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Retaliation 101: How To React When Someone Disrespects Your Girl

I was in Pangani yesterday evening. I had gone to see some walalo chick. She’s a fine thing, brown like the sands of Persia. She’s been a friend of mine for a long time and over the years, she has been gracious enough to give me several through-passes to her hot friends.

As I was walking on a dusty alley, after  leaving her house, I heard someone shout;

“Msupa…si hiyo haga yako iko fiti yani. Hiyo nikipata naeza lamba ata.”

After that, there was a roar of laughter. I looked to the side of the alley and saw at least ten guys sitting under a shade. They were chewing mogoka. In front of me, there was a couple walking together.

The absurd comment had come  from one of the guys at the shade and he was clearly referring to the girl in front of me. She obviously had a nice ass but the man had obviously been disrespectful since the lady was with her boyfriend. I kept walking and so did the guy and chick in front of me,

Then I heard the lady tell the guy;

“Beb..Kwani utaacha tu huyo mse aniongeleshe hivyo? Huezi fanya anything?”

The boyfriend had tried to ignore what had just happened but they lady wouldn’t let him. At that point, he felt he had to defend his girl’s honor. So he stopped and went back to where the herbivorous fellas were sitting.

I stopped to watch. The chick’s boyfriend put on a tough face and demanded an apology. That’s not what he got. Instead, the whole gang stood up and descended on him with blows and kicks. I was shocked and angered. The chick immediately began screaming for help.

Unfortunately, there was no one else in sight on that stretch of the alley. I wanted to rush to her boyfriend’s rescue there and then but I remembered I was not a member of the Avengers. Neither was  I Chuck Norris, Jean Claude Van Damme or Jason Stratham. There was no way I was going to take down ten Trejo-faced guys all by myself.

After a few seconds of hard-thinking I came up with a devious plan. I took a few steps back and shouted “Kuna gari ya makarao inakuja. Mtapatwa.”

It worked. Nothing instills more fear among hood guys than the mention of the police.

The idiots took off like scared chicken. Within a short time, they had all disappeared. Some of them even forgot their mogoka behind. The boyfriend was left on the ground, writhing in pain. His face was swollen, with blood flowing freely from his nose and mouth.  The chick was crying uncontrollably but I was having none of her sobs. I asked her to help me take her boyfriend to a nearby clinic that I had just seen a few minutes before the incident. I put his left hand on my shoulders then the chick put his right arm on her shoulders too. We helped him walk and when we arrived at the clinic, I explained what had happened and left both of them there.

When I left Pangani and got back to my place, memories of what had just happened flooded my mind once more. And it got me thinking; What’s the best way to react when someone disrespects your girl?

I’ve noticed that there are chicks who get a thrill when they see their men defending them. Such chicks love to incite white knight theatrics. They get a rush from manipulating their dudes to fight other men for their sake. These girls typically have very high tolerances for drama, so it takes a lot to rev their egos. The spectacle of a beta boyfriend confronting another man for the approval of a fair maiden is too delicious to these women to pass up.

If you are dating such women, they will always tell you about every minor misunderstanding they had with a guy and expect you to do something about it. Tiny issues that the lady could have handled by herself are always brought to your attention and if you don’t do something about it, the lady will get mad.

My advice is simple. If you are dating a girl who enjoys seeing you fighting and defending her, you need to dump her. Take it as a given she’s using you for emotional orgasms. And those are the least interesting orgasms from a man’s perspective.

That guy in Pangani would still be having all his teeth and an undamaged face if he had ignored the girl’s pleas to fight for her. There was no way he was going to win after all. Worse still, he was skinny. The odds weren’t in his favor. There’s no way you can go and demand an apology from ten assholes just to impress your chick. It’s silly. Yes, his girl had been disrespected but the best move at that time would have been for him to just brush off the situation and walk away.

Now this doesn’t mean that you should always ignore people who disrespect your woman. What I am saying is that before you make any move you need to evaluate the situation first. Only a foolish man runs to the protection or defense of a female with little or no consideration of other factors.

Is the offender alone or in a group? If he is alone, you can confront him.

Are you alone or do you have people to back you up? If you have people to back you up,you can confront the person who disrespected your girl.

Do you have a good track record in fistful combat? What this means is, in all the fights you have ever been involved in, were you the one who whooped ass most of the time or did you get your ass whooped? Do you have a Lennox Lewis kind of record? Some guys are brilliant street fighters and it would be unwise for me to dissuade them from using their talents.  If you are a good fighter, then fight.

But If most of the fights you have been in ended up in you being the loser, then you have no business fighting or confronting anyone in the fight place. Know your place.

Another thing worth noting is the offender’s appearance in relation to you.  Does he look like a thug or a hood guy with nothing to lose? Is he too huge? Is he stronger than you? If he looks like a thug, you need to keep off. Thugs think with emotions, not their brains. Plus, they enjoy fights. He might even stab you and he’ll have nothing to lose. What’s the point of dying for a girl who will be opening her legs and moaning for someone else just a few days after you are laid to rest? Or a girl who will leave you when you get ugly scars on your face? Love yourself first negro.

Before you confront anyone, size him up first and evaluate the general situation. If the odds aren’t in your favor, walk away. A mature girl will understand. Avoid girls who get a thrill in seeing you fight. The girls who play ‘damsel in distress’ every single time are no good for you.

The damsel in distress has lured many a man into precarious, and sometimes life-threatening, situations to ostensibly “save” her from a little predicament. She enjoys inciting her man to duke it out with another man for make benefit of her joyous glee and erupting ego. The drama-craving chick is found throughout the world, but her natural habitat is here in the Kenya, where she rules the land with an iron clit. There is nothing more exciting and more validating for her labially-engorged ego, than to watch two men pummel each other for her maiden honor.

Decent girls are different. They even have a tendency of preventing their men from fighting. When they see you wanting to attack another guy, they urge you to walk away. A makanga once insulted a chick I was with and when I charged at him, the chick pulled me away and said we had to leave. She said the guy was just a fool and I shouldn’t lower myself to his level. She made it clear that she didn’t like violence.  That’s a girl who was brought up well.

Violence is for the weak-minded. Unless you have no other option, always avoid a fight. And if you have to fight, be smart about it.

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