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As you might remember, around three weeks ago, I pulled off what some people called the ‘pickup move of the century’ when I ‘katiad’ a hot KCB bank teller and left with her number. (You can read the story HERE) I promised you all that I would do a follow up article after I smashed her so here we are.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to another edition of Etemesi’s Tales


It’s midnight on Saturday night

I stare at her with hunger. I have tied her legs and arms to the four corners of the bed as per her wished . She is still dressed, but only barely. I have unbuttoned her shirt to the waist, her jeans unsnapped, the zipper lowered. Her body is humming with arousal

There is something about her bed- the way it fills the room, the immaculate whiteness, the softness of the sheets, the thickness of the mattress, the tightness of the tucked-in bedding – that is intoxicating. I’ve always loved women’s bedrooms. They’re soft and sweet smelling, like heaven must be.

My hands go to my belt, unlocking the buckle with slow, measured movements. Her eyes widen as i begin to pull it from the loops.

I drop the belt to the floor, smiling in amusement as my fingers then go to the buttons of my shirt. The bank teller trembles. Mumbua is her name. She can feel her own cunt heating further, the muscles of her vagina clenching in preparation. Her heart speeding up, beating a harsh, driving pulse against her boobies.

My need for her is making me crazy. If i don’t shag her soon, i would be a screaming idiot. I have waited long enough—three torturous weeks dreaming of her, aching for her. Getting her to bed hasn’t been easy. She’s been  busy and evasive woman until this night. This night, I have spoiled her, taken her to a louche event I had been invited to, then dropped her at her place. She had said we wouldn’t do nyhting but then I had kissed her at the door and she didn’t resist.. Without knowing, we had found ourselves in her bedroom, where she pulled out some ropes and asked me to tie her up. Kumbe she was kinky..

My chest gleams in the dim light of the bedroom as I shrug out of my shirt. My face is tense with anticipation as my fingers fall to the snap of my trousers. She can’t take her eyes off my movements.

I shed every piece of cloth off my body. I kick my feet free of the shoes I am wearing. Within seconds, i am gloriously naked. Steadily, my manhood rises to abdomen, hard, thick and engorged

“Oh my” she whispers breathlessly. She is hungry for the ‘D’, her eyes betray her

I move to the bed and kneel beside her while training a cold, fisi-like stare at her. My hands go to her shirt to finish unbuttoning it. Her flesh sensitizes as she feels the heat of my hands, the hard promise of my body. My fingers then circle her neck. I am in no hurry. I want to punish her with pleasure. I want her to feel the fire of longing ripping through her veins and bubbling in her vaginal walls.

She stares up at the ceiling, fighting to breathe through her ‘nyege’ as I part her jeans and red panties from her body next. She remains with no clothes now, no pride. When my hand cups her between her fine thighs, two fingers burying into her damp slit, she is unable to stop her needy moan or the wild arching of her body.

I can feel her juices flow over my fingers, her cunt contracting with invitation plus the need for more action.

“I am loving this,” she says, while fighting to breathe through the intense sensations whipping through her bones.


My fingers stretch her, fill her, making her hungry cunt clasp them desperately like a rat trap. But there is no obstruction to my movements. Mumbua loses her breath. It is pure bliss. Pleasure arces all over her. Lightning sensations heat her smooth skin as she strains towards the building pressure centered at my tormenting fingers. Her head twists on the pillow, her hips fighting to drive my fingers even deeper inside her.

After a while, I slide free

“Oh my….don’t stop” she pleads

I don’t speak; rather i trail my moist fingers from the entrance of her punani, along her abdomen, then ring her hardened nipples with the juices from her body. Her face flushes like a bright light as i watch her reactions. Her nipples are throbbing violently for attention now.

“Please f*ck me and get over with it…you are killing me here” she pleads further

I ignore her pleas and grab a nipple between my thumb and forefinger. She contains the cry of need that is swelling in her chest. She shakes, needing to at least tighten her thighs to relieve the pressure in her cunt, but unable to do even that much.


I move closer to her, kneeling at her boobies, moving the steel of my manhood over her warm nipples. She groans, arching into the caress and trying to tolerate the sweet torture. She is desperate, needing me, willing to go to any lengths to have me now. She is unable to control her arousal any longer, so hot and deep, clenching at her punani, making her belly spasm in need. I move back from her, a smile tilting my lips.

I eliminate the distance between us and kiss her. It’s only for five seconds before I withdraw. I rise above her and bring my ‘D’ nearer to her parted lips.

I move closer, the thick head rubbing over Mumbua’s lips. She groans, opening her mouth for me, feeling me thrust into the heated depths of saliva-filled mouth with slow measured strokes. She shuts her lips on me, hearing the cry that rips from my chest to my vocal chords. My ‘D’ throbs against her tongue as she laves it, suckling at it with utmost dedication. I gladly allow her the freedom to suck at me as I support myself on the rails of the bed. I then pull back from her when I realize I am gonna come. I don’t want to.

I know she wants the ‘D’, deep in her cunt but I am not going to give it to her just yet. I want her to beg.

I move back and my lips go to her boob, my tongue stroking over her hard nipple enticingly. My hand frames the swollen mound of the other free boob. I suck her nipples with hard, hot draws.

“Please Phil…f*ck me!” she finally begs.

A string of loud moans tear from her mouth in quick succession. She can now feel the pleasure traveling in a heated path to her stomach, her ‘flower’. Both clench in violent reaction to the hot lash of my tongue. Her vagina heats further. Her juices spill from it, coating the surrounding plump lips and soft folds that quiver for attention.

Mumbua bucks against me; the fiery sensations assaulting her are more than she can seemingly bear.

“I cannot survive more than half an hour of this sweetness Philip….Oh Lord.”

I still don’t say a word. She whimpers as my body goes on to settle between her spread thighs. She is open to me, her legs stretching out nearly as far as they can go, leaving her cunt vulnerable to whatever I wanna do to it.

I lick her first, my tongue swiping through the generous proof of her arousal. The syrupy juices coat her cunt, matting the tight curls and spilling down to her anus. I lap at her center of pleasure; my tongue spreading heated ecstasy as i travel through the slit, sucking at her swollen clit, before plunging my tongue deep into her vagina.


She broadcasts another thunderous moan. Her hips go as far off the bed as the ropes can allow; desperate, shattered pleas erupting from her throat as her punani convulses. But I am not going to allow the full climax. Still, small, lightning-tinged explosions rock her body. Mini-orgasms are what they are called I guess.


She still needs to cum in a bigger way. She needs a mind-numbing, screaming, sanity-destroying orgasm before she disintegrates and puts out the flames that are torturing her body.

I move from her then, walking to the small bedside table as she screams out her frustration. I open the drawer and pull out a condom pack. I wear one and return to kneel between her thighs

I lift here legs until they bend over my arms as i position my ‘D’.

“I like your legs” i whisper as the head of my ‘D’ lodges at the entrance to her ‘P’. It’s always important to compliment a woman in bed. Even if you don’t mean it.

I slide in before she can say a word of appreciation. I maintain slow measured thrusts that have her arching to me, the bite of fire, the lance of pleasure making her tighten against my erection.

Mumbua is stretched. Full. She gasps for breath, adjusting to my thick manhood, fighting the licking flames of searing lust that rise to engulf and destroy her body. She bucks in my hands, her head twisting against the sheets as her body tightens, pleading for more.

I slide back nearly free. She clenches at the retreat. The thick head nearly comes free of her cunt, causing her to gasp in protest. She moans and pleads as i push in deep once more. She is close. So close. She breathes in roughly, feeling the waves building, higher, higher

“I’m gonna cum soon” she shouts

“Ah, not yet, love.” I remove my ‘D’ from her quickly as i move away from the bed. Shock holds her frozen for long, agonizing minutes.

“What the hell?” Mumbua screams out in frustration as i disappear into the bathroom. “What the hell are you doing.” She keeps ranting.

In the bathroom, i look at myself in the mirror and smile. Who is the don now? Etemesi is don. I match back to the bedroom like a soldier going to finish off his wounded oppressor.

I lift her legs once again, then, with my eyes locked to hers, i push the hot, rigid length of my manhood into her weeping punani. She bucks against the agonizingly slow entrance. I stretch her further, sinking my full length into her, searing her with a desire so strong I am afraid it will destroy her.

I pull free of her once again as she screams out a denial, then sink in with a hard, sure thrust that has her cunt gripping me hard, tightening around me, on the edge of a release so explosive she fears for her sanity.

I plunge deeper and the tremors begin once again

The big atomic explosion finally rocks her.

Perspiration soaks her expensive weave, trickles over her neck, between her boobs. Her throat is now hoarse, tears of pleasure soaking her cheeks and sobs trembling through her body. She is mindless, unable to make sense of her surroundings, time or anything else but the climax that is owning her

Minutes later, i come too, then I untie her before we both collapse on the bed in a tight embrace. Now that was sweet

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