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Wednesday evening (6:14 pm). The skies had turned graphite in a matter of minutes. All of a sudden, the rain began falling in crazy chaotic drops, the gusting wind carrying them in wild vortices one moment and in diagonal sheets the next.

My feet pounded the ground as my pacing increased. We were rushing towards Pam’s car, as fast as we possibly could. Perhaps I could have moved faster but then I had to go with her pace since she was in heels.

A harsh intake of breath filled my lungs with air smelling of damp earth. We had just left a clinic at a mall. Pam (her full name Pamela) had insisted that I take a HIV test with her. She had brought up the matter during one of our chats while I was trying to convince her to have sex with me.

She opened up on how she missed raw sex and wanted to be banged without a CD. I realized I missed raw sex too. It had been a very very long time since I participated in nyama kwa nyama affairs. Or maybe that’s just what I made myself to believe. Maybe I hadn’t really missed it. Maybe the offer was just too sweet to turn out.

Pam was a strict and focused young lady. No wonder she had already made such huge career strides yet she was only 26. She was the head of the finance department at one of Nairobi’s posh restaurants.

While at the clinic, she had insisted that we get tested for other STDs as well. She wanted to make sure she wasn’t messing with the wrong guy. I didn’t object. I like women like her. Careful and responsible women. Personally, I like taking precautions too. I would never bang a chick raw without knowing her status first. I would never smash a broke girl raw too. Someone who would try to fleece me of all my money in case she got paged? Hell no.

Luckily, we were both clean.

I had met Pam at the Rick Ross concert. We didn’t talk much that night since she was with her girls. I just introduced myself to her, chatted her up for a few minutes then I asked for her number. I was lucky enough to get her to type it into my phone before one of her pals pulled her away..

“Twende tuget drinks Pam.” she shouted.

I had been a whisker away from getting cockblocked. Phew!!

We ended up chatting frequently in the days that followed. I managed to turn our ordinary texts into wild sexts within four days. Before we knew it, we had agreed to meet and get tested on Wednesday after work.

And we had done it.

The rain was battering hard on the roof of the car. I settled in the passenger seat as Pam started the engine. Then I turned to look at her.

“Si we are heading to my place right?” I asked.

“Well..yes.  But kwanza you accompany me to my place I pack a few clothes then twende kwako iyo sleepover umeshinda ukiitisha.” she responded with a smile.

“Cool” I said with a satisfied grin.

“But ujue nitaamka mapema since I have work early okay?”

“No problem.”

“There’s something else I wanna tell you pia.” 

‘What is it?”

“I know I am a successful lady and I can be intimidating to men but I don’t want you to treat me with so much respect. Just don’t hesitate to do anything you wish with me. Own me in bed. Make your slave if you wish. I don’t care.’ I wanna have good wild sex.”

Such are the words I like to hear a woman say. I am usually ruthless when given such creative freedom during intimacy.

“Oh yea?” I asked to confirm that she really meant what she said.

“Yea, I want you to own me and do with me as you please.”

“That’s good to know,” I said. “In that case, undo my trousers.”

She blinked in surprise and cast her gaze down at the bulge in my crotch.

“Right here? In the parking lot of a mall?”

“Yes. It’s raining heavily. The car has tinted windows on the sides whereas the windscreen is foggy and full of raindrops. No one will even come around here and if they do, they wont even see what we are doing. So don’t worry about it.”.

They say you cant enjoy the good things in life if you are unable to see opportunities where other people don’t see them. I had just realized that the rain could provide perfect cover to get naughty in the car without getting caught. I was now grabbing the opportunity.

“Hmmm….I see “

“Yep. So you said I make you my slave. Now get on your knees in front of me and use your mouth to pleasure me,” I ordered.

“Wow….You’re such a caveman beneath all that polite-look and sophistication.”

“And you are my cave girl? Bound to submit to my every desire?”

“Lol…….Yes, I suppose I am,” she murmured.

“Good…now suck me, Pam. See to my pleasure, and when you are through, lick every bit of cum from my dick.” I ordered her with the gracefulness of a British overload.

She blinked at the power in my voice, at the thread of authority woven into my every word. Bubbles of excitement swelled in her skin as my penis pulsed with unquenched need, waiting to be attended to.

She turned off she car engine before asking me to adjust the seat to lean back a little. Slowly, she crawled over my knees and wedged herself between me and the dashboard. It was a big car so there was enough room for her body to fit. Plus her body was rather slim

Her knees scraped the floor as I spread my legs to give her easier access.

With eager hands, Pam reached for my fly and unzipped. My cock shoved impatiently at my boxers, and she pulled down the band. My erection sprang free, bobbing and straining upward toward my tight belly. Her palm trailed through the crisp hairs surrounding the base as she circled the stem with her fingers.

All it took was the soft brush of her fingers across my skin and arousal flared low in my balls.

Her hair fell forward as she leaned down to take me in her mouth. My fingers tangled at her scalp as I shoved the heavy strands away from her face. Knowing I wanted to watch, she angled her head so that I could see my cock disappearing into her mouth.

She loved my taste.  She wet her lips as she slid her mouth down my length. Inhaling through her nose, she stifled her urge to gag and held me in the back of her throat before finally releasing me and raising her head until just the tip of my penis rested on her tongue.

My sac lay heavy and swollen at the juncture of my legs. Dotted with short, dark hairs, it posed a contrast to the smooth length of my erection. She caressed my balls, loving the slight roughness,.

Up and down she worked her hand, moving in conjunction with her mouth. She followed the motion of her fingers with her lips, chasing them downward and then sliding back up.

Both of my hands now gripped her head. I fisted handfuls of her hair, holding her tight as she sucked and lavished attention on my cock. My sac bulged and tightened, and my penis hardened until it was a rigid piece of steel in her hand.

As she pulled her mouth away, a drop of pre-cum glistened from the slit on the top of the head. It grew larger and then slowly dribbled over the crown and collided with her hand.

She darted forward and licked it away. I groaned and urged her head back down, raising my hips to meet her halfway.

“Make me come, Pam,” I said hoarsely.

She took me hard. She tightened her grip on my penis and jerked up and down as her mouth surrounded and swallowed me. Her eyes closed and she surrendered to the pleasure she gave as well as took.

My finger curled into her scalp and suddenly I yanked her down, thrusting hard and deep into her mouth. Hot cum splashed into her mouth, covering her tongue. She swallowed and still more shot down her throat.

As I quivered and twitched beneath her, she eased up and gentled her movements. Lovingly she sucked and soothed with her tongue, lapping every drop of moisture from my cock.

Still holding my pulsing cock in her hand, she let go with her mouth and lowered her head to swipe her tongue over the puckered skin of my sac. My balls rolled beneath her mouth as she captured a stray drop of semen that had spilled onto my skin.

I groaned and stroked my hands through her hair, over her scalp and then over her face. I touched and petted as though I couldn’t get enough. Approval was there in each caress, and when she finally looked up, my eyes glowed with contentment.

“Twende kiti ya nyuma sasa.” I ordered her.

“Okay” she affirmed.

We squeezed ourselves through the front seats and soon as we were at the back, I issued another directive.

“Toa panty,” I said

Flushing, she reached down, fumbling with her dress as she reached for her underwear. Holding on to my leg with one hand, she worked the panties down with the other. She wrested her legs free of the material and dropped the underwear on the seat.

I smiled. “Lean and suck me hard again. When I’m hard, I want you to climb onto my lap, pull up your dress and sheathe yourself on my dick.”

My dick lay at an angle, the tip resting on my abdomen. Carefully, she curled her fingers around it, bringing it upright and to her mouth. At the first touch of her tongue, it twitched and spasmed. Lovingly, she stroked and sucked, feeling as I gradually hardened again. It took me longer time, but she coaxed and licked until I was stiff and erect.

Still, she waited for my command.

“Are you ready for me, honey?”

She nodded, never taking her mouth from my cock.

“Are you wet?”

Again she nodded.

“Nionyeshe. Take your hand. Slide it between your legs. Touch yourself and then show me your fingers.”

She released my cock and reached down, fumbling with her dress. She was definitely wet. Very wet, and her pussy ached for attention. When her fingers slid over her clit, her shoulders shook. Lower, to where her moist center pulsed, she inched her finger until it was adequately coated.

Pam retracted her hand and held it out to me. It was wonderful, having such an accomplished lady obeying all my orders.

I captured her wrist in one hand and gently pulled her fingers to my mouth. I put one in my mouth and sucked it inside.

“Come to me,” I said in a voice that was deep and honeyed. It mesmerized her.

Clutching at my leg with her free hand, she got on top of me. I reached for the ends of her dress, lifting as she moved to straddle me. I dropped her wrist and gripped the tops of her thighs, spreading her as I positioned her on my lap.

“Put your hands on the top of the seat,” I ordered. “Lean up so I can penetrate you.”

She did as I said and lifted herself slightly as I reached underneath her to position my cock.

“Now take me, Pam.”

She eased back down, and the head of my raw dick bumped against her core before finally rimming her entrance and sliding within. Her slim thighs parted, and she opened to me as my rod sheathed itself in her feminine warmth. My hand gripped her waist, and I pulled her down to meet my upward thrust.

The first shock of my possession nearly sent her orgasm crashing around her, but I cupped her chin and yanked downward until she met my gaze.

Gripping the top of the seat behind my shoulders, she rose and fell, taking me deep with each downward plunge. I was thick, and she was so tight around me. Her pussy stretched to accommodate me, and I could feel her in every nerve ending.

I savored every gasp of pleasure, each wave of goodness that came from her. I sighed and savored her sweet nectar as I rode her with delicious abandon.

I released my grip on her waist and slid both my hands up her belly to her breasts. Through the material of her dress, I plucked and tweaked at her nipples until they thrust forward, hard and erect.

“Harder,” I urged.

I ceased toying with her nipples and cupped her shoulders, grinding her down over my Luhya manhood. After a few moments, I ran my palms down her back until I reached the rumpled hem of her dress resting against my legs.

I tugged until the material came free, and then I reached underneath to cup her ass. My hands weren’t gentle as I gripped the globes. My thumbs dug into her sides as I lifted and then pulled her down. My cock hammered at her pussy, stretching her entrance with each thrust.

“Ride me, Beby. Ride me hard.”

She rode me, faster and harder as she stared out the back window of the car. She was milking me and it drove me wild.

“You can use your hand,” I said. “Touch yourself while you fuck me. I want to feel you come around my cock before I empty myself into your womb.”

Only too glad to accommodate me, she reached down and yanked impatiently at her dress to move it out of the way. Her fingers found her clit and she immediately began stroking the swollen nub.

My hands tightened around her ass, and my hips bucked upward, fucking her with savage intensity.

“Come for me,”I gasped. “Orgasm for me, Pam. Let me feel you flooding around me.”

She moaned. Her mouth went dry and she swallowed rapidly as her hand moved faster, and I pumped harder.

“Yes,” she whimpered. “Please don’t stop, Etemesi.”

Pam went crazy in my arms, writhing and bucking as her fire raged stronger. Unbearable pressure built within her, straining to its breaking point.

And then she burst. Scattered like leaves in the wind. She went in a hundred different directions. Vaguely she registered me holding her, soothing her with gentle hands as I whimpered in her ear.

Every part of her trembled and shook, almost violent and out of her control. As she sank onto my chest, I rammed upward one last time, shaking her body with my strength. I came inside her and she could see the pleasure in my eyes.

The surroundings blurred, whether from the narcotic-like embrace of pleasure or from the raindrops that coated the windscreen, I wasn’t sure. I floated, light and free.

Yes..oh yes. Fill me up with your cum” she moaned.

It kept on pouring into her and after the last drop, I stilled. My arms wrapped around her, and I held her tightly to me, both of us spent and shaking.

For the longest time, I merely held her, our bodies still connected. She couldn’t move. Could barely process what had just happened.

Then I lifted her slightly and slid out of her pussy. I rolled her to the side so that she sat in the seat with her legs over my lap.

It was dark now.

“Wow, sikua nimewai have sex outside the house.” she confessed with a glow.

‘Haha…Now you have. Tutaendela kwa nyumba” I told her as I gave her a slight peck on the lips..

After we had rested for a while, she squeezed herself back into the driver’s seat and started the car once again. I remained in the back seat.

She drove with the practiced ease of someone well acquainted with the horrors of Nairobi traffic. For the first couple of minutes, we rode in silence, Pam’s gaze fixed on the road ahead. Occasionally I glanced at her, studying her figure – so sexy.

We stopped by her place where she picked some stuff quickly then I directed her to my hood.

When we finally arrived at my place, it was a bit late. I got out of the car and opened the gate as she drove in. I then locked it and rushed to open the door for her. Her bare feet hit the hot pavement, and she stood up on shaky legs. But I didn’t give her time to regain her footing before I simply swept her into my arms and strode toward the house.

Her face was buried in my neck. Upon reaching the door, I put her down for a brief moment just to unlock it. Then I swept in and carried her all the way to the bedroom. When I set her down on the bed, she lay there like a limp noodle, tired and sated.

Her little fatigue didn’t make me have mercy on her. She was my slave after all.

Warm lips nuzzled her temple as gentle hands smoothed the hair away from her face. I tugged her dress from her body, leaving her naked on the bed. Then I was gone. Given no instructions, she opted to remain where she was, not that she could have moved anyway.

In a moment, I returned with a damp cloth. Tenderly, I bathed her thighs and cleaned my earlier seed from between her legs.

“Roll over onto your belly,” I said softly.

With my help, she managed to roll until her face was buried in the sheets, her arms splayed wide over the bed. I began to caress her back, my hands rolling and kneading. She moaned in approval, the sounds slipping past tired lips.

Up and down her body, from her neck and shoulders to the globes of her ass, I touched, petted and massaged.  There wasn’t an inch of her skin I didn’t mark in some way. My touch branded into her flesh, hot and sensual. Chill bumps beaded and popped down her arms even as exquisite pleasure bathed her body.

My palms cupped her bottom, squeezing and plumping, my fingers working ever closer to the cleft between. Two fingers spread her ass cheeks, baring her opening. She inhaled sharply when my finger rimmed her anal entry, feather soft and seeking.

Her hands gathered the sheets in a ball and she squeezed her eyes shut.

“Just relax,…I got you,” I said gently as I probed delicately with my finger.

My finger slid in, and she gasped aloud. Back and forth I slowly worked my finger. It didn’t hurt I guess. It felt . . . She wasn’t sure what it felt like. It was new. Forbidden and exciting.

As my finger continued to stroke inside, I spit into her opening until it was slick. Then I added another finger. She moaned through clenched teeth as I stretched and manipulated her. Heat bloomed in her ass and radiated to her pussy until, despite her fatigue, her loins tightened, her clit swelled and the ache of a new orgasm lurked on the horizon.

When I pulled my hand away, she damn near cried out her protest. Before she could turn her head to see if I was leaving her, something else replaced my fingers. But this time it wasn’t in her ass. it was in her vagina,

Her eyes flew open as my turgid dick breached her opening. Then the lips of the south parted, stretched tighter around my member as I pushed it further inside.

I gave another little push and her opening stretched even further.

“Oh,” she gasped.

For several more seconds I continued the gentle in-and-out motion, each time pressing just a little harder. And then with one firm shove, I lodged it into her cunt.

Her head reared off the bed, and she cried out in surprise. Her vagina throbbed and burned around the seemingly mammoth cock. Her legs spasmed and seemed to act of their own accord as she fought the intrusion.

Pam closed her eyes and opened her mouth in a silent scream of agony. Of pleasure. Of the sweetest, darkest ecstasy she’d ever known. It overwhelmed her. Boiled up and over, sending her spiraling down, down until she couldn’t think. She could only feel. I owned her in that moment. Not only did I keep re-opening her labia with ruthless precision, but I possessed her soul. Mine. Taken. Possessed.

My lips pressed to the small of her back as I kissed and murmured soothing words to her.

“You like the feel of my raw flesh?”

“Yeah! So much.” she muttered as she sucked in deep breaths.

She moaned aggressively our skins connected. Her vocals were hard and thready, simmering in her veins, like coffee just before it boiled. I thrust, planting myself as deeply into her body and her heart as I could. Imprinting, claiming her.

Pam shuddered and convulsed, but I gripped her hips and held her tightly in place as I gave her pleasure. In and out, I fucked her. Slow and sensuous, as though I was tasting the finest of wines and savoring each sip.

I felt the quickening of her body, her punani clenching tighter around my dick. Her breathing ratcheted up and she became more frantic underneath me, twisting and writhing as she sought relief.

Her orgasm began as a slow curl, a heated wisp rotating deep within her core then fanning out as it grew and billowed, a storm gaining power.

Swelling like a symphony on the cusp of its crescendo, her release built until she could bear it no longer.

“Please,” she begged. What she pleaded for she wasn’t sure. Mercy? Satisfaction? Relief from the unbearable tension pulling at her body?

Each stroke sent her senses flaming, a slow crawl to completion. Like a rope swing in the heat of summer, starting slow, swaying in the wind, higher and higher, until it reached toward blue skies. She lay there panting, nearly overwhelmed by the barrage of sensations.

My hands roamed freely over the back of her body, cupping and molding, my touch light and seeking. She was too beautiful – in every possible way

And then I whimpered, soft and gentle against her moist flesh. “Come, Pam. Come for me.”

My rock-hard cocky ripped into her cunt, over and over. She was helplessly open to me, powerless and defenseless against my onslaught

Sweet agony flashed and sped through her pelvis. Her movements were no longer her own. She cried out as her body slammed back against the bed, her feet suddenly lifted up in the air.

Pam’s orgasm then roared through her like an out-of-control freight train. It began in her groin, rolling, stampeding outward until her entire body shook uncontrollably. She screamed. Once. Twice. She lost count. Pleasure, so much pleasure. It was too much and not enough.

My gentle hands soothed her ravaged back. Sweet words floated down over her, coating her like warm caramel. Lips touched the back of her neck.

Tears slid down her cheeks.. She hovered on the brink of consciousness, fighting for the briefest of seconds to remain aware, to not let go of the piercing fragments of her orgasm.

But as the frantic pleasure slowly faded away, replaced by a more lazy sweetness, she let go, no longer able to keep her eyes open.

She went liquid around me, bathing me in her sweetness. I threw back my head as I strained, fighting the fire that raged in my balls. My Luhya manhood pulsed and swelled. Pressure built and expanded upward, racing to the finish line. And then I exploded within her. My hips twitched almost painfully with each jet of my release. I pumped the finals thrusts into her body as the last vestiges of my own release were wrung from me. Her eyes slowly opened, and she stared on the side as I held myself inside her.

Even when the last of my cum was spent, I leaned heavily into her, my breaths coming in ragged spurts. Still embedded in her ass, my cock twitched and finally softened to a semierect state.

She smiled, a smile of total satisfaction. I smiled back then leaned over to kiss her as I slid from her body.

“Waaa…umenimaliza nguvu yote.”

A thumb brushed across her cheek, wiping away the wetness of her tears, and then she heard my gentle command.

“Hivyo ndio inafaa kukua. Unaeza lala kidogo, When you wake up, we are going to eat then I’ll fuck you outside the house.”

“Waa? Outside the house?”


“Wapi kwa balcony? Kwa verandah?”

“Don’t worry about it. It’s a surprise. A nice safe place where we will be hidden.”

Comforted by that quiet vow, she allowed herself to slip away into the welcoming oblivion that sleep offered.

Slowly, I made my way to the kitchen to prepare adequate food that would give us strength to go on for the rest of the night..

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