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Heisenberg’s Theory Of Orgasm Uncertainty

I can already picture people who were anti-sciences scratching their heads right now…….haha. Don’t worry, You gon leeeearn today. I am going to simplify this as much as I can. The geekiness in me just cannot resist scooping margarine from my vast scientific knowledge and applying it to the bread of seduction.

What’s Heisenberg’s Theory of Uncertainty? Actually it’s more of a principle/law than a theory. A theory is an assumption of phenomena while a principle or law is proof of phenomena. Confused? Again, don’t worry. Sip some water and let’s continue.

Heisenberg’s principle comes straight to us from Quantum Mechanics but I am going to shoestring it to Pussy Mechanics. The principle was set up by German scientist Werner Heisenberg in 1927 at Niels Bohr’s institute in Copenhagen. Heisenberg was a genius who received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1932 for being one of the pioneers of the field of Quantum Mechanics.

Heisenberg Law states that there is a fuzziness in nature, a fundamental limit to what we can know about the behavior of quantum particles. The position and behavior of a particle cannot be measured or determined at all times hence you cannot always know how particles will behave even if you give them a specific treatment and made all factors constant.

As a result, the most we can hope for is to calculate probabilities for where things are and how they will behave. Unlike Isaac Newton’s clockwork universe, where everything follows clear-cut laws on how to move and prediction is easy if you know the starting conditions, the uncertainty principle enshrines a level of fuzziness into quantum theory.

How is this principle applicable to female orgasms?

You may want to control all the events of your plans and actions for a desired outcome. Even with great effort, there will still be uncertainty that you need to account for. This translates to women and cumming.You may also want a woman to orgasm every time you have sex with her so that you feel good about yourself but that will not always be the case. The vagina is uncertain territory with uncertain regions. The landscape of results changes constantly. Changes and results are full of uncertainty and you need to prepare yourself for that.

We all know from endless studies, surveys and experience that women have a more difficult time than men achieving orgasm during sex. No matter how much you learn about pleasuring women in bed, you will never come up with a magic formula that works on every woman or works every time. Sometimes your methods will work and sometimes they wont.

What does this mean? After you learn the basics sometimes you just have to do your best in bed and leave the rest to nature. Don’t pressure yourself to make a girl cum. It’s not always up to you. Maybe a girl only orgasms after being fingered and you don’t know. You might end up banging her harder than a blacksmith molding his iron but she won’t cum or squirt. You might suck her breasts and give her the D from all obtuse and acute angles but she still won’t cum. Should you now be considered a failure in bed? No. There was uncertainty. There was no way you could have known that finger-prodding is what opens her dam-gates and there was no way you could have tried everything all at once until you figured out that finger-prodding was what opens her dam gates.

I have a pal who always insists that a female orgasm is unnecessary, meaningless and superflous. He says it’s nothing but a bonus. Why? Because a woman can still reproduce even if she doesn’t orgasm but a man cannot reproduce without orgasm. If men stop having orgasms, the human race will be extinct in 100 years. If females stop having orgasms, there will only be shrieking and complaining, but the race will continue unimpeded. Thus the male orgasm is what’s important.

I don’t fully agree…..I only agree to some extent.

Women deserve that extra pleasure. When you make a girl cum, she elevates your status in her life and puts you way above the competition. This is beneficial to you because it means she will be giving you the punani anytime you want it. And when sex comes easily, a man is able to focus on other areas of his life instead of chasing skirts all the time.

So yeah,, it’s good to give a girl or several girls orgasms so that you have a harem of females begging to meet you everyday but it’s not wise to make orgasm-giving your agenda. Personally, I give lots of women orgasms but I never make it my agenda. It just happens. I only strive to give a girl the best lungula possible and make her have a good time. I don’t tell myself ” Huyu dem lazima nimpee orgasms.”  I just rarua her properly. If she gets an orgasm,well and good, If she doesn’t, no problem.

As long as the general lungula is good, you don’t cum too soon and she tells herself, “I’m getting fucked good and this feels great,” then you’ve done your job. Sure if you make her orgasm on demand, her liking for you will increase but it’s not necessary and just too complicated to worry about.

Sometimes your value is actually more important than how you perform in bed. How much of a man you are to her outside the bedroom matters more than how hard you beat that punani. The same way you will feel good after banging a hot girl even if she has no skills in bed, a chick will feel good after banging a guy with value even if he didn’t make her cum. Do you think a woman would complain if Vladmir Putin or Jeff Bezos mwagad in under three minutes? Never. Why? Because both men have value and power. They are the best version of themselves in life. If you are generally a beast in life, you don’t have to be a beast in bed. It wont matter to a woman whether you make her cum or not. She will like you nevertheless. She will even be the one working hard to please you. And that’s the position you wanna be in. A position where a woman is working hard to please you in bed, not the other way round. She’s wearing the sexiest clothes and lingerie when coming to see you, she’s sucking your dick with enthusiasm and bending over in a ‘come and get it…it’s all yours’ manner whenever you look like you are horny.

Work on making yourself a MAN, a real MAN in general life and you will never hear women pestering you with statements such as “Beb…aki sijacum” or “Did you just cum? That was so fast.” or “I want you to make me cum, I am not satisfied yet.”

By the way, …..ladies listen up. It’s never wise to demand an orgasm. No man works well under bedroom pressure. If you are not happy with the kind of sex your man is giving you, talk to him nicely and if he doesn’t listen, leave him. Don’t cheat…..leave.  Leave and find a man who will give it to you good if sex is all that important to you. It’s as simple as that.

And guys, this is not an excuse to lower your bedroom game with the excuse that it’s not your fault. A real man always gives his best in all areas of life. Just don’t push yourself too hard.


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