Mature Men Don’t Do House Chores

If you are a man who is dating or married yet you do house chores, whether occasionally or daily, I’ll tell you the truth in plain ‘Kenyanese’ – umekaliwa bro!

Real men don’t do house chores, ever. Does that mean they just sit and watch TV? No. Personally, my rule is simple. I do all the providing and the lady does all the housework. That’s the traditional way and it’s the ideal way. She doesn’t have to spend a penny in the house. I’ll provide money for food and all necessities. In return, I shouldn’t find a brown spot on the toilet seat. I make this clear from the start of the relationships, just as it should be.

There needs to be a well-defined masculine/feminine dynamic in every serious love alliance. I have always been pretty uniform in my assertion that couples tend to coexist happily if they abide by their ancient biological roles. Marital or relationship bliss comes from according respect to the god of biomechanics. Unhappiness comes from denying the god this respect. The god of biomechanics wants men to bring and women to handle the brought.

Relationships in which men shoulder a significant amount of the household chores tend to only be fertile at the beginning but eventually, they morph into arid, loveless wastelands. This is because women can’t stand ‘womanly’ men. The ‘womanly’ men might appear romantic at first but eventually their partners see them as the annoying numbskulls that they are.

Men who do housework are desperate to please. They are desperate to make sure the relationship is perfect. They are worried that if they don’t sweep the floor, their women will see them as less-romantic. What they don’t realize is that women smell desperation in men the way police sniffer dogs smell weed in a bag. The moment she realizes you are desperate to please, her attraction for you plummets.

You should never be desperate to please your girl. Pleasing her should just be effortless.

One would think that break-ups would occur more often in relationships with less house-chore equality but it’s quite the opposite. Breakup rates are over the roof among modern couples who share the housework than in those where the woman does the lion’s share of the chores. This is because of the simple reason I have mentioned above.

Women have been claiming for God knows how long that they want a man who will do his share of the housework, but when he does, their attraction to the man declines. Is that a surprise? You know what they say about female demands right? What women want and what they say they want are two different things. If she says she wants a cat, please bring her a dog.

Trust me.

You see, equality of the sexes is a myth. Women don’t *really* want equal boyfriends or husbands. What women want are strong partners who don’t act like women, which means, in practice, not puttering around the house dusting, mopping, sweeping, cooking, or washing clothes. A strong, masculine man is too busy — and too proud — to do housework. He has a mission in life outside the home, and women love that about him, even when they claim otherwise.

When you both do housework, getting into squabbles is easy, especially if one has the feeling that the other is not doing their best. You might be better at washing the sink than her, hence when she washes, you’ll start telling her how it’s not clean enough hence this will lead to a quarrel. She might also be better at washing utensils or cooking than you hence when you do it, she feels you have done a poor job.

The sexes division of labor evolved for a reason. There are some pursuits and some kinds of work that are simply feminine in nature, and woe be the man who willingly takes up the woman’s work in an effort to appease her.

Since women’s happiness largely dictates whether a relationship/marriage will last or dissolve, equality-minded men ought to be aware that their good deeds are going punished in the souls of their women. You want to kill the sexual vibe in your woman? Start splitting the housework. She’ll never look at you as a sexy stud again. You want to keep the love strong? Let her clean the house. Do something more manly like fixing an electronic or sealing a business deal.

If you are a man interested in sparking your flailing marriage and reigniting your wife’s dying desire, and you have come here for guidance, I will tell you to put down the sufuria and detergent and take up the power tools and nyundo. Or just go out there and make plenty of shillings. Leave the womanly domestic chores for your woman, and the manly handyman chores for yourself. Do this, and the relationship will always be perfect. Always.

If you are in a relationship where you keep arguing about who should do what, the two of you don’t need to be together in the first place. In an impeccable relationship, the lady always feels good about taking care of her man and taking care of their home in general, whereas a man feels good about providing everything.

It might seem fuddy-duddy to refer to housework as “women’s work,” but when the relationship dynamic is right, a woman will actually want to be the woman. She will allow you to have time and space to do manly things. She will permit you to go after your biggest and most challenging goals and ambitions in life as she builds the home.

She won’t want you to waste time dusting around the house, but she will want you to fix the leaky tap in the kitchen if you can. If you can’t, she will want you to help out by arranging for a plumber to come and fix it.

Just because a lot of men have been behaving like housewives lately, it doesn’t mean that it’s the correct way to approach your relationship. All you need to do is look at the number of failing relationships, to see that you need to be the man and allow your woman to be the woman.

Don’t do house chores.


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