Tukatiane Is Now One Year Old, Thank You Readers!!

I started this blog exactly a year ago. I must say it’s been one hell of a ride. The last 365 days have been a total whirlwind. The growth has been fast and massive.I have been nominated for a few awards (though I haven’t won any yet), I have earned more revenue than I expected and I have gained thousands of new fans, some who did not know me before, even though I’ve been writing on different platforms since 2013. I really appreciate. My crisp and flowery English has been applauded by many. My courage to talk about taboo topics openly has been admired. My ability to entertain, to make even the most tired libido twitch with anticipation as well as educate people on relationship dynamics has been termed extraordinary.

I’ve met some terrific people through this blog and I appreciate everyone who has reached out to me through Whatsapp or Facebook. It’s a very moving thing as a writer to hear from you, the reader, about your own unique opinions and different perspectives of life. I’d like to thank everyone who always keeps coming back here, everyone who is always on the lookout for new articles, every person who types on their browser and reads several stories on their own without having to wait for links to be shared on Facebook. In the immortal words of Mwana FA, “Asanteni kwa Kuja…..thanks for coming.” I’d like to thank everyone who has introduced their friends to this blog too and to my works in other blogs as well. Knowledge should be spread far and wide so that those with open minds can swallow and digest it.

I would like to thank some of you beautiful ladies who slept with me simply because what I write thrills your minds and makes you wet. You all made the best decisions of your life, as evident by the bone-melting orgasms you got. Any woman who offers herself up to a man oozing greatness is a wise woman. I also want to thank all girls who I slept with and they gave me permission to write about them on my tales, on condition that I changed their names. There could be many more tales but some girls I sleep with warn me against writing about them. I have no choice but to respect their wishes. A special halla also goes to all girls who rejected me because you feared that I was a player who would ruin your lives. Or maybe you just thought I was a weird and silly. You had every right to feel that way. I can be a weird, overweening, annoying fella…..just like most of my fellow geniuses.

I’d also like to thank every person who ingests the pastries of this word oven secretly because you don’t want your friends and family to know you read Etemesi’s dirty writings. Cheers to everyone who enjoys a story I have written but they never share or comment because they are afraid their ‘Holier Than Thou’ friends will judge them and ask “what is this you are reading”? I totally understand you.

We still live in a conservative and hypocritical society.  People are not ready to talk about sex yet they do the worst of deeds behind the scenes. A man who has raw sex with a prostitute or makes his girlfriend abort will still judge Etemesi for writing explicit articles.  A woman who cheats, is addicted to P2 and gets drunk like a sailor will still judge Etemesi for writing explicit articles. I can go on and on with the examples.

No worries though. I got used to it a long time ago. To my critics and everyone who has ever bad-mouthed me, I say “Vete a la mierda! Estupido!!” I pray that I make your girlfriends or sisters pregnant with twins and triplets one day. I still love you though, and deep down you know you love me too. They say Hate is the neighbor of Love. One day Hate’s salt always gets finished, then he is forced to swallow his proud and go to Love’s house to borrow some.

At first, putting my writing out there was scary. I used to think long and hard about the idea of sex-writing but I was scared. When I started out, I only wrote PG articles that wouldn’t raise eyebrows. In early 2015, after a trip to Lagos, Nigeria (my first time on a plane) I took a gamble and wrote a steamy story in a now defunct blog about an Igbo girl I had met. Only a few people reacted to the post and I thought to myself, who is even going to read this thing? I got some heat from family and lost some friends as well. I questioned my writing and the idea of continuing it for a while. I went back to PG writing for a while but it bored me. So, I decided that the theme of sex was what I would focus on, even if no one cared, because it made me happy. I was expecting people to not even read it. So when I kept writing new stories about girls I had met and giving tips on how to deal with girls, so many people reached out saying they wanted to read more. My stories got crazy hits too. I was in a state of disbelief. So I kept going, writing on different platforms that were not against explicit content until I decided to finally start my own website last year. That was the best decision of my life.

My aim has never been to be a creep peddling sex. I love sex (the action and the topic), just like most of you do, even though you won’t openly admit it. But we must all do it responsibly and in the most-enjoyable, effortless way possible. The message I spread is sexual empowerment. I am not the best seducer or shagger out there. Not even close. I just share my experiences and all that I have learned to other young people, through my gift of writing, so that they can laugh and learn too. To those who get why I write what I write, high five to you. To those who still don’t get it, you will with time.

A blog’s strength is its readership, and thanks to all my loyal followers, Tukatiane has been and still is very strong. When I sit down to write about the ideas or insights I want to share here, there’s always that consideration in my mind of how this can benefit you. With so many wonderful resources and bloggers out there sharing great content and ideas, I always want to make sure that readers are happy with their decision to spend some of their time here on my blog. Though I have faced some challenges here and there, as my readers stayed with me, I was able to overcome the contrived turbulence that I was forced to face.

Our time is precious. You do me a great honor stopping by. I will repay your kindness with a promise to always make your time here fulfilling, enriching, and perhaps even transformative.

For all your support, good wishes and praises, please accept my sincerest and grateful thanks. I understand fully that none of this would be possible if you were not willing to read my work. So, one more time: thank you so much.There are crazier stories coming. There are more eye-opening articles coming. When I am rich enough, I’ll probably hold a huge party for all of you, and then we can all have an orgy…… Okay I am kidding about the orgy but I’ll be something close.

God bless you all!! Keep on working hard in life. Keep on having sweet, responsible sex and keep reading Tukatiane!!!

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