Why Akothee Is A Bad Influence To Young Girls

Akothee can be lauded for a couple of things such as her sense of style and the lack of cellulite or Michellin tyres on her body despite giving birth to five kids. Women’s bodies nowadays are a disaster. We are witnessing human whales walking all over the streets with tummy rolls that protrude at the slightest exertion, thanks to consumption of copious amounts of Pizza and fries. So Akothee should be given credit for keeping herself in shape.  She should also be lauded for her ability to invest sponsor money wisely. But that’s where the compliments end.

Akothee is a bad influence to young girls. Her constant promotion of the sponsor culture is toxic to the society. Most recently, she has gone ahead to release a song called ‘Benefactor’ which glorifies sugar babies. Unfortunately, that song has turned out to be her ‘weakest’ release in the last two years. She spent too much money on the video and even paid South African producer Dj Maphorisa to do the beats but the lyrics are rubbish and the singing is rubbish too. She has regressed from sounding like a future African musical queen to a drunk prostitute at Sabina Joy. The track has a fast tempo but with it’s crap chorus, it sounds like something Tiwa Sawage would record when she is suffering from homa and kuendesha.

The ‘benefactor’ song shows how much Akothee is losing the plot. Over the months following her rise to fame, she has abandoned any allegiance to her true native sound and has instead become a strange and unpleasant amalgamation of West African sound, tacky video aesthetics, and exaggerated social media activities.

Akothee’s sponsor-championing antics are giving birth to an entire class of women who will be so lacking in decency that they’ wont hesitate to shove old, wrinkled and viagra-charged penises inside their mouths so they can afford to rent an apartment in Kileleshwa. Women who will whore themselves out because of greedbecause money will worth more to them than virtue. Women who tell themselves, “If Akothee lives that life just by dating old men for money, so can I.” Women whose morals will vanish like a fart in the wind

People joke about the sponsor culture but it’s serious and it’s terrible. A civilization where women sell themselves—not even to survive, but for frivolous luxury items—is a civilization in terminal decline. Men need to stand up against this phenomenon. Otherwise it will reach a point where mass masturbation will be the norm for young guys. This is because all women who are their age mates will have been enslaved by older men.

Akothee has also been quoted as saying that in the logical aspect of it all, only good projects are sponsored. So if you are a young girl and an older man approaches you with promises of cash, he sees you as a good project. This is a silly point of view because when a man sponsors a woman, he has nothing but sex on his mind. The fact that you are a beautiful woman doesn’t make you a good project. Brains and decency are what make you a good project. The men sitting in the Range Rover drivers’ seats know how to play this game. If you’re a millionaire, gifting some light skin somewhere an apartment is chump change in exchange for devouring her whenever you want and dumping her when her expiration date has been reached.

Akothee is also indirectly advising girls to use men and stay single. On several occasions when she has been asked why she isn’t married  Akothee has repeatedly said, “I can’t fit into a man’s plans. A man has to fit into my plans.” This is the same woman who would be nowhere if it wasn’t for the men she had dated. She even admitted to cancelling her wedding a few months ago just because of a quarrel that emanated from her man wanting to spend a bit more time with her. This is the real definition of ‘kufura kichwa’. When you allow a man to fund your lifestyle, it’s only fair that you give him the attention he wants and adhere to his demands.

Akothee is also motivating young girls to extract most cash possible from men then leave them out to dry and move over to the next one. A lot of young girls are now thinking they can be the boss lady with an empire without having to get married or commit.  It doesn’t work that way.

When these girls get older and their sponsors die, leaving them as single mothers perhaps and past their prime years of attractiveness, they will realize that they went about life life the wrong way. The truth is that over the long-run, women value love and family more than money and anything. That’s how they are wired. The woman who is a loser in love, (no matter how many shillings she has made or cocks she has coitally collared) will get more bitter, unfeminie and emotionally damaged as the lonely years grind her down and age consumes her.

See the anguish Akothee will be responsible for?

Last year, the ambitious and lyrically adept singer seemed a breath of fresh air in the Kenyan music industry. By then ,the industry was overfilled with less-talented female singers. It needed new blood in order to inject some life into this decaying art-form.

With the likes of Avril growing tired and becoming plastic both lyrically and physically, Akothee seemed like the embodiment of the evolved attractive, yet skilled, female artiste. Fans held their breath and waited for what could and should have been a spectacular career. Now it seems like everyone was fooled.

If Akothee is no longer able to serve us with good tracks such as the ones she did with Diamond and Flavor, she should retire back to her Rongo mansion or to Switzerland with a white ancestor,  then buy a few more puppies and produce a few more babies. She can keep the stage-managed public appearances and passion for sponsors to herself. We don’t need it.

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