MAFISI TIPS: How To Bang Juicy Plus-Size Women Like Risper Faith

Mafisi Tibim!!!! Mafisi Hoyee!!!!

We are gathered here today to conquer the momo nation. Gather some condoms, eat some ugali and lets match to the battlefield

There are normal men then there are men who love big fleshy girls like Risper Faith. Yeah…those proportional fat girls with tank asses that change the course of the earth’s path around the sun. And the titties are so heavy that they make bra straps weep on a regular.

Big girls can be super sweet in bed. Lungula with them is passionate, sweaty and raunchy. But in as much as many of us guys like ‘chochaing’ ourselves, banging such chicks is no walk in the park. It requires skill and dedication. So today I’m going to gift you with the power of pleasing a momo in bed. Drink it in.

Shower her with compliments

One thing that challenges momos when it comes to sex is feeling sexy. Big chicks are always insecure about their bodies. In order to win a big girl over and give her a bedroom experience she will never forget, you need to shower her with delicious compliments. Tell her that her stretch marks are as fine as silk. Let her know that you love girls with lots of flesh and acres of thighs This will establish the emotional connection, and the mental loop of servitude that you will need to exploit her with in bed later on

Bang her on the floor or on a really strong bed

Beds are costly, and all that hot, shagging with a 250 pound girl like Risper can put undue stress on your kitanda and make it break, causing unwanted injury in the process. Safety comes first, so to keep it from snapping like a popsicle stick, try banging on the floor instead. This way, you can shag her from the front without issues. Banging a big woman from the front and digging into her warm marshmallowy insides is what life’s all about bro

Lay down some blankets and pillows beforehand so you can be comfortable. Pillows are a momo’s best friend. Having sex with a momo on a flat mattress is hard since you sink down into those surfaces instead of bouncing back.

You can also try banging her on the couch using cowgirl style, which will allow her to put one leg down on the floor, thus freeing you from having to support your weight all by yourself.


Ask her to guide you

Trust me. When banging a girl with layers of fat like Risper, you can get lost. And there’s nothing as embarrassing as confusing her punani for her crotch crease or asshole. To be safe, you are gonna need directions. Ask her to help you out when trying to locate the hole.

Personally, when shagging a big girl, I like to let her guide me in. Then I lift one leg and beat that punani until she taps out or baptizes the bed with her squirt

Spank her butt (again and again)

You would be a fool to let all that ass go to waste. Grab it and slap it. You can’t have an ass like that at your disposal and be gentle with it. Go ahead and spank the shit out of it. Spanking is a great way to send ripples through her skin and stimulate her entire genitalia. It’s also a great way to show that you are the one in charge here and despite her gigantic frame, you aren’t scared of her

Let her suck you

Big girls are big because they love putting things in their mouths. So she won’t mind shoving your cock in there too and sucking it like it’s a corn of ice cream from Galittos. Assume that she is hungry for dick and feed it to her. Let her suck you for several minutes then come on her huge tits or belly.

Okay, let’s go out there and do this


Note: As you well know,I left Ghafla in August and ever since they redesigned their site last month, all old articles disappeared. Gladly,I always keep MS Word copies of all my articles so I will repost some of my best Ghafla articles here on my blog. This is one of them.

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