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Blessed Are The Confident Men, For Theirs Is The Joy Of Punani

Confidence works wonders in life. Ever since civilization spread across the globe, confidence has been pinpointed as an essential ingredient of success in a wide range of domains ranging from job performance and mental health to sports, business and combat.

Sometimes it’s the only difference between getting punani and not getting it. Male confidence is so crucial to sub-cortically triggering arousal in women. It is the fulcrum upon which rests every other facet of seduction. If you think highly of yourself, the women will come…..and bang them you will.

Why does confidence elude so many men? Too many men walk around thinking that the women they desire are superior to them. They tell themselves “Huyo dem ni mhot sana…siwezi jisumbua bure. Atalnilenga tu.’ Many men stumble before they even give themselves a fighting chance because they flood their brains with negativity and fear to the point where they’re more comfortable wallowing in self-pity than strutting in self-confidence. They have a dispiriting miasma of male self-doubt that permeates their existence.

If you have no belief in yourself, a six pack or a good car aren’t going to transform you into a lady slayer. But if you think yourself god’s gift to women, and truly believe that should the need arise you can easily find farm-fresh punani, then nothing will ever get in your way.  When you start to believe that there’s a new woman around every corner excited to meet you, that no one woman has a monopoly, then women themselves will begin to believe that about you, too.

A confident guy, no matter his financial status or looks, confronts the world with faith in his superiority and social elevation. The less-confident man second guesses himself at every turn. And women can smell this difference in attitude. They are drawn to it despite themselves, thanks to eons of evolutionary pressures molding their hindbrains. And that should be your aim. You should aim beyond that for a deluded degree of self-belief. Your aim should be to walk around as though you are the most exceptional guy on the planet.

Sadly, confidence cannot be taught by anyone other than yourself. No man can tell you how to prevent your heart from beating fast when you see a hot girl. You just have to go talk to her, even if your heart is beating fast, even if you don’t know what to say. You need to develop persistence so that you can destroy the fear of failure. If you do this often, with different girls, your heart will eventually stop beating fast. You will have found normalcy in approaching.

Ultimately, by constantly challenging yourself, you will conquer your fears and when you conquer your fears, you will start getting success with women. It is this success that will bring you to the pinnacle of confidence. The confidence born of repeated beddings of cute chicks is the kind that goes to the bone, and suffuses every sinew. That’s why you’ll notice that the men with the most naturally unshakeable confidence around women are the ones who have been getting their way with women since they can remember, and their jobs or social circles or finances have little to no bearing on the concreteness of their confidence.

Mention the topic of how to create confidence and some of the most common answers from clueless people are improve your posture, talk with a deep voice, get money, walk like this etc. These techniques may help you to start building confidence, but they will not do much for you unless you step over the line into challenges. Real confidence is only built by taking on challenges, pushing yourself further than before, and being outside of your comfort zone. Anything less is just mental masturbation.

You cannot simply read about confidence, buy some nice clothes, stand up straight, and expect have developed any sort of real confidence with women. You have to engage girls and keep going back even when you are not getting good results. Persistence pays. Each time your interaction with a girl doesn’t work out, take account of what happened and ensure you work towards improving it next time.

You should be rejoicing in every positive interaction you have with women, no matter how trivial. Confidence builds upon itself. The hardest steps are at the beginning but we must push ourselves constantly to go outside what feels comfortable and move into tough territory. In that case, every hi should fuel your confidence until you are prying smiles from girls. Every smile should embolden you until they are touching you. Every touch should embolden you until they are giving you their numbers. Every number emboldens you until they are kissing you. Every kiss emboldens you until you are banging them. Every bang emboldens you until you have so many women that you don’t know what to do with them.

Also, try to ensure that all the influences you are receiving are positive—music, movies, books, friends. Hang out with guys who are capable of improving you, not those who have no clue about how women operate or how money is acquired. When you have someone who’s more skilled than you in a particular discipline they can show you the ropes. Just watching a buddy who’s great with women will boost your game. Just hanging out with a guy who knows how to get money will make you learn how to get money too.  Listen to unsentimental music that will get you fired up and hungry, like Hip Hop and conscious Reggae. Don’t wallow in sad love songs, soap operas, reality shows, and other frivolities. Draw inspiration from everything that exhibits courage and avoid things that exhibit softness and fear.

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