I Pick My Favorite Love Songs Of All Time

I am not a love song devotee. Hip Hop resides in majority of the real estate in my heart. Either way, I am not biased. I am not one of those guys that listen to Hip Hop from morning to evening and claim that everything else is shit. My musical knowledge is vast and several songs from other genres of music touch my heart too quite frequently. Be it Reggae, Dancehall, Afrobeat, Pop. R&B or Soul, I shall listen and if a song is good, I, shall love it.

It’s about time I softened up a little and told you my best love songs of all time. These are the songs I’ve probably played when making love, seducing someone or missing a good girl that got away.

Smooth Operator – Sade.

Being a smooth operator myself, I can really relate. Sade’s vocals are extraordinary. It’s not hard to notice how her voice soars above this hair-raising avalanche of sound. The general vibe of the song makes you feel like you are chilling on a beach in the Bahamas with a Latina girl in a bikini while sipping margaritas.


Let me hold you – Bow Wow ft. Omarion.

Where do I even begin with this one. ‘Let Me Hold You’ by Peak Bow Wow is a timeless love ballad. The beat is super cool and the chorus is as soothing as choruses can get. For two artistes who reached the peaks of musical achievement through astounding ambition and innovation, this restrained and simple love song shows just how talented each was beneath it all.   I still believe that it’s the best song Bow Wow ever made before he became an idiot. Some will say ‘Like You’ is his best. I don’t agree. I think his magnum opus lies right here.


Till I Can’t Take No More – Eddy Grant.

I first heard this song on Classic 105 a few years ago and I was hooked. Many of you might not know about Eddy Grant but he’s one of the most respected music legends of the 80s. He is a Guyanese-British musician. He was a founding member of the Equals, one of the United Kingdom’s first racially integrated pop groups. Ever heard a man beg for more love till he can’t take more? That’s what a special woman can do to a man,


My Boo – Usher and Alicia Keys. 

‘My Boo’ has some of the most romantic, nonsensical lyrics I’ve ever swooned to. Regardless of your thoughts on the personal life of Usher, his success in the music industry is undeniable. I was in Class 8 when this song came out. I used to sing it to a girl I was crushing on but instead of being impressed, she would laugh at my not-so-prefect voice. Lol.


Hit The Road Jack -Ray Charles.

Ray Charles was a blind Jazz singer who used to be a notorious womanizer. Yea….blind people love pussy too. His interesting life was portrayed by Jamie Foxx in the movie ‘Ray’. Foxx even won an Oscar for his role in that movie. If you haven’t watched it, make sure you do. You won’t regret.  ‘Hit The Road Jack’ is the catchiest break up song ever made.


When a woman’s fed up – R. Kelly

R. Kelly has had tumultuous past. There definitely isn’t a shortage of scandals but there is no denying that he is a musical genius. ‘When a woman’s fed up’ is a song that is told through the perspective of a man that has already lost a woman because of his wrongdoing. It is meant as a cautionary tale. Lyrics include quotes like, “If you don’t want to find out the hard way. Then listen to this song while the record plays. Cuz when a woman’s fed up, It ain’t nothing you can do about it”


How many drinks – Miguel ft. Kendrick Lamar.

Miguel’s greatest gift to the world is that he makes love funky.To all the men who like buying girls drinks in order to get into their pants, this is the song for you. Well, I don’t do that myself but the message is just too ballsy. Like you are telling a girl,  ‘Instead of wasting time, just tell me how many drinks you want before we go back to my place.’


It Won’t Stop – Sevyn Streeter ft. Chris Brown.

Some songs are about being in love. This cannonball is testimony to the awesome, world-shaking power of love itself. While there aren’t many family-friendly songs on the list of hit singles where Chris Brown makes an appearance, “It Won’t Stop” is a song that can be loved by all. When it was released, it quickly residency as a crush song, radio favorite, and backyard party must-have.


Promise – Ciara.

There was a time I was madly in love with Ciara. I used to imagine how it would feel to have her in my bed and just look at her, not even touch her. Then she released this song and I was finished. Ciara hit the target here with a sweet, sincere tune about promising to always love that special person in your life. Only Ciara could give this ballad the soulful delivery that elevates what could be sappy and generic lyrics into the words that will pull at your heart.


Don’t Matter – Akon.

This is a song that really shows off Akon’s lyrical ability. While the club songs and high tempo tracks have their place, it’s nice for one of his hits to showcase the fact that he really can sing about love. The lyrics reference a lover that people close to him don’t like, but he doesn’t care anyway.


Dance With Somebody – Whitney Houston.

Has there ever been a better vocalist than Whitney Houston? I adore this song. I could listen to it from dawn to dusk and never tire. I am actually saying that coz I’ve tried it. I once took a girl to a lodging on a Saturday and she kept repeating this song on her phone from morning when we went in to evening when we got out. One of the best fucks of my life.


Let It Flow – Toni Braxton. 

Toni Braxton has no shortage of epic anthems in her catalogue. If I was to compile another list of the five best songs to play while fucking, this would be in it. It’s like it just motivates you to push in and out gently as a lady moans. Just let it flow with no worries.


La Isla Bonita – Madonna.

Madonna has always appealed to me because of how wild and untamed she is. She thrived in an era where people were conservative but she still kept bombarding them with explicit songs and videos. My favorite song by Madonna is this one right here. It speaks about a girl who visited a town in a tropical island and fell in love with a boy there. She wants to go back again,but she cannot. So she longs for these days she spent there.


When I see you – Fantasia 

An amazing song that’s often underrated. If it had been sang by someone like Beyonce, it would be considered one of the best love songs of all time. It lifts the notion of the sophisticated love song clean into the heavens. Once that miasmic mix of harpsichords and celestial brass clears, and that opening caveat is laid bare, we’re left with a heartbreakingly tender song of yearning, devotion and fidelity.


Killing me softly – Fugees.

The story of the song is quite simple: A girl hears of this young performer and his talents, so she goes to see him perform to see if he is as talented as she has heard. When she gets there, his songs are describing all of her emotions and feelings, almost as if he had somehow read a journal or diary of hers. Lauryn Hill sings beautifully in this jam. Sadly, she hooked up with one of Bob Marley’s sons who turned her from a major star into a baby factory with over 5 kids. Men with dreadlocks are dangerous.


Torn – Latoya.

Torn has lines that no hopeless romantic can pass up. Latoya used to be a member of Destiny’s Child. Before the group had thee main singers namely Beyonce, Kelly Rowald and Michelle, LaToya was in there too. She left the group to pursue a solo career and as a result, we got hits like this. She didn’t shine for long though.


Upside Down- Diana Ross.

It’s always a nice feeling when a girl tells you how you really make her feel. When she tells you that you turn her upside down and inside out, it’s even better. Diana Ross has several great songs but Upside Down is upbeat, catchy, smile-inducing and perfect for anyone’s playlist.


Unappreciated – Cherish.

Love isn’t always champagne and roses, which is the topic of this hitIt mirrored the complaints of ladies who are neglected by their men. Personally I felt like it was senseless ranting. When a girl complains about you not telling her “I love you too” you know she’s just being petty. I didn’t agree with the message (because I am a man) but I enjoyed the flow and the singing.


Hey -Just a Band.

My only Kenyan pick. ‘Hey’ was Just a Band’s first foray into slow-dance songs. There’s something about the song that just pulls at your heartstrings. I don’t know what it it but there’s something. It’s in there.



I Remember – Keyshia Cole.

This melody about pure and simple regret is the greatest offering from Keyshia Cole. She sings about her failing relationship which looks unsalvageable, but she remains steadfast. If you love something, set it free. It’s a shame that she didn’t learn her lesson and still went ahead to date an asshole like Birdman, who I hate because he owes Lil Wayne money. I’d still bang her though. She looks like she can give good BJs.


No one like you – Psquare.

I did Computer Studies back in high school and I remember how our computer teacher banned us from playing games and listening to music in the compute lab. He’d cane anyone who he’d find disobeying this order. So when we were in Form Four, we would time him in the night. When he went out of school to drink, we’d sneak into the compute lab and play games. But before I’d play any game, this was the first song I would jam to. It touched my soul and veins. It’s a sad thing that Psquare finally broke up.


Blow me one last kiss – Pink.

This song is like an angry orgasm wrapped in lush golden beauty and pure emotion. But therein lies the song’s enduring sweetness.  It’s about ending a bad relationship. But before the couple ends it, there has to be one last lungula session just to say bye.


Bailamos- Enrique Iglesias.

A sensuous and intense track that has the perfect blend of English and Spanish.  Everyone yearns a forever kind of love and Enrique Iglesias gave us an anthem for eternal devotion many years ago. It is also packed with poetic imagery that redefines artistry


Best Of Me – Mya ft.Jay Z

This gem from the early 2000s is proof that Mya knows her way around the heart. Plus, she has always been super hot. I’d propose to her anytime and pump twins into her. The fact that Jay Z is in the song makes it even better.


Comfort Zone – Busy Signal.

This is one of the songs that set the standard of what Busy Signal’s music is all about. It is a slow jam with lyrics that can teach you how to open your heart to a girl. The opening lyrics “Mi mean what mi say from the heart. Baby girl mi and you will neva part” set the tone for solid coupledom.


My Heart Will Go On – Celine Dion

The tragic Titanic theme song that captures the enduring nature of true love and the longing that comes with it. The song first appeared on Dion’s 1997 album Let’s Talk About Love, but the blockbuster hit made it an instant classic.


Rolling in the deep -Adele.

Adele’s career was made from her heartbreak but we can all agree that we don’t care that she had her heart shattered to pieces. We just care about the way she sings and delivers. My God, this woman is talented. Some of you love Hello,some of you love ‘Someone Like You.’ Me? ‘Rolling In The Deep’ does it for me.


Night Nurse – Gregory Isaacs.

This is a throwback to classic Reggae with a slow jam beat on highly sexualized lyrics. While the chorus is a bit ridiculous, it’s hard not to sing along when it’s time to get down to business.  It captures that feeling of knowing that someone is perfect for your life, even if you’ve never been in a relationship with that person


Nyota Yangu – TID.

I included this song as a dedication in several of my love letters when I was in high school.  It made me feel so in love with my several high school girlfriends especially my number one girl back then whose name was Milcah. I recently reconnected with Milcah and our private parts did some catching up. Then I played her this song and we shagged even harder as we remembered the good old days. If you missed the tale about Milcah, read it here.


Saturday Love – Cherrelle.

Capturing the swirling triumph of infatuation, this tune has become one of the most covered songs of all time. You can literally hear Cherelle counting down days to when she will see her lover again. And her soulful crooning induces a nice shiver every time, whether you expect it to or not

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