Etemesi’s Tales | Why I’ll Never Sleep With My Workmate Again


EXPLICIT CONTENT: Do Not Read If You Are Holier Than Thou

I look at her in a way that makes her sizzle. I can feel all the nerve endings in my body coming alive.

“Hata wewe unajua nimekutaka for a long time,,,,,”, I say to her

“Ummm….sijui niseme nini.” She shoves her hands in the pockets of her jeans to keep them from shaking.

“You have plenty of other chicks, Philip; you don’t need me.” Emma fires back. She wants to sound flippant, uncaring, but she too can feel the ache building inside her.

I stand up.

What started as a simple lunch invitation to her place has turned out to be a tense sexual situation. Just minutes ago, we were sitting, laughing, having a good time and I kissed her, but then she stood up in protest. We have always had chemistry at work. We have always flirted and touched each other in suggestive ways, so I am a bit surprised by her reaction. I am not giving up on her though. I never give up on anyone. .

She pulls her hands slowly from her jeans pockets as I advance on her, my expression predatory.

“Philip…..ngoja.” She whispers my name in warning.

“Nakulike but si unajua sisi ni workmates. Sio poa tukifuck.” she adds, catching my wrists as my hands settle on her hips.

“Ni leo tu. It’ll only be a one time thing. I’m not asking for forever.”

Before she can question the convincing tone of those last words, I am already kissing her.

One of the greatest seduction lessons I ever learned is that while seducing a girl, it’s always advisable to quickly follow up your words with surprise actions. Be too quick for the girl and she won’t resist you. She won’t have too much time to figure out reasons why she should avoid you.

My lips cover hers, my tongue pushing between them. I am finally taking what I have always wanted. My mouth slants across her lips and my tongue tempts and teases hers into an excited, erotic duel. It is cream and sugar, this kiss. It is like being reborn. Emma gives in and her arms latch around my neck, her body arching to mine, needing more. More contact. More touch. She has thrown her doubts to the wind.

Emma trembles as she feels my hands caressing her, running along her back, pushing beneath her top and touching bare flesh. Wicked, greedy wildfire is sweeping through her, and nothing matters but this beautiful moment.

I pull her closer, one hand on her butt, forcing her to ride the hard muscle of my thigh as she grinds herself against me. I remove her arms from around my neck, then, staring down at her, I slide her blazer from her shoulders and over her hands. Emma stares up at me, unable to break the contact, the connection that she has succumbed to. However, she still finds room for one last protest.

“This isn’t a good idea.” She drags out those words in such a sexy manner that they sound more like an invitation. Good idea? Everyone knows I always do anything that anyone else considers a bad idea. And the more erotic, the more wicked, that bad idea is, the faster I’ll be there.

“Who needs good ideas? Come here, baby.”

“What? You are a crazy guy Philip”, Emma reacts. At least she is smiling now.

I pull the hem of her shirt up and over her head, off her arms. It drops to the floor as a hungry growl leaves my lips and long, thick lashes feather over my eyes. When I look at her like that, she melts. Then she feels my hands at the belt of her jeans. She is naked from the waist up, or practically naked, because the bra she is wearing isn’t hiding much from view.


Her knees are weakening, they are turning to mush, right along with her objections.  As my lips move over her neck, her arms find strength. My hands push beneath the waist of her jeans and she struggles against me, pushing at my arms.

“Easy, Emmah.”

“Not easy.” she issues a rejoinfer, but her actions continue to betray her horniness. She nips at my neck, clearly surprising me as she tugs at my T-shirt. She wants me clothless as well. She wants to feel me against her, bare flesh to bare flesh.

She needs it.

I whip the shirt from my body and toss it aside as her hands go to my belt. Shaking, uncertain, her fingers pull and tug at it. She tears at the metal button, then eases the zipper over the hard, throbbing length of my cock. She moves it down slowly, working it over the stiff ridge as a hard growl passes my lips.

I can feel perspiration gathering on her body, the heat building inside us, flowing around us, as she pushes at my jeans, frantic to get to the heated flesh of my cock. In return, my hands slide around to her rear, then down her legs.

Emma coos with desire, as I pull the boots from her feet and tug her jeans down her legs. She is almost naked but for the bra and panties.  My gaze goes over her slowly, my hands smoothing up her legs and inner thighs, parting them before centering on the wet core of her body. I run the backs of my fingers over the damp cotton that shields the folds of her sex and she lets out a loud moan

Desire and anticipation tighten my features, and the look causes her tummy to clench in response. I am aroused, dangerously aroused. She can see it in my face, feel it in my body. For many months, I’ve dreamed about this day. I’ve been tormented by it. Driven fucking crazy by it. Now it’s here.

My fingers hook in the band of her panties, and I draw them slowly over her thighs with the soft command “Inua mguu.” She slants her hips, watching my eyes, my face, watching the hunger grow in me and feeling it grow in her. I drop the scrap of material to the floor, a grimace contorting my face as I force my gaze from the glistening flesh between her thighs and stare back at her.

My fingers then move to the back of her bra. Emma’s breath catches in her throat as I flick the tiny clasp open, then peel the cups back from her yummy boobies and push the straps over her shoulders. Her fingers dig into the countertop as she leans back at the urging of my hands against her shoulders.

“So pretty.” My hands frame the swollen mounds, my fingers dark against her lighter flesh as I lift them, caress them. My naughty thumbs stroke over the hardened nipples. Her womb convulses, and the damp warmth of her juices spill from her.

“Etemesi!!!.” She purrs as I take one nipple in my mouth. She cries out at the feel of my lips, hot and hungry, devouring her mammary. My tongue lashes at it, rasping over it as I suckle, sending exquisite sparks of pure sensation exploding through her system.

“Oh yeeees….” Her head falls back. I sense her inability to hold herself up to me so I curve one hand around her back. Her arms now curl around my shoulders to further pres her nipple. I suck at the hard point greedily as she becomes lost in a vortex of pleasure she knows she can never escape.


I take a break from sucking to run my tongue in the valley between her breasts. She shivers at the lick, her thighs tightening on mine, her hips undulating at the subtle pressure of my cock head against the slick folds of her sex.

She needs me there. She needs me to take her. Hard. Fast. Deep.

I lift her and place her buttocks on a high table just a few inches from us. I have an obsession with tables. I don’t know why. Maybe I am a Kenyan Dudley boy

“I missed this aggressiveness….It’s been long before I had an aggressive guy,” She declares when my lips begin to kiss and create a saliva path down her stomach.

I kneel and my tongue licks over the top of the mound between her thighs….so close to her clit. So close she can feel the heat of it, anticipate the wild ecstasy it can bring her.

And when it comes, it shatters her. Because it is more intense than she imagined. The pleasure swirls through her fear and dissipates it. The need for control evaporates. She is lost in the sweetness.

My tongue slides around her clit, it licks slow and easy through the narrow slit so rich with awakened sensations. Nerve endings come fully alert, too close to the surface of her skin.

Emma calls out my name again, her voice hoarse with need, begging me to take her. My fingers push her thighs farther apart, my head dipping, and my tongue filling her. Ecstasy nearly shatters inside her. Some women cum easily from ‘licking’ and she seems to be one of those. So close. She iss so close.

“Aiiiiiii,,,,,ssss.” She moans, feeling her release, so close.

“Say you are mine Emma!” I become cheeky. My voice is a dark, seductive croon, pulling her in as I lick again, drawing her taste to me, stroking her into an abyss of sensation and pleasure.

“I am yours Etemesi.” She is barely aware of the word tearing from her lips. “Always yours, dear. Oh God, I’ve always been yours. If only I knew how good you were, I could have given myself to you sooner”

Wow. I pause to appreciate that statement, a short moment of stillness before my lips surround her clit once more, drawing it into the suckling heat of my mouth, to the licking tip of my tongue. This pushes her over the edge.

Orgasmic explosion rips through her, drawing her up, arching her against me as a throttled scream leaves her lips and she dissolves into me. She melts. For a moment, just for a moment….Then I am lifting my head, wearing a condom and pushing her legs apart. Before the final wave of release washes through her and drips to the floor and table, I begin working the hard length of my Luhya manhood inside her.


Emma stares right into my face before examining my features. She stares at the vision of every woman’s sexual fantasy come to life. She stares at ‘Etemesi The Great’.

Raw erotic pleasure tears through her at the sight.  Pleasure that swamps control. There is no thought of control, only sensation—the feel of me working my cock inside her, the head crest parting tender tissue as perspiration begins to form on my shoulders and chest and runs in small rivulets along the center of my body.

I fuck her mercilessly, enjoying every moment of my colleague’s sweet vagina. It’s so fuckin sweet…….damn. I feel great. I feel awesome that many men ‘wamekula ka macho’ but I am ravaging her, body to body.

Her lips part to tell me how good it is, but all she can do is moan, stare with dilated pupils and feel me. Feel me stretching her, burning her. She is locked in a grip of ecstasy—it thrums through her veins, heating her blood and tormenting her nerve endings.

“Tamu Etemesi…….uuuh”

As the table shakes, a ceramic cup that had been on the edge falls to the floor and breaks, but we ignore it.

“Look at me, beby.” My voice hardens when she closes her eyes a bit. Forcing them open once more. My jaw is clenched, my shoulders bunched, and she feels my thighs tighten. I pull my erection back, then work it into her farther, deeper, taking her until she is trying not to scream, until she is burning around me, and with a strangled groan, I bury myself full length inside her.

Hard hands clench on her fleshy thighs as I penetrate her fully, and some dark emotion in my eyes flare. The first ten minutes are gentle, before I move inside her, plunging, fucking her with fast, furious strokes that throw her almost instantly into orgasm.

It’s been so wild there is no hope of holding on. She writhes and blurts out crazy sounds. Her eyes close again, her neck lifts, and she feels me expand, hears my hoarse exclamation before she finally feels me spilling inside her. Heated, fierce jets of semen spurt into the quaking depths of her vagina and they are only held back by the condom. My sporadic cumming pushes her into another, destructive release and we both kiss to cap it off.


After that day, we fucked once more and then she said she wanted us to date. I told her I couldn’t since I wasn’t ready to settle down yet so she got mad. She didn’t speak to me for several weeks in the office and our friendship literally died. There was constant uneasiness between us too. It’s only recently that we have started being on good terms again. If there is one important lesson this taught me, it’s never have sex with a colleague. .

Additional note:

I have changed the name of the lady so as to hide her identity.


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