to make him leave.

Slowly, Otile walked back to his seat.

“Gosh! Kumbe Vera is your friend?” Njoki shouted with too much excitement.

“Ni rafiki yangu kabisa. Tumejuana muda mrefu.” Otile said candidly.

“Do you mind asking her if I can take a selfie with her? Aki please!” she issued a request.

“Amesema hajiskii vizuri. Ni mgonjwa. Maybe siku nyingine.  Maliza chakula tuende upajue kwangu.”

Njoki finished her meal quickly then Otile drove her back to his place. There were no traces of mercy in him. He tore her pink panties and made love to her the whole afternoon and the whole night.

At around 9 am the following morning, he called an Uber for her and bid her goodbye.

Just as he was about to go to the shower, his phone rang. It was a strange number.

“Hello, nazungumza na nani?” he asked.

“This is Vera Sidika,” a sweet female voice that he recognized so well uttered from the other end.

The revelation his senses like a blunt object. Vera had just called him? His heart thumped faster than a reggae band’s instruments. After a few seconds or extreme nervousness, he convinced himself to calm down.

“Hi Vera, mambo vipi?”

“Niko poa. I’m checking out your songs on YouTube and I must say, they are really good. I didn’t know you before because I am never really in Kenya that much but now I am impressed. You are really talented.”


“Sorry I was busy with my friend yesterday. We should meet and talk more sometime. Maybe we can help each other in one way or the other. You never know”

“I agree.”

“Where do you live?”

“I live ….{Otile gave her his location.}”

“Serious? That’s not far from where I live. Mimi naishi {Vera told him where her house was too}”

“Kumbe sisi majirani. Napenda kupika by the way. Ukijiskia kuja dinner siku moja umekaribishwa.”

“Really? The way I love food.”


“I am free even tonight. Are you free I pass by and see if you are as good a cook as you say.

He paused to think. He was supposed to have a show that night but the promoters hadn’t paid him yet. He could just cancel it. A dinner date with Vera was better after all.


It was exactly 8:17 pm when Vera arrived at Otile’s house. He had already prepared supper by that time.

She wore a pink dress made of soft, satiny fabric, with baby-blue flowers. She had bought it in Rome during one of her many trips abroad. It was loose but short enough to turn any man on. She was in heels so she walked as lightly as an acrobat. A puff of air from the fan swept through her dark hair before it slipped into the table to rustle a newspaper.

Otile’s loins trembled as the scent of her expensive perfume swept through his nasal cavity. Her gorgeous ass clapped behind her like the sounds of kids practicing a song at a kindergarten. He ushered her towards a couch, where he served her wine. He then sat and they began chatting. The more they talked, the more she realized she liked his vibe. She was used to dating foreign men and finding a local guy who matched her standards had been difficult. In Otile though, she saw a man who she could get along with.

After an hour of chatting, drinking wine and getting to know each other, Otile went to the kitchen to bring food. He placed everything on the coffee table and sat again.

Seeing it was a bit far, he reached out to pull the cart a little closer to the couch.

Otile had prepared an array of food. Fish. Decadent pieces of chicken. Liver drenched in butter. Pineapple pieces. Grilled mutton. It was like a buffet.

“Mmm, I love chicken,” Vera said.

“Mie pia,” Otile answered.

“You can feed me by the way, don’t be afraid,” Vera coaxed him to initiate the first act of intimacy. She had noticed he was a little shy in her presence.

“Sawa,” he obliged with a blush.

He took a small piece of the chicken and held it to her mouth. He coaxed her lips open and left the morsel on her tongue. Before he could take another piece of the food, she sat up and reached for a plate to choose an offering. She picked a mutton piece and held it to his mouth. He opened and allowed her to feed it to him, her fingers brushing like fire across his tongue.

They fed each other in silence, taking turns offering food from their fingers. Their gazes never left each other for long, only to take the next bite and return with a smoldering blaze.

When at last the food was gone, Vera laid her head on his shoulder with a contented sigh. He still couldn’t believe it. This was like a dream. Vera was resting her head on his shoulder?

“Umeshiba dear?” he asked as he stroked her hair.

“Yea….I am so full, that was such a nice meal,” she complimented his cooking skills. This time, she went on to stroke his cheek.

“Nimefurahi kwamba umeshiba,” Otile acknowledged the compliment. His dick was now rising slowly.

“You can touch me you know. I don’t mind,” she winked.

She raised her head just so she could see him blush. The one and only Vera, the woman desired by millions of men was giving him permission to touch him. He’d be a fool to hesitate.

His hand tangled in her hair and continued its downward trek.

“You are a handsome guy Otile, you know that right?…..”

Her feminine sweet voice stirred a longing inside him that triggered the urge to bury himself deep inside her. A longing that ate at his gut until his stomach churned and the food he’d eaten knotted into a giant fist

They weren’t even aware how the events proceeded from there. Before they knew it, they were pulling clothes off each other’s bodies. They were naked in seconds.

Otile took some time to savor the image of Vera’s body. This was really her? In his house? Naked?

He literally rubbed his eyes like a cartoon character just to make sure it was real.

As he was still processing what was happening, Vera slid gracefully to her knees, thighs open, lips parted, hands resting palms up on her legs.

“Put it in my mouth,” she issued an order.

Otile did as told. Arousal rose, sharp and aching, within her. His mjulubeng slid over her lips and then over her tongue. She savored the first burst of musk and inhaled his masculine scent. He thrust deep, holding there until her chest burned. Then he pulled back and she sucked in a deep breath. He framed her face in his hands and slid his fingers around to the back of her head until they dug into her scalp.

Then he thrust again, harder this time.

She relaxed further around his girth and allowed him to slide deeper into her throat. He made a sound that was a mixture of approval and over-excitement. Extreme horniness made him rough, relentless, and he showed no mercy. He was determined to push her past her limits, and she was determined to show him she had none.

She purposely blanked herself to everything but the task at hand. She sucked and sucked until his strength faded. She was experienced in this kind of business. He knew it, The whole of Kenya did.

Given how effective her tongue and mouth were, he didn’t last. With a muttered curse, he tightened his hands on her head and poured himself into her throat, forcing her to swallow every single drop. When he finally released her, she rocked back on her heels, dazed by the power of the exchange.

Otile breathed harshly as he slowly withdrew from her mouth. His grip gentled and he slid his fingers back along the line of her cheekbones before wiping his seed from her lips.

He found himself getting hard again in seconds. That was the effect Vera’s body was having on him. He helped her to her feet and then guided her toward the plush leather chair just a yard away from the couch they had been eating from

He settled onto the seat, his legs splayed. She stared at his mjulubeng, suddenly overtaken by the urge to have it deep inside her body, taking, demanding.

He pulled her between his legs, allowing his hands to smooth up her body, wandering over her curves, then up with the intention to cup her full breasts.

“Naeza kuyakamata ama ni uchungu kwa sababu ni plastiki?” Otile sought permission.

“Plastic?” Vera turned sharp, angry eyes on him, and for a brief moment, the mild, amused mood vanished. She transformed into someone dark and angry. Tormented.

”Did you just call them plastic?” The words came out angry and clipped, but Otile didn’t take offense.

“Pole…pole Vera. Nilitumia maneno mabaya. Unajua kiingereza sijakizoea. Nisamehe”

“Okay…just don’t call them plastic again. They are silicone….and I spent a lot of money on them.”

“Nishakuelewa….pole my dear.”

“It’s  okay Otile. And yes, you can grab them. I don’t mind.”

And grab them he did. Her breasts were a source of fascination for him. They were full and plump. He toyed with her cylindrical nipples, plucking gently at them until they were hard and pointed.

But he didn’t do as she wanted. He didn’t take them into his mouth and suck. He bent her over, positioning her so that she was draped across his lap, her head toward the floor. He tucked his leg over the backs of her knees and then rubbed his hand over her buttocks.

She shivered and he chuckled softly. Then he spanked her. That big ass. That YOU GUY ass. Spanking it was the fantasy of many. He now had the chance to do it……

The smack of his hand against her behind startled her from her sensual thoughts. Fire licked up her spine when he followed the first blow with another in rapid succession.

He alternated splaying his fingers and keeping them tightly held together so the sensation was different each time he struck her flesh. She moaned and stirred restlessly but his hold tightened on her until she was powerless to move and it only heightened her desire.

This was what she craved beyond all else. To be held completely in a man’s power. To know that she had no choice but to accept whatever it was he wanted to do to her.

Otile continued to mete out the spanking, as she uttered ludicrous words that in no way described the dance they performed. This was no ordinary spanking. It was zealous spanking. To her, this was as sexual as fucking, more powerful than kissing. Her ass was one of the most sensitive parts of her body.

Given the sensations she was getting, she was barely aware when he pushed her to the floor, forced her cheek to the carpet and held her head down, his hand tangled in her hair.

He had no condom on but he mounted over her—rough, crude, possessive—like she was a bitch in heat. He had never smashed a girl without a CD but this was Vera. He didn’t care. She was like Beyonce to him. Kama mbaya mbaya@!

He thrust first into her pussy and then dragged his mjulubeng out and up the seam of her ass. He tested the entrance of the ass a bit before going back to the pussy. He began thrusting viciously and she gave him approval

She wanted it hard. She wanted it to hurt. She craved the rough bite of little pain when he forced his way past her opening.

His hand tightened in her hair and he growled low in his throat. “Unanukia Vizuri sana Vera.”

The words sent her over the edge. She arched up, desperate for his possession. He fit his cock deeper and pushed hard. She cried out but he yanked upward on her hair until she quieted. He powered inside her and held himself deep, cupped over her body, covering every inch of her flesh. She trembled. Her entire body shook as she fought the orgasm that built like a hurricane.

He smiled and reached underneath to press the flat of his hand to her belly. He slid his fingers down to the juncture of her legs and lightly touched her clit. She clenched her teeth, closed her eyes and willed herself to control the reaction.

Despite meeting for the first time only the day before, he was a master at knowing her body. Knowing what she loved. He knew how to talk to her, what words aroused her. How hard to take her. When to be rough and when to be gentle.

His fingers slid even higher, toying with the entrance to her anus. He fingered her roughly as his cock twitched deep inside her. Then he withdrew, dragging that huge erection over distended flesh. She moaned again and let out a sigh.

“Don’t come yet beb. I want you to fuck me for a good long while. Fuck me anywhere you like, even in my ears and keep taking me until I tell you to come. Fuck me all night and make me beg for more.” Vera issued another rallying cry.

And he did. Like a good boy, he followed Sidika’s order. She closed her eyes. She’d beg him never to stop. He’d come inside her and then he’d go back to fucking her until his hot liquid ran down her leg. And she’d love every damn minute of it.

And that’s how Vera and Otile had sex for the first time.


Note: This story is a parody of Vera and Otile’s relationship, an imaginative piece of erotica. None of the events actually happened in real life…





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I am the sheriff in this town. Writing is my joie de vivre. I am a superman thanks to God. Need to discuss a thing or two with me? Shoot me an email via


  1. Peter Kinyanjui

    at 6:19 pm

    Manze this story is so surreal I thought it was true. For a minute there I thought this was Otile Brown’s tell-all on how he smashed Vera Sidika.

    I am sure even Vera Sidika and Bad Man Shivo will agree na hii maneno hapa.

    • Miss Quinter Njeri

      at 4:22 pm

      It had the same effect on me that way too. I thought: Kwani Otile Brown ametoboa siri vile alismash Vera Sidika!!

      I know it made a lot of females wet with a lot of men who read it to the last sentence hard as a bullock

  2. Miss Quinter Njeri

    at 4:20 pm

    Why do you always have to make me wet whenever I am reading one of your stories, Etemesi? even me reading how Otile devoured Vera Sidika got me horny as fuck. I actually thought I was there in the room watching Otile spanking that jiggly Sidika ass.

    The way you write Etemesi at this rate you deserve a Pulitzer and an accolade to top it up.

    Nice read I must add.

  3. Christine Ndanu

    at 4:51 pm

    Jesos, I need some milk. This is too much, will someone please tag Otile Brown and Vera Sidika, I would want to know how they reacted to this, honestly

  4. James Thiongo

    at 5:04 pm

    I have never read a blog post from the beginning to the end, especially this long but in this blog post had something that just had me want to read more. The way Otile handled Vera like a boss is surreal and bosslike.
    Otile will be happy reading about this.

  5. The Mark J

    at 5:51 pm

    hapa ndio maneno ilianza kuchacha sasa ati:

    “She relaxed further around his girth and allowed him to slide deeper into her throat. He made a sound that was a mixture of approval and over-excitement. Extreme horniness made him rough, relentless, and he showed no mercy. He was determined to push her past her limits, and she was determined to show him she had none.

    She purposely blanked herself to everything but the task at hand. She sucked and sucked until his strength faded. She was experienced in this kind of business. He knew it, The whole of Kenya did.”

    If you need a reason to read this piece to the end, I just gave you an excerpt of how talented Vera Sidika is.

    I am now confident Vera Sidika can handle me.

    • Achieng Agot

      at 10:22 pm

      It’s a creative fictional story. Not real. Didn’t you read the disclaimer at the end?

      • The Mark J

        at 12:04 am

        I know that, I mean I know how to read. My point is that Vera can handle me too or you catched feelings because I didn’t mention you instead?

        • Achieng Agot

          at 7:45 am

          You think Vera would would even look at you twice? Tumia Vaseline yako pole pole ama uendee mamboch. That’s your league

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