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The Intricacies of Sliding Into a Chick’s DMs On Social Media

Matthew Chapter 4 verse 18 to 20 says: “As Jesus was walking beside the Sea of Galilee, He saw two brothers, Simon called Peter and his brother Andrew. They were casting a net into the sea, for they were fishermen. “Come, follow Me,” Jesus said,  “and I will make you fishers of men.” And at once they left their nets and followed Him.

Peter and Andrew obeyed the Messiah’s orders and they were sorted for eternity.

And I the Sheriff declare today, “Come follow me, and I will make you fishers of women.”

Almost every girl is on social media, which makes it a perfect place to look for your next ‘meal’. The sea of social media boasts of a wide variety of marine cuisine, from Tilapia (sweet and perfect things) to Whales (momos) to omena (1 GB girls).

Like it or not, online dating has emerged as a legit player in the dating market in recent years.

A few years back, I used to refrain from approaching girls online. I saw it as nothing more than a crutch for approach anxiety, a time-suck with little real yield. However, I slowly recognized its importance. Most girls spend a lot of time on their phones so why not target them on their chill spots? Prospects aside, online seduction can also help you if you are a busy guy who rarely gets the time to go out there and approach.

Over the past two years, I have invested a few minutes of my time each day to venture into online fishing and these minutes have yielded countless dates and, more importantly, a deep borehole of knowledge.

However, the storms in the sea of Social Media are many and if you do things improperly, you won’t get even a single fish. Your boat will keep on capsizing and you’ll wonder why life is unfair to you. But you can get laid online consistently with minimal effort if you follow the rules. Having a good system in place is crucial to success. It helps to approach it as a business.

So what are the principles you ought to follow in order to fish women out of social media and into the bucket that is your bed?

Principle 1: Avoid Facebook and focus on Instagram and Twitter.

The reason for this is simple, Facebook has a congestion problem. Almost every guy hollas at women on Facebook. Even horny guys who have no clue how to talk to a girl keep on inboxing women on Facebook. As a result, standing out becomes really hard. Due to the amount of sex proposals women get on Facebook, they become automatically wired to reject men on the platform. And really you can’t blame them from protecting themselves against the madness. They are right.

Instagram and Twitter on the other hand are more complex and bougey hence they are less congested. It is in man’s nature to keep away from complex things. You are unlikely to find your uncle from the village sending girls DMs on Instagram but he’s probably doing that on Facebook.

So on Instagram and Twitter, a girl has the chance to focus on you since there aren’t too many guys hitting her up. This way, you get to sell yourself better.

Principles 2: Good photos are everything.

Why? Because looks actually matter to women online. While you are online, a woman cannot see other awesome characteristics you might possess in person hence the only way for her to judge you is via how you look. She cannot really know if you are intelligent, brave or you smell nice, can she?

In that case, good pictures are the only sure way to show women how high value of a man you are. When you have good photos, chicks tend to respond well to you. Avoid taking photos in poorly lit rooms or with phones having low megapixel cameras. Photos that look like those of  Dedan Kimathi and Nabongo Mumia won’t do you any good.

Pose well, take photos with your friends while doing fun things and also take photos every time you go to a cool place.

If you have access to anything flashy or glamarous, take photos next to it, even if it’s not yours. Does your friend or family member have a cool car? Take a picture next to it. Don’t worry if she asks you about it later on. You’ll say you sold it or it’s in the garage. Remember, you are fishing and these are simply baits. Even a real fisherman has to put something on the hook to attract fish.

You have to look good online. There’s no shortcut to that.

Principle 3: Approach many girls.

The one big advantage of online dating is convenience. You can mass approach a hundred women while sitting on your couch in your underwear. That being said, focusing on one girl is a mistake. Make it a habit to approach at least 10 girls in a week. Out of these, you will get at least two or three. If you can’t get any after all those approaches, you need to consider being a Catholic Priest. Maybe this shit is not for you. Haha.

Principle 4: Have manners while chatting.

Some girls will ignore you but that’s not a big deal. Keep moving.

It’s OKAY if she doesn’t respond.

So please, don’t be the ‘have a good life’ guyDon’t be the ‘Why did you not respond?’ guy. Don’t be the ‘lol…ok peace & blessings forever since you’re too busy’ guy.

That will be screenshot and sent to her girls faster than you can learn how to say ‘water’ in Portuguese. Keep your dignity, will you? Move on.

While that kind of desperation might be helpful when you’re at a club waiting for closing time to see what thot you can drag home to bed, it is not going to help you get laid on Instagram. On social media, you have to “thirst responsibly, I have noticed that some girls even reconsider rejecting you if you don’t take her initial rejection badly. After a few weeks have passed without you being bothered by her rejection, you’ll see her saying hello once again.

What else is important? Don’t stress yourself about what you are going to say. Start by complimenting a part of her e.g eyes or hair then talk about normal stuff. Keep the conversation light and fun. It’s also important to move things to Whatsapp as quickly as possible. As soon as you notice she’s responding well to you, ask for her number.

Not only is your prospect getting offers on a daily basis, but online conversations go stale pretty quickly. Know that if your girl is available, she’s going to be available for a short while, and dudes are putting in proposals non-stop. So you need to act fast.

When it reaches that time when you and her are chatting in harmony on Whatsapp, ask to meet. Do that by following the tips I laid out in this article >>>> The Best Way To Ask For a Date

Follow these principles and you will soon be pulling down the panties of any girl that keeps on giving you a boner on Social Media.



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