I Slept With A Nduthi Guy | By Divalicious Shiko

Wassup people, It’s me Shiko and I am back with another story. I am glad that you guys loved my previous story ‘My Night With a Sponsor.’ I’ve been busy with school stuff since it’s my last semester in fourth year, that’s why it has taken me a long time to write another story about my sexcapades. But I am back! Once again, I wanna thank Etemesi for letting me post on his blog. Enjoy!

I took a long sip of my Jameson and leaned forward from my seat at 1824 lounge. My boyfriend of about three weeks, Tonny, was still engaged in a conversation with some guys, feeding his ego with clever banter. I noticed the familiar animated expressions, grand gestures, and overly enthused laughter that captivated the small crowd of people he was talking to. I wasn’t happy even though I was pretending to be. Tonny and I had met at a house party about two months ago and after a few weeks of fucking, we decided to date. He was a student at USIU and had money like crazy. He always took me out every weekend. But my instincts had already started telling me that he was cheating. I didn’t want to believe that it was only three weeks and he was already playing me. I was afraid karma was getting back at me after  I cheated on my previous boyfriend Brayo with a sponsor.

Tonny had always been charming, and entertaining and those bright eyes of his made you feel like you were the only woman in the room. Even though behind the clever front, he was the kind of guy who was constantly aware of every flirty, smiling, long-legged piece of ass that was in his immediate vicinity. He’d make you laugh hard enough to not notice the way he’d steal a quick glance at the next woman over your shoulder.

That night when we went back to his 2-bedroom house in Roysambu, we fucked and then he slept immediately after. Aaargh, he was a cool guy with money and all but he never even lasted long in bed. Still, the thoughts of him cheating bothered me so I was tempted to snoop on his phone. After thinking about it for a few minutes, I went ahead and did it. Of course his phone had a password but I have a talent of guessing passwords, especially if it’s a man’s password. It’s not hard to figure out a man’s password. You just have to think of the things he likes. I even hacked into my male neighbor’s Zuku WIFI. I use it to download tons of movies and he doesn’t know.

For Tonny, I tried to think of what his password would be. I tried my name but it didn’t work. I tried typing a few other favorite things of his but none went through. Then I tried ‘Manchester United,’ his favorite club. That didn’t work either. Maybe it was a player at Manchester United. Who was the most popular player at Manchester United? I  had no idea so I googled. The results showed the name ‘Paul Pogba.’ I entered that am as the password but it still wasn’t it. The I typed ‘Paul Pogba’ plus Tonny’s year of birth and boom, the phone unlocked. Now tell me If I ain’t the brightest slay queen in this country.

As I opened his Whatsapp, my heart started to thud and my mouth went a little dry. Part of me knew what I would find, but I felt compelled to anyway. There were many girls he had been chatting with but the one who had wished him goodnight with kiss emojis caught my attention. I opened her message and out spilled an endless assortment of pics. Many of them were dark and a little blurry but it was more than enough to cause my jaw to drop and my stomach to turn. There she was, naked and voluptuous in her bed. I didn’t want to believe what I was seeing. She had sent him several nudes and she was calling him baby.

I spent the night in shock, crying  until I passed out in bed. In the morning I confronted him but instead of being apologetic, he was very rude about it. He insisted that according to him, we were not dating. We were just fuck buddies. The ‘dating’ part was just in my head. I felt like killing him but I contained my anger.I just grabbed my handbag and left.

The next days were very stressful. I went out to drink in different clubs around Nairobi with my friend Pauline almost every night. Pauline loved drinking but she never got drunk. She was the perfect friend to drink with. I was broke as usual but she always bought me drinks since she knew I was going through a hard time.  Tonny didn’t even bother to call me. Clearly, he wasn’t that into me like I thought.

Every night after I was done drinking, I always took a mat back home and then Felix my favorite nduthi guy would pick me from the stage and take me to our gate. My bedsitter is a bit far from the stage and it isn’t safe for me to walk alone during late hours of the night. I would have loved to take Ubers but where is the money?

I had known Felix for over a year. He was the most handsome and swaggy nduthi guy I had ever seen. He always had cologne on and when the wind blew over during the rides, his heavenly smell would fill my nostrils. It made me wet I wont lie. Plus he was very kind. He would give me ‘loan’ rides whenever I was broke. He said I would pay him whenever I got money.

He was the kind of guy that you couldn’t help but like. He had an easy smile and his body was athletic and toned. His nduthi had cool speakers which always played trending Hip Hop jams from Future, Migos and 21 Savage. I got to like the guy even more when he told me about his troubles. Both his parents had died when he was a first year student so he had to drop out of campus. Right now he was riding nduthis so he could make enough money to start a good business or go back to college.

One night as Felix took me home from my drinking spree, horniness overwhelmed me. I was still stressed from how things had turned out with Tonny and just  wanted something to make me feel good. Clearly, the alcohol hadn’t done a good job at making me feel good. I looked at Felix’s back and grabbed him tight as he navigated the rough road. Was he a guy I would consider fucking? I mean, why not?

I felt my panties instinctively begin to get wet as we got closer to my place. I needed a fuck. The deliciousness of revenge surged within me. It was unfamiliar and exciting, and I surprised myself with my sudden desire for it.

I could feel my nipples harden under the silk sheath of the dress I was wearing, as my mind began to imagine and anticipate what to do.  I could just ask him to fuck me right? Would he refuse? No. I am a good-looking girl. It would be rather awkward but why not give it a try.

When he finally stopped the motorbike at our gate, my heart began beating. Should I do it? Should I not? Conflicting thoughts criss-crossed my mind.

Fuck it!! I wanted this guy’s dick and I was going to tell him.



“I wanna tell you something na usishtuke…sawa”


“Niko horny aki.”

As expected, he was shocked. He struggled to say something but he couldn’t. He was just blushing.

Unaeza nisort? I am only asking you coz tumejuana for a while.I wouldn’t do this with any other guy.”

Felix finally gained some confidence and spoke.

“Of course siezi kataa kukusort,” he shrugged mischievously. He couldn’t believe his luck. He was literally salivatig while looking at me.

I opened the gate for him so that he could park his nduthi inside our compond. We then headed over to my house.

“Karibu,” I murmured as I closed the door behind me.

I switched on the lights but the room was dark, with just enough moonlight coming through the open windows to bathe everything in a silvery glow. I stepped forward, pressing my bare leg against his.

He placed his helmet on the floor and reached out to draw me closer against him. I felt his hands slide up my thighs, and I sighed. His face inclined towards mine, and I felt his warm scent hypnotizing me


His hands slipped under the short hemline of my dress, sliding over my ass, needing no further instruction. I moved into him as our lips locked passionately. It had been several days since I had been with a man. I don’t like going that long without sex. I relished in the unfamiliarity of the moment. I slid my tongue into his mouth, tasting him, as he kissed me back with intensity, his hands softly squeezing my ass.

I felt his fingers on the lace band of my pink panties pushing them down my bare thighs, as my hands moved to his belt buckle, both of us rushing to remove or push clothing out of the way.

“Wewe ni mfine yani! Sijawai get dem kama wewe” He complimented me as he ran his tongue slowly down my neck. He was as excited as a school kid when the lunch bell rings.

While he massaged my clit, I leaned into him, grinding my pussy against his talented fingers. I could feel his heartbeat quicken as his chest pressed against mine. I let out a little gasp as he seized me roughly about the waist, picking me up and setting me on top of the study table we had been leaning against. My bedsitter only has three pieces of furniture. A big bed, a chair and the table that I mostly use while watching movies or copying assignments. I rarely study by the way. That’s just me.

Felix simultaneously pushed me back against it until I was laying flat. My pink panties dangled on the end of one ankle as he lifted my legs up, still clad in my silver stiletto heels and put them up high in air until they were over his shoulders. He smiled as he shoved the hem of dress up until my bare ass was against the cold table, revealing my glistening, perfectly smooth pussy.

Without another word, he slowly bent forward until I felt his breath hot on my pussy, followed by his warm wet tongue as it slid over my throbbing clit. I moaned and writhed on the table while his hands gripped me firmly. He continued thrusting his tongue inside me, and not letting me escape his hungry mouth. He licked and sucked my pussy while I tried to stifle my moans, even though it was doubtful anyone would hear us since it was 2 am in the night. I imagined what Tonny was doing at that moment wherever he was as I lay on that back office table with my legs clasped around the neck of this nduthi guy who was enthusiastically devouring my pussy. The thought of my devious decisions only served to excite me further, and I found myself bucking up against Felix’s mouth, grinding my clit against his tongue until I came in a wave of hot pleasure.

“Oh my god,” I gasped, feeling a wave of heat flame through me. I partially sat up in a heady daze, and seeing his long hard cock I immediately put my hands on it. He was completely naked. When had even removed all his clothes?  I couldn’t remember. I had left his belt hanging. Maybe he took them off while eating my vagina.

He looked really good naked. I stroked his shaft with excitement, eager for what was about to come.

As he quickly wore a condom, I pushed him back into the study chair and straddled him. I lowered myself down onto his hard shaft, watching as each inch sank into my swollen cunt. His cock was huge. He gripped my hips as my stilettos hit the floor and I began to ride him, impaled on his cock. We built a rhythm between us that became more frenetic and intense as he moaned and I muttered obscenities, urged on by the excitement of the moment.

After a few minutes of feeling his big dick rubbing against every nerve inside me, he lifted me off his lap and spun my around, pushing me forward onto the table. I groaned and instinctively pushed my ass out towards him. I felt him sink his cock into my pussy once again, and I sighed with pleasure. Unrestrained now, he set about fucking me hard, thrusting into me with fast, deliberate strokes. I could hear the wet sounds of our sex as his hips slapped against my ass.

“That’s it, don’t stop.” I begged him.

He moaned and grabbed a handful of my long weave. His thrusts increased, and my pussy quivered around his shaft, dripping wet from his assault. He held me gently by the back of my hair as I clawed against the desk, urging him on.

Finally, I felt his body tense and with one last deep thrust I felt him cumming. He collapsed against my back momentarily as we lay there together, catching our breath. He had cum a little bit too soon but it was the first round so I didn’t mind. Most men don’t last that long in the first round.

However, I was still hungry for him. There’s a way i which his big cock was rubbing my clit that I didn’t want to stop.I wanted it to go on forever.

“That was perfect,” I whispered. “Absolutely perfect.”

Slowly Felix withdrew his semi-hard cock from my dripping pussy and took off his condom. I turned to him and kissed him. He didn’t expect the next thing I was about to do. I took a bottle of Afya Juice that I had bought earlier on then poured it on his cock as I stroked it. This was my way of cleaning  it from the latex smell of the CD. I then wiped the floor quickly with a rag and with a wink I sank to my knees and slid his wet shaft into my mouth. His cock was sweet with the juice taste and I licked every drop off of him, as he turned the chair and sat back on it. He was amazed.

His hands slid into my long weave to gather it up into a messy blond ponytail. I slid my mouth down over him, soaking his cock with my warm saliva as I moved my head up and down on his shaft. I slowly eased him in, deeper and deeper with each stroke, while I moaned around his dick. I felt his hand tighten on my ponytail as he started to shove himself deeper into my mouth, obviously as turned on by the situation as I was. I could feel the head of his cock against the back of my throat and I fought my gag reflex, momentary sputtering before taking him deeper, and holding him there, looking up at him, while his hands clutched the back of my head, prolonging his pleasure.

“Shiet, si unajua kusuck,” Felix admitted with a long sigh.

He pressed my head forward again while I felt his delicious cock move in short little thrusts in my mouth. Finally he released my head and the entire length of his glistening dick slid slowly out of my mouth while I gasped for air. Moments later my mouth was on him again, licking and sucking that slippery shaft, tasting the salty sweetness of his pre-cum in my mouth.

I moved down to lick his balls, and slide them into my mouth while I stroked his wet cock in my hand, listening to his breathing intensify as he moaned in agreement. I could feel his pre-cum slippery against my fingers as he tried to hold back his orgasm. My hand left his shaft and I sat back on my heels, looking up at him and sliding two wet fingers into my mouth, adding warm saliva before I moved forward to suck his cock again.

He murmured with appreciation, increasing his thrusts, while I orally submitted to his desires.I could feel his cock pulsing in my mouth. Finally, I felt him jerking in my mouth, and he moaned and pulled my head back off his cock, simultaneously releasing several warm spurts of cum all over my cheeks and into my open mouth. It landed on my waiting tongue, and dripped down my chin.

I wiped my face and crawled up onto the bed, over the white linens. I lay my body diagonally on the bed and twisted my nipples and urged Felix to join me. He came over and we began kissing and cuddling. After about fifteen minutes, he became hard again. He took another condom and put it on

Felix crawled over my naked body, dragging his hard cock along my stomach, teasing me. I could feel the warm tip slide between my breasts and I pressed them together, capturing his shaft for a moment as he slid it back and forth, sighing deeply.


He then slid me down under him while I whimpered with anticipation. My thighs spread apart as my legs moved up and clenched around him as we both groaned while he sank balls deep into my pussy on the pristine white duvet. I felt the weight of his chest against my breasts and I moaned with pleasure as he began to slowly fuck me. His hands gripped my shoulders as he thrust his throbbing cock into me, impaling me deliciously.

“Yes, that’s it. Fuck my little pussy,” I sobbed. “God, you feel so good inside me.”

Felix obliged me by increasing the speed and intensity of his assault. Gripping me the way he was, I could only cling to him helplessly and submit to every thrust with uncontrolled moans. His pubic bone rubbed against my clit with every movement, making my already wet pussy drool around his cock.

“So sweee……,” I murmured hotly into his ear.

I moaned my response, my hands gripping his ass, pulling him further into me while he pounded me with a momentum and rhythm that made the bedsprings creak. Finally I erupted in a long, shuddering climax, bathing his cock with juices as my pussy clenched and spasmed around his cock.

“Fuck yesss….” I screamed, not caring about anything in that moment other than my own pleasure. I was panting against his chest, my heart pounding in post-orgasmic excitement, just relishing in the feeling of his cock still sliding in and out of my swollen pussy. I knew my juices had soaked the bedspread. I grinned to myself through my drunken haze , finally coming back into the moment.

We rested for a short while before his lips found mine and he kissed me long and deep, biting softly on my lower lip, before I sucked his tongue into my mouth.

I smiled at him. “I want you to fuck my ass now.”

“Uko sure?” Felix confirmed.

“Yes….niko na lube…..lemme show you how to apply it on my ass.”

I slipped off the bed, feeling the juices from my pussy glazing my inner thighs and reached under my bed and grabbed a bottle of lube that I keep under my bed. Ever since the sponsor had fucked me in the ass, I had developed a liking for ass-penetration. So I just got the lube to make things smooth for any guy who would like to penetrate my anus.

After showing Felix how to apply the lube, he did it before putting on another CD. I then walked over to the chair, touched it and bent over it. I waved my ass invitingly at him, until I felt him sink into my pussy again, covering his shaft with my juices. Pussy? Why had he entered the pussy? I wanted the ass. Anyway, I didn’t complain. Maybe he knew what he was doing. He leisurely fucked me from behind as I felt his fingers alternately soaking into my wetness and moving upward until I felt his thumb press firmly against my asshole. I moaned, and let my heavy-lidded gaze wander. My breasts bounced and jiggled.

I bit down on my lower lip, feeling his thumb pushing into my ass, finally slipping inside. Then he withdrew his cock from my pussy and I felt the soft, spongy tip of his cock pressing against my asshole. In all other circumstances, I would have tensed up, but the dirty sensuality of the moment, had me pushing back against his cock. His hands caressed my hips, and then finally gripped them as I felt the head of his cock push into my tight asshole, and I exhaled. I screamed as I felt him slowly sink the entire length of his shaft into my ass with a long groan. As each inch filled me, the tight burn dissipated and I sighed, breathing heavily, acclimating to the spreading sense of pleasure as my muscles relaxed around his cock.

“Oh my god,” I breathed. “It feels so good.”

I panted softly as he gradually began long, slow strokes in and out of my ass, gradually building up speed.

“Uko so tight,” Felix gasped.

“Mmmm… yes… god, your dick feels so good in my ass. Don’t stop fucking me.”

The momentum of his thrusts propelled me forward haphazardly, until I was almost falling. He couldn’t find the words to speak, even as I felt his dick still hard against my knees each time I was pushed forward.

“Fuck me harder,” I begged, much to Felix’s delight. He grabbed my hips and started thrusting into me viciously. The loud slaps of his hips against my ass filled the room, as I felt his balls pressing into my pussy every time he bottomed out in my ass.

He delivered a delicious stinging slaps to my ass, as he viciously continued to fuck me. I was losing my mind. I began to feel like I was on heroin or something. I was too high on the sex.

“Yes,” I sobbed with abandon, feeling the heat flame through my face.

The had spanking combined with hard anal thrusts made me orgasm in volumes. Felix gripped my hips harder to steady me, finally releasing several long, hot spurts of cum deep into the condom. We were left hot, and sweaty, panting desperately at the madness of the moment. My legs were like jelly.

I stood up and smiled at Felix and impulsively pressed my lips against his.

“That was awesome. Tulale sasa. I am tired.” I told him as I grabbed his hand and led him back to bed.

I slept soundly until 6 am in the morning when he woke me up and told me he had to leave and go back to hustle. I thanked him and gave him a kiss before opening the door and gate for him.

My next door neighbour, a woman, was already awake, hanging her clothes to dry. She never talks to me and she looked at me funny. I don’t regret that night. It was awesome but I hope she wont start spreading rumors that I fucked a nduthi guy.

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