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How To Go Down On A Girl, If You Hate Going Down On Girls

Women wouldn’t like to hear this but a lot of guys don’t like eating pussy. They just feel obligated to do it. They do it to please the lady. They feel that they’ll be considered sex gods if they do it. They are afraid that if they don’t, the lady will be left disappointed.

There are varied reasons why the preponderance of the male species is reluctant to make the journey to the south. It’s too much work, the neck strains too much, there’s a possibility of slight suffocation, that area doesn’t taste so good to the mouth (whereas it tastes awesome to the penis) and then there’s the scent. Vaginas have a scent. It’s a human scent. Like all human scent, it’s organic and smells nothing like an ocean, an Island beach, a forest, a delicious fruit, or flower gardens. It just smells like vagina, and each vagina smells (and tastes) unique. Some smell or taste more strongly than others.

I wrote an article a while back titled ‘Thou Shall Not Eat All Pussy.’ In it, I explained that not all puss deserves to be eaten. Pussy has to meet certain criteria first before it is introduced to Mr. Tongue. If you didn’t read that article, I recommend that you do so first before reading this one.

However, the biggest challenge that may present itself is that you might not like going down on girls at all – even if she’s cute and clean.

Here’s the thing. Even if you don’t like it, you’ll find yourself with no other choice but to do it from time to time. Perhaps you’ve always avoided munching the muffs of other girls, then you found this lady that you really adore. She turns you on so much. She causes you to be overwhelmed with animal lust so much that you are compelled by inner forces to dive downtown and sniff the intoxicating aroma of springtime snapper. How do you go about it without getting disgusted by it?

Console yourself.

In my cunnilingus-hating days, I used to console myself before going down. I have always loved the female body in general. Especially the legs and feet. I also love the golden nectar that comes from that magical place between those legs. However, I just couldn’t stand the act of sticking my tongue inside there or having my nose close enough to smell that ‘aroma’ coming. In order to make it work, I would tell myself “Look here Philip. It’s gonna be okay. It’s just a vagina. Nothing bad will happen. You will be done before you even know it. Plus, just look how fine she is. She deserves it.” This was consolation enough for me to dive down there and devour that punani like it was steak prepared by an Italian chef.

Stare at her face and ‘titties.’

The look on a girl’s face when she’s having her vagina munched is priceless. The expressions she makes are glorious. This look of enjoyment will give you all the motivation you need, You will tell yourself “Oh my God!! I am giving her so much pleasure, let me keep going. I am the man.” The view of her tits from down there is also wondrous to behold. They teem with life as you do your thing. Their shape steals your breath away. They appear to be levitating to the heavens. It’s like they are cheering you on, saying “Yeah…like that. Keep going boy. You are doing great.”  So every time you pause to get some air, make sure you look up to savor the view.

Focus on the upper part.

That’s where her clit is. Don’t waste too much time licking regions of zero importance. If you want to finish quickly, you have to make her cum quickly. You’ll achieve that goal easily when you concentrate on the upper part.

If you are not sure where the clit is, just take a second and look! By looking first, you’ll be able to see the labia, the folds of skin around the vaginal opening, and, yes, the pea-sized bump directly above where the lips meet is tip of the clitoris (the rest of it is actually inside!). While not every woman achieves orgasm from clitoral stimulation, many do (75 percent, according to various studies).

Brush your teeth right after.

Of course, the punani will leave a smell/taste on your mouth. Not a bad smell/taste, just the smell/taste of ….well…..vagina. To avoid getting PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), brush your teeth right after. In case you aren’t familiar with medical terms. PTSD is a disorder that develops in some people who have experienced a shocking, scary, or dangerous event. ‘Eating punani’ qualifies as a shocking and scary event if you aren’t fond of it. Brushing your teeth will help you forget that it ever happened.

Remember not to brush your teeth while she’s seeing. She might think her vagina smells bad or something. You don’t definitely don’t want her to think that way, especially if you want to keep tapping.

So there you have it. But i’ll tell you this, don’t be a hero where it’s not necessary.

If the lady truly doesn’t care whether you go down on her, there’s an easy solution: don’t. There are lots of ways to be intimate that don’t involve putting your face on a chick’s genitals. It’s smart poon-swooning policy to refrain from chowin’ on the downy if it isn’t entirely necessary. In fact, there’s a flock of chicks out there who just prefer the ‘D’ and not the tongue. However, your dick game has to be good for you to excuse yourself from cunnilingus without any possible repercussions. You can’t get away with poor strokes and a no-licking policy at the same time.



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