Etemesi’s Tales | A Nude Photo And A Bottle Of Wine


EXPLICIT CONTENT: Do Not Read If You Are Holier Than Thou

February 14th, 2018. Another Valentine’s Day was upon us and I was mildly excited.  I had no bae to please but Naomi had said she would be coming over to my house.

Ntafika by kitu 5” she texted.

I made sure to finish all my business for the day by 3 pm. I then rushed home to clean the house. I made sure that everything was neat. That’s just what us guys do. On normal days, the house is as untidy as J.Cole’s hair but when a girl is coming over, we make the house cleaner than a surgeon’s operating table. If you are a guy and your house is always sparkling clean, everyday of the week, with no dirty utensils or piled up clothes, you should get sanitary pads. Your periods might just be around the corner. You are definitely a female. Don’t argue. Sshhhh!!.

After cleaning, I rushed to the supermarket in my hood to buy some chocolate, cake and Del Monte. I then passed by the liquor section and grabbed a bottle of wine.  I was now sorted. The only thing that was remaining was CDs. I had finished the previous stock I had on some fine chick who occasionally plays volleyball for the Kenyan national team. Sometimes she’s selected, sometimes she’s not. Man, that girl couldn’t get enough of dick. I guess it was the stamina she gets from sports. I smashed her until I almost passed out and she still kept on asking for more. Have you ever banged a girl till you felt like your cock was about to fall off? That’s how I felt. But that’s a story for another day.

For now, it was all about Naomi and I. Naomi is a serious career woman. You know those type of women who wear smart official clothing with a gripping skirt that’s just above the knees then their legs zimepakwa mafuta vizuri? Yeah! Smooth shiny legs that make bosses and co-workers restless. She told me she works at an investment firm. I don’t know whether it’s Cytonn Investments or Centum Investments. I can’t remember the name correctly.

I didn’t even seduce her. She just inboxed me on FB, saying how she loved my stories and all. And whenever meat brings itself to my platter like that, I eat it. I mean,why not? Wouldn’t you do the same?

After a few days of chatting, I cheekily proposed lungula, she agreed and the date was set for Valentine’s Day. She was looking forward to it. She wanted to see if I was as good as I claim to be in my stories.

In the morning, she even surprised me with a nude photo of herself naked and flawless in bed. It was the first thing I woke up to. My eyes were trained on it for minutes, my heavy eyelids a fraction too slow to blink, my irises too stationary. It was as if my brain was suffering a massive short circuit and was struggling to compute  She was gorgeous, wearing nothing but jewellery. Diamonds. Colombian emeralds. That was the most beautiful unedited nude photo I had ever seen.

“This is what you are going to get today.” she teased.

That image remained in my mind all day. causing my penis to get erect at intervals. Even as I was giving the cashier money at the supermarket, my penis pitched a tent on my jeans again. I had to cover that area quickly with my phone and think about how dirty Nairobi has become for me to cool down.

After leaving the supermarket, I rushed to the chemist where I always buy my CDs. The attendant there is a really good friend of mine. She’s called Doreen – a winsome Luo chick, beaming with melanin. I can say tumezoeana. Every guy has one of those ladies with whom he just jokes around. That lady he has never seduced. Him and her are just tight. Doreen and I like that. We even tell each other obscene jokes and she’s usually among the first people to send me feedback whenever I write an article. If there’s a small typo somewhere, she hits me up on Whatsapp with a screenshot and says “correct here.”

She was happy to see me as usual.

“Nikuuzie nini leo Sheriff?” she inquired.

“Nipee pack tatu za Trust.” I responded.

“Weuweee….nani huyo anapewa Luhya manhood leo?” she began poking fun.

Before I could respond, my phone beeped. It was a text, probably from Naomi. Maybe she had reached my estate already. I whipped my phone out of my pocket.

As soon as I read the text, wrinkles of despondency formed all over my face. My forehead creased with a frown.


I trembled with fury but as soon as it flooded me, the anger receded and flowed away leaving a shaky sense of loss.

In one of our chats, Naomi had mentioned that she was a single mother. But there was no way of knowing if her daughter was really sick or not. Women lie.

I was devastated. I was really looking forward to placing those fine legs of hers on my shoulders and driving my cock to the deepest depths of her punani. Sadly, that wasn’t going to happen.

Now here’s the thing. Motivational speakers might be boring but they all say one thing ‘It doesn’t matter how you fall, what matters is how you pick yourself up.’

“Nani unabang leo?” Doreen asked again, thinking I hadn’t heard her the first time.

My recovery plan was about to be rolled into motion. I stared at her deep in the eyes and responded.

“Leo ni wewe!!”

“Haha. Kua serious.” She shot back immediately, thinking I was joking.

“I am serious. Tumejuana for a while. Inafaa at least tuongeze benefits kwa hii ubeshte yetu” I said those words casually as if they were a hello.

However,  I wasn’t saying these words without a foundation. I had studied Doreen’s behavior and attitude towards me in most of our interactions and concluded that she actually liked me. A man with enough experience can always be able to gauge if a girl likes him or not just from how she behaves when she’s with him.

Doreen had always radiated positive signs and flirtatious signals. Most girls don’t know how to tell you that they like you so they just keep quiet. Doreen definitely liked me and when I suggested lungula, she wasn’t shocked or pissed. She was releived that I had finally made a move.

“Nadoubt kama uko serious. Wewe najua unapenda jokes,” She smiled, a gradual shy smile.

“Sio jokes. Ona hadi nimekubuyia wine na cake hapa. Leo nimeamua ni wewe nakuspoil. ”  I enticed her even further.

Girls are wired to create excuses, just to make things a little harder for you and Doreen wasn’t any different. She made a couple of excuses, which I demolished. Then she came up with the work excuse.

“Lakini sasa niko job. Sidhani kama leo naweza come.” 

“Unaweza ‘come’…..tena mob sana. Nikuje hapo nikuonyeshe?” I got cheeky.

“Kwenda…lol. Simaanishi hiyo ‘kucome.’ Namaanisha kukuja kwako,‘ she dismissed my joke.

“Ulizia mtu acome ashikilie time umeenda. Hao madem wa salon hapo next si ni mbeshte zako. I’m sure mmoja atakubali.” I kept on persuading her.

Since I had cornered her and she had no other excuse to give, she agreed to go and ask one of the salon girls to stand in for her.  She stayed there for around two minutes and when she came back, she said the girls had refused. A minor setback it was but I wasn’t ready to give up. There was no way I wasn’t getting pussy on Valentine’s Day.

“Wacha mimi niende niwaulize. I am sure mmoja atakubali”  I told Doreen. Sometimes I am always too confident in my ability to convince people.

“What? Yani uko determined ivo.” Doreen laughed.

I went to the salon and lied to one of the girls that I had a friend who wanted to meet Doreen immediately and give her a job as a receptionist in his company, so it would be kind if she just stepped in for her kidogo. The girl agreed.

I came back with the salon girl and Doreen was more than impressed.

“Twende sasa” I told her.

Her cute eyes betrayed mild amusement. Quickly, she locked the drawer that had money and followed me. I also remembered to pay her for the CDs.

She promised the salon girl that she wont be long. I laughed inside, telling myself “we’ll see about that.”

I didn’t waste time with her when we got to my place, I served her with trains of sweet kisses and caresses until she got confused. For a brief moment, I stopped, just to admire her beauty.

I stared after Doreen, eyes riveted on her perfect hips. She seemed more attractive than I had ever seen her before. Her dark braids were now loose and her golden eyes shone like warm honey. Her shoulders were like lava arrested by a sudden chill, while her eyebrows were twin arcing bird wings

“Take off you skirt,” I ordered

Doreen obeyed. She slid the it down her long legs, taking her lacy underwear with it.

She kissed me back, softly but eagerly. Her soft fingers reached down to wrestle the buckle of my belt. After a brief struggle, her determined hand found my cock and freed it from my clothing. My erection sprang forth into her grasp. Her nails were painted pink. Her hand curled into a fist around my pulsing stalk and slid up and down. I watched her helplessly, drunk on her beauty. There were so many things I wanted to have, all at once and yet something about the way she stroked my cock rendered me speechless. Both of us were breathing hard.

Her hands then moved to touch my heavy balls and I grunted out loud, gasping for air.

I dropped down onto the sofa and dragged my t-shirt off. Doreen waited haltingly as I slid off my jeans. Frantically, I took a condom pack from the ones I had bought from her. I tore the foil of and rolled a rubber on my cock.

She quickly took off her t-shirt and bra, leaving herself completely naked, then she placed herself on top of me. I struggled within myself, trying to fight off my disordering lust long enough to reform my throat just to utter some complimentary words;

“God, you look so hot,” I growled

My fingers dug into her ass, positioning her on top of me properly so my firm African trunk could push between her labia majora. Doreen’s hands traveled down to guide me  towards her soaked entrance. I sank in until I was buried inside her. Her hips swiveled easily as I parted her thighs, pressing in between them. She leaned forward, her hair hanging down around us as she pulled back a little as if to figure out the perfect position for me inside her.

My firm grip on her ass tightened as I pushed, forcing the remainder of my cock back into her. Doreen sighed.

“You fit inside me so well,” she cooed as she ground against me wetly. I could see her eyes moving rapidly behind their lids as the sensations were absorbed. My right hand came back up to grope the weight of one of her succulent boobies. It felt so perfect in my palm; firm and warm, like it was created to fit there .The eager fingers of my left hand kept digging in harder into her right butt cheek as she rode my cock, her palms pressing down against my shoulders.My waist moved upwards urgently, meeting her for every thrust until neither of us could tell who was really in control.

Both us were fucking each other like wild beings. It was equal power sharing. Whenever she pushed down, my cock pushed up to meet her, grazing her clit in the process.

I shoved my penis into Doreen repeatedly, until her moans fell into one long wail and even then I didn’t slow down. I didn’t slow down until torrents of sweat ran down my visage and my packed muscles burnt with exertion and the rest of the globe swam out of focus.

“Yes, Yes, Yes,” The word sounded like a prayer from her mouth and she repeated it endlessly

Doreen’s body was damp with perspiration too, her cocoa skin glittered with it. My hands then left her boob and ass and went on to explore her. They loved every bit of her smoothness. They ran over her, grasping and groping.

My head tilted forward then my tongue attacked her neck. She shuddered and moaned as I licked and nipped at the flesh. I looked up at her, stopping to see her reaction.

“Oh God,” she panted. “Go on!”

I lapped at her, my tongue a bit clumsy but effective anyway.

My balls began to slap against her, and each time, her tits made a cute little jiggle.  Every joint in her body quivered under the sweet, soaking assault of my cocka. She watched me plunge in and out of her, relentlessly and she aided that process. She was feeling the pleasure to the nucleolus of each of her cells and it showed by the way her teeth were abusing her poor, red lip.

Her chest heaved with every ragged breath, her breasts shaking violently. She vibrated in my grip, twitching and quivering with feelings that were out of control. I felt proud, seeing the things my dick was doing to her.

Dozens of minutes passed and I was still pushing my Luhya manhood into her desperately, chasing release but at the same time not wanting this to ever end. Her cunt withstood the salvo of vicious strokes for minutes upon minutes until it yielded to the onslaught. Her hips began jerking despite her best efforts to curb their motions. Her big ‘O’ was knocking at the door. She orgasmed, leaking cream, her body tensing as her sweet cunt clenched hard around my willy. By then the rhythm was inescapable, the strokes coming too fast for her to draw proper moans between them.

She backed up onto her haunches and threw her head skyward and howled. Really howled. The kind of howl that would wake humans in their sleep, warn every animal in a twenty-mile radius that they had better get away from her now and not come back

“Gggrghh!” I came not so long after her, my dick spasming inside her.  I felt an incredible rush of bliss directly up the center of my body, a white-hot current burning into my brain. I whined and pushed myself into her, my pleasure increasing a thousandfold. Our bodies moved against each other urgently for a long moment through the haze that was threatening to eclipse my consciousness,. Sweat, skin and silence. She pressed her face into my shoulder and breathed in the smell of me. And in return, I wrapped myself around her, clinging to her skin

After a moment of rest, I felt her hand creeping around my neck, turning me gently back to face her. She looked up at me, not saying anything. She continued studying my anatomy, making appreciative noises at appropriate intervals

Finally, in a husky voice, words came out of her;

“Nimecome for the first time in my life.”

‘You are welcome” I boasted. She smiled.

She then dislodged my penis and left a huge puddle of wetness beneath and between us – a result of her first-time orgasm.

“Sorry about that,” she muttered.

“Nothing to be sorry about, want some wine?” I said in a sincere voice while running my hand across her cheek

“Yes…please. Nimekaa sana bila kukunywa wine. “

What do motivational speakers say again? One when door closes, another one opens.

And I say, when one vagina closes, another one opens. Naomi’s vagina had closed but here I was, having a great time with Doreen.

I stood up, poured wine into a glass and gave it to her.

“Happy Valentines Day Doreen” I smiled.

“Happy Valentines Day Phil.” she smiled back.



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