Etemesi’s Tales | The Curious Case Of Naliaka’s Buttocks


EXPLICIT CONTENT: Do Not Read If You Are Holier Than Thou

I was in my ocha this past weekend. I am a Luhya (that you already know). I hail from a place called Butere, an area known to produce phenomenal men – engineers, pilots, researchers and pussy slayers. Especially pussy slayers. Out of every three women you meet on the road, one is always pregnant. Men don’t joke around there.

I was in ocha because my mum was holding a major party to appreciate her friends and family. My mum loves visitors and relatives so much so you can understand why she would come up with the slightest excuse to throw a party. She used to be a doctor here in Nairobi but she has now settled in ocha after retiring.

Nowadays, she is a woman of the people. Everyone knows her. My dad keeps telling her she should run for MP but she’s having none of that.  She says politics is for evil people.

Anyway, the party which began very early on Saturday morning was lit. Hundreds of people showed up and they all seemed to be having a good time. I couldn’t make two steps without being stopped by a distant relative;

  “Eeeeh Philip…..Hapari? Kumbe ulikucha? Nairopi kukoche? Na umenona siku hizi. Unakulanga nini?”

Then they would ask several other questions after which they would tell me to give them ‘kakitu.’ I don’t know why people from ushago always assume that Nairobi people are loaded. Either way, it doesn’t hurt to give. He who gives shall receive right?

After a while, I bumped into my cousin Alice who was very happy to see me;

“Kuja nikuintroduce kwa watu fulani wanataka kukuona.”  she said.

“Kuniona?” I wasn’t so sure I wanted to shake a million more hands.

“Yes…..madem fulani.” she added.

Girls? Oh yeah! If it was girls then I was in. I followed her immediately.

So, Alice takes me to a kitchen where about five ladies are washing utensils. Apparently they are all friends of hers. They are students at KMTC in Kakamega where Alice studies.

“Huyu ndio ule cousin yangu nilikua nawaambia. Ni writer mkubwa. Anaitwa Philip” Alice tells the girls.

Writer mkubwa? Haha. I didn’t mind the title though.  It’s always advantageous when someone introduces you that well in front of ladies because if you want to seduce any of them later on, you will have it easy.

The girls shook my hand respectfully, one by one. They were all decently looking Luhya girls with nice legs and fleshy bodies but one of them really caught my attention. She had a pretty face and a mega ass – an ass the size of 1000 Eric Omondi balls.  I hadn’t seen an ass like that in a long time. Lord Jesus! Each butt cheek had a life of its own. Each cheek placed pressure against her fitting skirt, threatening to tear it apart.

When she bent over to grab a basin full of utensils after greeting me, I was lust-struck. I didn’t want to leave that kitchen. I wanted to stare at that ass forever but after the greetings, I had to excuse myself. I couldn’t just hang around even if I wanted to because they were busy working. I hoped I would get to see the big-butt girl again when she was alone. I promised myself that If I didn’t get to see her again, I would ask Alice to give me her number.

I went to chill with my bros and other cousins.

Later in the afternoon, I got pressed so I headed to one of the pit latrines to relieve myself. I didn’t even remember to knock first to see if someone was in, so I just opened the door in a hurry. Oops…someone was in and guess who it was? The girl with the big ass. She was unleashing torrents of urine and upon seeing me, her face flamed with embarrassment. She quickly slammed the door back, forcing me to apologize.

I waited a few meters nearby and immediately she got out, my eye caught her gleeful stride. I forgot I wanted to pee too and approached her.

“Pole…sikua nimejua uko ndani.” I told her.

“It’s okay.” She responded with a smile full of kindness.

I was surprised that she was speaking in English. I guess, given that we were in ocha, I just assumed she would respond in Swahili, maybe even with a Luhya accent.

“Unaitwaje?” I inquired.

“My name is Naliaka. But don’t ask me my Christian name. I am just Naliaka.” she smiled again as she continued to wow me with her confidence and how fluently she spoke.

“An authentic African girl who loves her African name I see.” I smiled back at her.

“Yes I am…You should also drop the name Philip and use your Luhya names only. You know all great African authors don’t use their Christian names. Look at the likes of Ngugi Wa Thiong’o, Chinua Achebe and Chimamanda Ngozi.”

I liked this girl already. I never imagined she’d be that opinionated.

“Come hivi kiasi tuongee.” I told her as I pulled her towards some banana plantations where there weren’t too many people.

That’s how you get a girl’s attention by the way. You don’t ask her….you just command her. You don’t say “unaeza come hivi kiasi?” you say ” come hivi kiasi.

I pulled her towards the banana plantations because I didn’t want people to stare at us while I seduced her. I flirted with her for close to an hour, just under the banana shade. It felt good, seducing a girl in a rural setting, my smooth lines blending with the chirping of the birds and mowing of cows. I could tell she liked me. Alikua amejipa. I guess the ‘writer mkubwa’ introduction by my cousin really helped.

By the end of the convo, I was telling her how she had a really nice ass and she was giggling and calling me naughty. At that point, I knew I had the chance of smashing.

I asked her to come with my to my isimba to just chill but she said she still had lots of cooking to do with the other girls so she could only manage to come at night. I asked her what time and she said 10pm. She asked for directions and I explained gladly. I was excited like a boarding school kid on closing day.

For the non-Luhyas, an isimba is a small house that each boy is required to build when he becomes a man. Boys aren’t allowed to sleep in their parents house when they grow up, so you have to build a small isimba first then later on, you can build a bigger house of you wish. Some modern Luhya families don’t follow through with this tradition but my dad insisted that all his sons should have one. So I hired some guys to build mine a few years ago.

Time flew quickly and in the evening, I danced to some reggae jams with some of my other relatives, courtesy of my bro who was the DJ. At around 9 pm, I ate my supper before I retreated to my isimba to wait for the girl with the greatest ass in the world. One of my cousins called Kevin was supposed to sleep in my isimba that night but I told him Itabidi amejipa shughuli. He understood.

I kept waiting and by 11, Naliaka hadn’t arrived. I began getting worried. Had she stood me up? At around 11:15, there was a knock on the door. I opened it quickly only to find out that it was my other bro Jemo.

“Bro,…mbona umejiweka huku? Tunachoma mbuzi. Kuja.” he said.

“Nakuja tu sai.” I lied.

I began waiting again, praying Naliaka would show up. I knew I’d feel really bad if I missed out on that glorious piece of ass.

At around 11;35, there was another knock. I held my breath and opened the door – this time it was her. I smiled wryly, bracing my hands against both sides of the door as though I was a jungle cat staring down his prey.

I let her in and closed the door.

“Aki pole nilikua nime……….”

I didn’t let her finish. I planted a kiss on her lips. She was taken aback a little but then she kissed me back.

My lips only stayed on hers briefly. After tasting her saliva, I moved to her neck. My hand slipped from her waist and moved over the soft curve of her hip bone, brazen and daring as it continued to slide down the length of her leg while she looked down at me. Her breathing became shallow and quick. Her nipples seemed to harden and erect. They were suddenly visible through her top.They rose up under the thin fabric as she felt me slide my hand up her skirt and around the inside of her thigh as though daring her to stop me. My fingers ran slowly up her thigh, making her skin tingle in the wake of my touch

“I’m not sure this is such a good idea…” Her voice trailed off unconvincingly.

“If you don’t like anything….just let me know and I’ll stop okay?.” I told her as I continued to caress her

She never told me to stop. Instead, she instinctively found herself spreading her legs apart, just slightly, her gaze heavy and half-lidded as my fingers traced the length of her slit that was already soaked with juices. She licked her lower lip, biting it softy, as I mercilessly teased her, sliding my index and middle fingers back and forth.

Naliaka leaned her upper body back against the door, her mammaries rising and falling with every inhalation and exhalation. I clamped down onto one of her wrists bringing it down between us and twisting it gently as I swiftly spun her around, pushing her forward until her cheek and chest were against the smooth wooden door. I then proceeded to capture the other wrist and pinned them both behind her back.

She was breathing heavily; the uncertainty of what she had gotten herself into was beginning to excite her.  Licking her lips, her fingers reached blindly to stroke my Luhya manhood through my jeans. The torment of wanting to touch me was palpable within her, even as I limited her mobility.

“You want that don’t you?” I teased.

Yes,” she moaned. “I do”

“How badly do you want it inside you right now? ”.

I pressed my waist harder against her wondrous buttocks, so that I could feel my bulge swelling against her flimsy skirt.

“Naitaka sana,” she whimpered finally, unable to deny her raging desires.

I smiled with satisfaction at her sudden flood of profanity. Her hesitations and reluctance had completely faded away. They were now replaced with a strong throbbing in her punani.

I roughly pulled up the back of her skirt, pushing the hem up so that her round ass cheeks were exposed.  I then pulled her panty aside tested her wetness with my fingers again.

“Yee….es,” she stammered, feeling me push down her panties now. and getting ready to invade her soaking cunt. I yanked them slowly down her thighs until they were at her ankles..

“Don’t move please” I told her as I left her at the door and went to look for a CD pack that I had left somewhere in the room. I found it and undressed quickly as she kept throwing glances at me. I rolled a CD on my cock, made sure it was fitting perfectly then I came back to her.

My hands peeled down the straps of her tank top, pushing it down over her waist and shoving it over her hips along with the skirt. She wriggled to get out of it, wanting to feel my hot skin against hers. I placed my hands on her hips and pulled her to me.

Her body was perfectly thick and graceful from head to toe, with small dark coal nipples on sculpted brown breasts, and unsurprisingly her feet were just as immaculate. Her mysterious beauty was compelling. I was eager to taste her and she knew it.

My hands clasped the round cheeks of her ass and pulled them apart, then I bent her slightly before sliding into her vagina to the hilt. She moaned with pleasure at the sudden assault. I slid the entire weapon of mass destruction deep inside her, until I could feel my balls pressing against her. The depth of my penetration filled her up so much that she let out a yelp.

I slid back, before plunging forward again, each thrust causing her to moan as she pushed back against me. My cock impaled her, stretching her to a point that she almost let out a joyous scream. She urged me on, begging me to fuck her more, feeling depraved and raw with her need to be owned by me completely.

Her slick cunt gripped my cock tightly as I pounded her wet hole, making the door shake with each thrust. The room was filled with the sounds of our sex, loud and wet, combined with our moans and gasping as I fucked her harder than she’d ever been fucked before. My hands just couldn’t leave her buttocks alone. I grabbed, I pressed, I spanked, I did everything I could with them. I had never enjoyed playing with a woman’s buttocks like that

“That feels good right?” 

“Oh god, yes,” she moaned, as she clawed at the door, her breasts jiggling with every delicious thrust.

Naliaka spewed forth a litany of dirty profanities begging me to bang her as hard as I could. We continued on and on until she was flushed and wet with sweat, feeling split apart by each thrust of my Luhya manhood. Her tight pussy continued to contract around my cock as though milking it.

The fire in her punani seemed to flare into the depths of her belly, pulsing there until she felt like she was possessed. I banged her harder and harder. I was enjoying the taste of her so much. I kept going and going, not caring to change position. There’s never a need to change position when you are hitting the right spot. My dick was rubbing against her clit so perfectly that she soon started shaking and panting.



“I think I am coming.”

She had reached that point where she felt she needed the release.  She briefly rose on her tip top-toes, trying to prevent the inevitable as my Luhya manhood continued to pound away at her,my hands now grabbing at her boobies.

It went on for a while, I am not sure for a how long, until she shuddered in an explosive orgasm. Streams of fluid trickled down her thighs until she was weak. I pulled my cock out a little to give her a breather.

Naliaka tried to gather her senses, looking to come down from her orgasmic high, but without warning, she felt the sudden, intense thrust of my cock back inside her, hammering home as deep as I could go. She was incredibly sensitive in her post-orgasmic throes, still swollen and juicy, and the unexpected thrill of penetration had her whole body shuddering. She almost collapsed on the floor but I grabbed her waist and pulled her towards me. In order to steady her balance, she was forced to arch her back and stick her ass out further while she relied on the hold I had on her waist to keep her from tumbling again. Our position seemed to intensify every sensation. I increased the tempo of my thrusts even further as I was I was looking for my own release now

“Oh god, don’t stop it,” she sobbed, feeling her breasts bouncing and her head rolling back and forth like a rag doll.

I was banging her so wildly that my mind shut down for a minute. I could hear nothing else except the sound of my penis sliding in and out of her vagina. I had completely gotten lost in the pleasure. The sweetness was just too much. It’s only when cum began shooting out of my penis that I began coming back to my senses.

“Yes….mwaga yote dear….cum kabisa.” she encouraged me in a slutty manner as I came and came and came.

It was heavenly.

When we were done, we walked slowly to the bed and collapsed on sheets, our bodies exhausted. I lay down beside her, and for a few moments there was silence, as we caught our breath.

We fucked again three time that night.

She eventually left at four in the morning so that no one would see her leaving my isimba.

Someone must have seen us though at some point because my mum got wind of it. She called me when I had returned to Nairobi and said:

“Naskia ulionekana ukiongea na msichana fulani iyo siku ya wageni. Kama ni mzuri ufikirie kumuoa. Unajua uko na miaka 27 sasa na inafaa ufikirie kuanza familia. Alafu si unajua wasichana wa huku ni wazuri. Sio kichwa ngumu kama wa Nairobi.”

Now who told my mum about it? Haha. Snitch!!!

I just played down the situation and told my mum not to worry. The time for a wife will come….but that time is not yet here.

Etemesi The Great has not finished conquering empires yet.


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