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EXPLICIT CONTENT: Fuck off if you are holier than thou.

NOTE: This is a continuation of the story ‘From Chicago With Lust.’ In case you didn’t read it, make sure you check it out first by clicking HERE

I paused the episode of ‘Dynasty’ that I was watching and glanced over at the clock. If I didn’t want to be late, I’d have to start getting ready now. Laila had instructed me to be at her apartment in Kileleshwa by 6:30pm. Apparently she had rented an apartment when she had been in the country two months prior. She did so because her visits to Kenya are frequent and she didn’t fancy staying in a hotel every time she was around. She hadn’t mentioned it during our first meeting but she had let me in on that bit of information during one of our chats during the week.

As you might know, I don’t usually bang women at their places. I prefer doing it at my place or any other place that’s not the lady’s place. But this was American pussy for crying out loud. I’d be a fool to start giving conditions. For tonight and only for tonight, the rule of me playing majority of my matches in my home ground would be relaxed.

My neighbour and friend Ken had mentioned that he’d be going to Kileleshwa too that evening to spend the night with his girlfriend.

He offered to drop me by Laila’s apartment and I figured it would be a good idea since whenever you are going to a stranger’s place it’s always advisable for a friend to know exactly where you are, just in case something goes wrong.

I needed the downtime to collect my composure before Ken came over, because I was a mass of chaotic anxiety. First I indulged in a long soaking bath as I tried in vain to calm my overwrought nerves.

After that, I dried myself and got dressed. I was confident in my appearance. I looked at myself in the mirror and sucked in my breath as I imagined how making love to Laila would feel. Would she be gentle or forceful?

I didn’t want gentleness from her. I wanted her rough and hard.

There was a knock on my door just as I was wearing my shoes. My stomach lurched up into my throat as I thrust my feet into the shoes and nervously picked the padlock from the table. When I swung the door open, Ken stood there, his big body filling the doorway.

“Uko ready?”

“Yeah…niko ready,” I managed to croak out.

I quickly locked up and followed him to his Fielder.

The drive seemed to take an eternity. With each passing mile, the tension coiled and swelled within me. By the time we pulled by the gate of the apartment block, I felt lightheaded, and my pulse pounded loudly at my temples.

The watchman approached us and asked where we were going. I told him the house number then he called Laila and sought her approval before allowing me in. I love places where the watchman has to call the house owner first before allowing a visitor in. In such places, you can never get busted if you are a guy with a collection of baes. If one shows up unannounced yet you are naked inside with another, you just tell the watchman to say “alitoka na hajarudi bado.” 

So, I stepped out of the car and knocked fists with Ken through the window before making my way to the stairs. Laila’s apartment was on the second floor.

When I got to her door and pressed the bell, she opened it quickly, like she had just been near it, waiting.

I smiled and so did she. Neither of us spoke.

She was wearing a maroon robe and she looked sexy as hell. I stepped into her living room and she proceeded to lock the door. Shortly after, I had her tiptoeing after me.

I thought we were going to kiss and cuddle first but to my surprise, she turned me around and dropped her rob, revealing her naked nutella glory. Before I could process her nakedness, she had sank to her knees. It wasn’t the first time I had been with a woman who didn’t like wasting time but I was still startled by her hasty approach to carnal activities

Frantically, she unzipped my trousers, pulled them down together with my boxers and grabbed my cock.


Maybe she was super hungry for some action or maybe she just wanted to confirm if my member was big enough for her liking. I believe it was the latter. I have a feeling that if I had a tiny pee-pee, she could have cancelled the date and dismissed me. She seemed like a woman who never settled for less.

Judging from her facial expressions, she was more than pleased with what she saw.

‘Wow!! My ex-husband’s penis was only about a third of yours.” she voiced her approval while dissing her former man’s tool as she spoke for the first time that evening.

She looked up to see me towering over her. I stroked her cheek, and she nuzzled into my palm. Her soft touch lit fire to my balls.  My dick pulsed with an agony only she could soothe.

“Now Philip, I need to ask you something.”

“Ask me.”

‘Will you have a problem doing as I command?”


“Good…I want us to make a sex tape.”

“I am not sure that’s…….”

“Shhhhh…Don’t worry. You will be the one filming so your face won’t appear anywhere. You will just be filming me and your body from your neck going downwards….okay?.”


“Good. Take off your phone and start recording. I want you to fuck my mouth with your big African cock. Fuck me until I choke. I wont even suck it. Just fuck my mouth.”

This was crazy. I had never made a tape in my life but I quickly complied. I grabbed my phone from my coat pocket and began recording.

I was achingly erect. Hard. Thick. She guided the tip to her lips and gently brushed it against her teeth before letting it in.

I plunged deep into her mouth. I worked back and forth and she kinda forgot her earlier vow to not to suck my dick. She sucked avidly at me, running her tongue from tip to base .

Before she knew it, I was taking control, I stilled for a moment and tapped her cheek with the fingers of my free right hand. Then I tilted her head upward, my cock nearly sliding free of her lips.

Harder and deeper I thrust. I held my phone in place, fucking her mouth with ruthless abandon. If she had hoped I would be too gentle, too soft, she’d feared wrong. There was nothing gentle about my possession. I took her with savage abandon.

Several times she thought I was on the verge of my release and coughed out sentences like “cum inside my mouth”, but it was then that I slowed, holding myself still in her mouth until I regained control. Then I resumed the deep strokes to the back of her throat.

The crown of my dick nudged at the softness in the deepest part of her mouth. She swallowed convulsively, and she could feel the shudders working through my body. Warm saltiness spilled onto her tongue, just a precursor to my orgasm. She lapped hungrily at it, wanting more, but I stilled and gave her a warning tap on the cheek again. Again she relaxed and relinquished control to me.

“Cum for me,” she said. Her voice slid like silk over my ravaged senses. “I want to swallow it all.

I closed my eyes as her erotic words flickered over my hungry body. So hungry. My thrusts became more urgent. Less measured and less controlled. I pounded against her mouth without mercy and still she wanted more. All of me. Nothing less.

The first jet of my release hit the back of her throat like a shock. For a moment she held it in her mouth, unable to swallow fast enough in her surprise. More spilled onto her tongue. Creamy and exotic.

As she swallowed, I continued to work in and out of her mouth, my movements more gentle now as the last of my orgasm quivered through my loins. I sank to the back of her throat once more and stayed there, locked against her mouth.

“So sweet,” she said in that cougarish voice as she milked the last drops of my cum from my cock.

Finally I slid from her mouth and loosened my grip on her head. I gazed down at her, warm approval glistening in my eyes. With one thumb I wiped a trickle of my seed from the corner of her mouth and then slid it inside her mouth.

Dutifully she licked my thumb clean and I withdrew it. I reached down to grasp her shoulders and helped her to her feet.

As soon as she was up, she took off my coat and my shirt. I proceeded to remove my shoes before kicking off the trousers that were now pooled at my feet. Fully naked at last.

Quickly, she grabbed my hand and led me to another room. I made sure to film her from the back as we walked. The view was superb

We entered what was obviously the master bedroom. It was huge and in the center, a kingsized bed rested. It was a mahogany, four-poster frame that dominated the space. Everything else in the room was secondary to this centerpiece.

To the left a large armoire stood flush against the wall. The wood was a match to the bed, in fact, to all the furnishings in the house. Rich, dark woods. Masculine and warm.

“First, let’s take a shower,” she said as she studied me closely.

Shower? I wanted to shag her first and feel how sweet her cunt was but I had promised that I would be an obedient boy so I agreed.

It seems that she somehow read my mind and figured out how badly I wanted to be inside her.

“I know you badly want to fuck me but just relax and allow me to take care of you. I am a director you know, I already planned all the steps of our night. You will love everything that I have to offer”

“Looking forward to it.” I acknowledged.

She inhaled deeply through her nose and then let it out in a long exhale.

I got into the shower first then Laila followed me. I placed the phone on a window at an angle where it would only film me from the back. My gaze was then drawn to her perfectly sculpted body as she approached me. For a 39-year-old, she was too hot. This was a woman who clearly took care of herself, and it showed in all her features.

Before I even touched her, her body went on alert. Her nipples beaded and strained outward.

Now you will wash me. I would love to feel your touch on all parts of my body.”

I did as told and set about washing her.  With trembling fingers I took the soap and worked it in my hands until I had a good lather. I set the soap aside and tentatively placed my hands on Laila’s skin. My long fingers glided over her skin, spreading soap bubbles in their wake. She closed her eyes the moment  my fingers brushed her nipples.

In response, she began to stroke her hands over my shoulders. Then down to my taut abdomen. My pulse skittered and jumped like a drunk trying to play hopscotch. She didn’t do anything else. She just kept on feeling my skin and when I was done applying soap on her, I handed it to her .

She set about lathering me too. She went through my body quickly. She skipped my groin and my now turgid erection and soaped both my legs. When she knelt on the floor of the shower to soap my feet, my hand touched her head.

She glanced up and saw approval shining brightly in my eyes.

“You are beautiful.” I told her.

Laila ducked her head, suddenly shy and self-conscious. She finished my feet and then worked her way back up to my groin. When she reached the base, she slid her fingers beyond to my sac. My balls rolled against her palm, and she marveled at the roughness of the skin. She went ahead to guide her hand back to my straining erection.

She opened the shower and made sure water was raining on us with full pressure before she proceeded to work her fingers back and forth in the most intense handjob ever.

The manner in which she did it made me feel like I was high. The view and the rapid movement of her hands drove me into a state of lunacy and it wasn’t long before a hot jet of cum exploded from my dick and onto her chest.

Some landed on her neck and slid downward, slithering between her breasts and down to her navel. One thick stream of semen traveled to the tip of her breast, coated the rigid nipple and dangled precariously before dripping to the shower floor. She stayed down until the remnants of my orgasm were gone from her skin. Finally she got up

I watched as she quickly dried her naked body. She wiped the last of the moisture from her skin and then gave her hair a quick tussle before tossing the towel aside and picking up another. She reached in to take my hand and drew me out of the shower. She started with my hair, squeezing the excess water from the strands. Then she worked down, patting my skin with the soft towel.

When she was finished, she dropped the towel and pulled me against the warmth of her body. She cradled me perfectly. We meshed so well, her softness conforming to my harder planes.

“Come, it’s time to feed you. Sit on the bed.” she ordered again as she pulled away from me.

Laila pulled the sheets and covers back and repositioned the pillows at the head of the bed before stepping out of the bedroom. She stayed away for around ten minutes before coming back with a tray full of food that she had prepared (or bought) before I arrived. She gestured for me to climb onto the mattress,

“Are you comfortable?” she asked as she stood by the bed.

I nodded. And I was. The bed was wonderfully soft. Not too soft, though. It molded to my body, contouring perfectly at my muscles as it cradled me. It would be heaven to sleep on.

Satisfied with my response, she walked around to the other side where the dinner tray was, and she sat on the bed beside me. After spending a few moments preparing a plate from the dishes arranged on the tray, she scooted back against the pillows and sat cross-legged, the plate resting on her lap. It smelled wonderful.

There was roasted chicken with scalloped potatoes and a decadent looking chocolate dessert waiting on the side. Chicken? Wow! As a Luhya, I was immediately euphoric,

Laila cut into the chicken, arranging bite-sized portions on the plate. When she was finished, she forked one of the pieces and held it to my lips.

I waited, patiently, the chicken resting lightly on my bottom lip. Finally I opened my mouth, and she carefully slid the fork inside. How strange that she could make the act of feeding me, as though I were helpless, so intimate
and loving. There was such tenderness to her actions, such regard for me.  As soon as she gave me one bite, I hungered for another, not because of the food but because of her regard. She was motherly.

She alternated feeding me with taking her own part of the meal. I watched the bites slide into her mouth, watched her lips run over the tines of the fork that her mouth had touched. Her warmth still lingered on the metal when she next placed it in my mouth.

I decided to time her now. When she fed herself the next time and the fork slid from her lips, clean, I moved my head and trailed it gently down her chin, down the column of her neck and to her chest.

My mouth settled on the rise of her breast and ever so lightly skimmed the tip over her nipple. Her shoulders shook, making her breasts bob, which rubbed her nipple rapidly across the fork. When I pulled it away, her breaths were coming in shallow bursts.

I pushed the tray away from the bed.

My finger trailed over the swell of her breast and then circled her puckered nipple.

“Do you have condoms or should I go get mine from my pockets?” I asked her as I rechecked my phone and made sure it was recording properly.

“Yes I do, check on the drawer under the lampshade.”

I stretched myself and pulled the drawer open. There was several packs of Trojan condoms. Trojan is an American brand of CDs. I had never only seen them on ads but I had never used them before so I got excited.

I tore one pack and slid a condom on my penis. Images of me enjoying her in all the ways I had imagined battered my mind as I rolled over the rubber. My body swelled and quivered. Oh God, the moment was finally here. This was really happening. I was going to fuck an American woman for the first time in my life.

What had I done to deserve such fine things in life? I am just a young Luhya guy who happens to know how to write….and to fuck. Truly, I had been blessed beyond my wildest imaginations

At that point, I had gotten tired of holding the phone, so I just positioned it next to the lampshade, kinda like the way Ray J positioned the camera in his sex tape with Kim.

My face was obviously going to be seen now but I didn’t care. I was too thirsty for her. The good thing was that we were using my phone, so I promised myself that I’d edit the videos and blur my face before I sent them to her

I positioned myself above her, spreading her legs with urgent hands. I rammed into her, and her gasp of surprise quickly became a shrill cry of release. To my surprise, as soon as my cock reached its depths within her, a squirting stream shot from her canal with vicious ferocity.

“Oh My God!!! Wow!! So niiiice!” she screamed.

I didn’t stop. Her vision blurred as I humped over her body, my hips pummeling hers with speed and strength. Her body wasn’t her own. It had broken into tiny little pieces, sharp and jagged. Pleasure foamed in her groin, swelling and splintering outward, and still I thrust. Deeper. Harder. Unmerciful.

Her pussy, tender and hypersensitive as it came down from her squirting, protested as my cock dragged back and forth over the swollen tissues.

Faster, I pumped into her causing her body to even spring from the mattress. I reached underneath her and cupped her buttocks, tilting her upward as I plunged forward again.

Her facial expressions were everything. She kept urging me on. She liked it hard and wild. I liked it that way too. I kept going and going. We shagged for close to fifty minutes before I finally came.

My hips jerked spasmodically against her as I quivered with my release. For the longest time I remained locked within her. My body fell like a blanket over hers. I buried my face in her neck as I struggled for breath.

I made no move to withdraw from her pussy.

“Stay inside me,” Laila murmured against my neck as my teeth nipped affectionately at her skin. “Tonight I want to sleep while your cock is parked inside me.”

Clearly she was tired from the hour long fucking. She fell asleep right away.

I stopped the video recording and dozed off shortly after her, still inside her

During the course of the night, I eased off her and rolled to the side. She registered it with hazy lethargy before falling back asleep.

When Laila next woke up, it was to my urgent hands fumbling at her body, sliding over her breasts and down to her hips. Her eyes fluttered open as I moved over her even as I spread her legs wide and impatiently stabbed my cock at her opening. She was surprised to see that I had already put on another condom.

I had woken up for the second time up at 3 am. Seeing her naked black American body turned me on so much that I had to get inside her again. I started the recording again and rushed to serve her my Luhya manhood once more.

In my impatience I bumped against her clit before repositioning myself. Then I found her entrance and slid deep, eliciting a gasp from her as she came fully awake. There was no finesse to my movements, but oddly, she was
very much turned on by the roughness and crudity of my motions. As I thrust deeper and harder, my eyes clenched shut, enjoying her sweetness. Her punani bloomed with fire.

She watched the strain of my muscles as each movement rippled through me. My hands clenched desperately at her waist, her hips, and then again at her waist as I buried myself repeatedly in her body.

I pressed her deeper into the bed as my buttocks rose and fell over her. Flesh against flesh, the only sound that echoed through the room was the harsh slap of my body meeting hers and the soft grunts that somehow escaped my tightly closed mouth.

I found her sweet spot and rotated my dick in a tight circle as her pussy pulsed and clenched in response. I then lowered my head and latched on to her nipple with my teeth. Her back arched off the bed as I worked faster over her clit. I nipped sharply, sucking and biting her nipple with enough force that it caused delicious pain.

Her breathing rose sharply as her body wound like a rubber band. Tighter and tighter. I stroked faster and sucked harder until she writhed uncontrollably. Up and down her hips rose and fell.

Then my teeth sank sharply into her nipple, and she simply broke. In one sudden burst she catapulted over the edge and her orgasm flashed like a bomb around her. I raised my mouth from her breast and then simply looked at her as she lost herself in the sweetness. Her punani was now flooded and it the excessive lubrication began triggering my release

I spread her wide as I arched over her one last time. She could no longer control her cry when I drove impossibly deep. Instead of retreating, I held firmly against her as I emptied myself into her. She could feel me in every inch of her punani. She was stretched so tight around my cock, and her body was so sensitive and sore. Supreme satisfaction glinting in her eyes.

“You’re such a beast,…I’ve never felt that much sweetness before” she said with a smile.

“Thank you… are welcome”

I slid two fingers inside her vagina and then withdrew, holding my finger up so she could see how creamy it was. Then I leaned down and traced a line around her mouth, leaving a damp trail on her lips.

“Lick them,” I whispered.

Slowly she obeyed and ran her tongue over first her bottom lip and then around the corner and over her top lip.

I then began running my fingers across her head.

“Your hair is beautiful. I don’t think I’ve ever seen hair so black and shiny.”

She smiled in appreciation as I continued to stroke her hair with light touches.

Finally, I touched her cheek and adjusted her head. When I had her just where I wanted, I put both hands to her face and held her as I lowered my lips to hers. I treated her like a piece of finely blown glass. My tongue, tentative at first, licked at her lips, coaxing her to open to my advances. She readily complied, parting her lips to allow me entry.

This was no passionate, urgent kiss, no mauling of mouths. Rather, it was warm and slow. If there was a word to describe the feeling that flooded my heart, it would be comfort. Companionship. Trust. How odd that these were the things that sprang to mind as I gave myself over to the delicious sensations that my lips plied her with.

We both gasped for breath but neither pulled away. Her arms twined around my neck as my hands framed her face to pull her closer still. Light smooching sounds echoed, the soft click of lips on lips, tongues against tongues.

There was a tangible connection being forged in this moment—one I didn’t want to break. There were potent feels behind this kiss that she wanted it to go on forever. Starved for air, I broke away long enough to gulp in a breath before I reclaimed her mouth. My lips glanced off hers and landed at the corner of her mouth. I peppered a line of kisses down her jaw and to the tender skin below her ear and lower to her neck.

Laila closed her eyes and tilted her head up to give me better access as he worked to the front of her throat. Slowly, I slid my tongue and lips upward again until I nibbled at her chin and then finally came back to her mouth where I kissed her harder this time, with more savagery.

This was a kiss, like none I’d ever received. No quick peck. No messy, sloppy mesh of tongues. No clumsy slapping of lips together. The woman could seriously kiss. And with that connection, I turned her over and fucked her again, doggy style until we both got tired and fell asleep again.

In the morning, I showered and had breakfast with her before I left. She said would be leaving for the US in a day but she’ll be back soon if she gets funding for my project.

I also remembered to edit the videos and send them to her when I got home. I just hope I didn’t forget to blur somewhere where my face was showing.

In the song ‘Real friends’, Kanye raps “I had a cousin that stole my laptop that I was fuckin’ bitches on / Paid that nigga 250 thousand just to get it from him.”

I hope that when I am finally a success story and my tape happens to get leaked by an evil person somewhere. I wont have to do what Kanye did to save my reputation.

Even if it leaks, I’ll still deny it’s me. No face after all… face. Or maybe I won’t deny. After all, who would be angry about a sex tape of person who has been writing erotica for years?




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