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The Best Sex Position For Girls With Small Or Medium Asses

There are a few important, mind boggling questions that we face throughout life: What came first, the chicken or the egg? What really happened, biblical creation or Darwinian evolution? Will Betty Kyallo’s fellatio be so good that it’ll put you in a week-long coma? But another important question that frequently comes to the mind of man is, “Apart from missionary, what other sex position can I implement when dealing with a small/medium ass girls?”

If you have a chick with small or medium ‘matter-core’, spooning might be the best position for you to pipe her. It’s hard to spoon with a big ass girl because her rear increases the distance that you have to cover in order to reach her labia. Unless you have a penis the length of two Shaka Zulu spears joined together (e.g Safaree), you cannot pull it off as brilliantly as you would love to.

Spooning is a simple position but not too many people try it, maybe because it looks too simple and boring. That’s a big misconception. You probably have a regular position that you do often and most likely, it isn’t spooning. A lot of couples find it easy to just hop into one position that they are used to but that can very limiting. Not to mention it will get very boring very quickly. The problem with sticking to one modus operandi under the sheets is that you’ll get used to it. Eventually, your body will become accustomed to that type of pleasure and ultimately, it’ wont feel so nice anymore. That’s why you need to keep trying different things. Among those different things, spooning always has to be there.

The origins of spooning can be traced back a few millennia as archeologists have discovered neanderthal skeletons in the position. This was probably due to efficiency reasons — shared body heat to help through the cold winters. But the prime reasons now for spooning are for for pleasure.

 If spooning sex isn’t on your list of go-tos, it needs to be. Because of the angle of penetration, it’s easier to hammer the G-spot (located along the frontal vaginal wall) with this position. Also it leaves the man’s arms free to explore. In the spoon position you can reach around and start touching her tummy, boobs and inner thighs. Instead of kissing her lips (which you can’t access in this position), kiss her shoulders, arms, back, and neck, which is a major turn on. She can feel you growing on her back side, which gets her all riled up. Best part? After engaging in ejaculatory celebrations, you remain in position and fall right off to sleep if you want to.

Another advantage of spooning is that It takes minimal effort. It can be perfect for those days when you are very tired, but in the mood for some sex. You can just lay there and feel the pleasure without exerting a ton of energy. And since there’s no weight on the belly, it can be used when smashing pregnant women.

So how exactly do you do the spooning position? First you call in sick, clear your schedule, give friends excuses for not meeting them, make sure you are hydrated, lock the door and put your phone on silent mode. After the clothes are off you body and thrown to God knows where, the lady lies while facing the other side and you lie while facing her back. Then you move slightly lower than her and use your finger to find her vagina before guiding yourself in. Psssst…..don’t forget to do a little foreplay before you push it in. Just a little. She should be wet but not too wet.

Grab at what should be grabbed. Her boobs? Her thighs? Grab them all and literally any other part of her body you want to have your hands on. Come on, grab away! The feeling of being grabbed and taken possession of can be extremely erotic and sexy for a woman.

And don’t forget to kiss, lick and bite the back of her neck. No female is immune to neck kissing and licking. Sexologists even refer to this act as a natural, mild tranquilizer. Start with gentle pecks above her back to gauge her reaction. If she loves it, increase the tempo of the tongue and lip assault. If she doesn’t flinch or shake, she might be an extra terrestrial, in which case efforts to pursue further should be reconsidered.

In order to make spooning sex even better, change the speeds every now and then. Don’t just go very slow but don’t stick to a fast-paced bang session, either. Move like Jeremy Clarkson in a Lamborghini Huracan Performante for a few minutes and then slow it down like a 50-year-old woman in a Vitz. When alternate the speed of sex, it can change the sensations. Obviously, fast and hard penetration can get both of you off, but moving slowly and deeply can help both of you build to an even stronger orgasm.

The great thing about spooning sex is that there are sub-positions in it. Yes, you will be behind and she will be in front while you’re both on your sides, however, you can adjust from there. In order to make it a little more wild, the she can bend forward at her waist so it’s like you are doing a lying doggy-style. This allows you to add some speed, depth, and rough handling. Perhaps you can lift her leg by the knee just to squeeze her punani a little bit. Or you can just stick to the mainstream spoon position and really feel each other. Every option you partake in shall be fabulous.

Now go out there and spoon goddammit!

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