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Period Sex aka Crossing The Red Sea

I recently received a message from a lovely lady who only identified herself as Nyambura. She asked me to write about period sex, a topic I’ve rarely offered a modicum of consideration to. I like to call it ‘Crossing the Red Sea.’ Nyambura specifically stated that guys should stop acting like sex with a girl when ananyesha is gross. She insisted that us guys should just fuck our women during periods as long as we use a condom.

Okay Nyambura….I get what you are saying.

Lemme see….. Despite having had more adventures than Sinbad, I’ve only engaged in period sex four times in my life. Why isn’t the number higher? It’s actually not my fault. I’ve wanted to fuck more girls while they were rolling but they wouldn’t let me. They put up a resistance higher than the Alps so I settled on them sucking me off. If they had let me, I’d have shagged them. No questions asked. And that’s where I feel there’s a disconnect in Nyambura’s claim.

I think women tend to be against period sex more than men.

Picture this; a guy has been chasing a hot girl for a very long time. Finally, he has been gifted some alone time with her. As the foreplay is unfolding, he discovers she’s on her period. Will he refuse to bang her? I doubt it. If the girl said “Ni sawa!! Tunaeza have sex tu hata kama ninanyesha“, the guy would yank her panties and throw them away before peeling the sanitary pad from her vagina immediately.

If more women gave guys permission to shag them during that time of the month, period sex would be as normal as Arsenal getting demolished by Bayern Munich. Some women avoid meeting a guy altogether when they have storms in the south because they feel that  guy will be disgusted. It makes sense as to why a girl won’t meet up, nor go on a date with a guy she wants to have sex with, since she figures he won’t bang her on her cycle because it would gross him out. Obviously, there are guys who think it’s gross to place their penises in bloody territories but you’ll discover that such fellas have never tried it. They were just told period sex is bad even before they broke their virginities and they have believed it all along.

Same to women. All women who feel that period sex is gross have been conditioned to think that way by society. They’ve never really tried it themselves. If they tried, they might actually love it.

We all have to accept Miss Vagina as she is, which is sometimes with chunks of clot and other uterus things coming out of her. For whatever reason, there has been a large degree of social stigma affiliated with something naturally occurring within female bodies. Sometimes we all get caught up in the “ew, blood” factor or the demise of our beloved cotton sheets when we think of the subject. Let’s free ourselves from the shackles of conservativeness. It’s worth knowing that period sex is fun, so long as you don’t do it on the bed or sofa or anywhere else where stains can be created. Personally, I just make the girl bend over and touch the table or anything that’s touchable then lift up my rode like Moses and separate the waters of the Red Sea

It’s time we stopped creating a big deal out of period sex. It’s not like vaginas are fire hydrants blasting blood all over the place. Once a month, blood comes out of a woman. This is totally normal and absolutely not gross. That blood is part of a process that is responsible for those little things called babies that eventually grow up to be you and me. That blood is as vital to our species’ survival as the little sperms that wiggle their way out peen holes.


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