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EXPLICIT CONTENT: Do Not Read If You Are Holier Than Thou

The year is 2010, the month is October. I am a first year student at KU and I haven’t gotten laid since I joined the institution in September. My seductions skills are still average and I can’t help but feel desperate whenever I watch other guys walking around campus everyday with their arms around the shoulders and waists of hot chicks.

Brayo, one of my buddies seems to be really good with females. He’s one of those guys who were born with the charm to attract chicks. He’s not like some of us who had to learn seduction techniques and do plenty of practice to become good. So one day as we are eating lunch at KM (a marketplace behind KU), I ask him if he can give me a ‘through pass’ to one of his hot lady friends. He agrees.

“Kuna kadem kanaitwa Achieng. Kanasoma Nairobi Aviation College. Kwao ni Embakasi. Acha ntamchapia nimwambie kuna beshte yangu anamdai.”

He shows me her picture and it gets me super-excited. She’s short and dark with those curvy legs that form a tight grip around a man’s waist in bed.  I can’t wait for the deal to go through.

A day later, Brayo sends me her number saying the girl is willing to talk to me. When I call her, the conversation flows smoothly. We then get to the habit of chatting all the time and after four days of getting to know each other, she agrees to come to my place.

It’s on a Friday evening and on that day. I rush from the lecture hall to buy something for us to eat as well as clean my keja before she sets foot in it.

At around 6:45 pm, she texts me, “Nimeshuka mat, kam unichukue”. I pick her and we head over to my bedistter room.

We’ve been sex-chatting intensely even when she was on the matatu so as soon as we arrive, she knows what to expect.

When I close the door, I hold her and lean my head towards hers, since she’s a little shorter.  She lifts her head for my kiss, needing it. I bet she can feel my cock straining beneath my jeans, pressing against her stomach when she draws my head down to her.

“Keja yako ni safi—” she compliments me.

I am too horny to even respond. My lips steal her words as a hungry groan fills the air. My groan and her whimpering cry of need intertwine. She is feeling the heat and lust slowly moving from me into her.


Achieng’s lips open and her soft arms curl around my neck, pulling me closer to her. My tongue is a stroke of fire, my hands are everywhere on her body, too excited to settle on one place. Hunger heats the air, fills her body and whips around her like forked fingers of lightning.

Amazement flares through me. I can’t believe I am finally about to get laid for the first time since I joined campus. Holding her head between my hands is making me really happy. Feeling her silky hair fall over my hands, feeling her lips, like hot satin beneath my own. It’s all magical.

She tastes sweet. She intoxicates me. I groan against her lips and let my tongue dip past them, feeling hers waiting, tangling against me like damp silk and sending my senses spinning.

All this time I am thinking how I am going to shag her. I am going to lay her back on that small bed of mine and sink inside her until she screams my name.

I proceed to back her towards the bed, keeping my lips on hers as my hands move from her head to wrap around her back before gripping the hem of her shirt and pushing beneath it. She has the nicest skin I have ever touched. Everything about Achieng is different, better, hotter and sweeter, and with each touch I only want more.

“Acha nikutoe nguo,” I mutter as I tear my lips from hers, my eyes lifting to stare down at her. At this time I am still a rookie. I haven’t learned that you should never tell a girl you want to remove her clothes. You should just go ahead and do it. Dominate her. But it’s alright.

Achieng’s lips are fleshy, cheeks flushed with arousal, and her pretty huge eyes are dark and stormy with desire. Damn, I like the horny look she radiates via her face. She is like a little tigress, scratching and mewling and uncaring of anything but the need that is invading her. The need I am channeling to her bones..

Getting undressed is a matter of a few ripped seams, some buttons popping and strangled curses as we both struggle with stubborn jeans. But within seconds I am tumbling her back to the bed, my lips zeroing in on her hard, peaked nipples as the taste of her skin courses through my mouth.

God, I am obsessed with this girl. She is arching to me, hoarse cries leaving her lips as I suckle at the tight little points. Her head is thrown back, her hands gripping my head, holding me to her as I go from one swollen mound to the other.

All this while her hot little body twists and writhes beneath me as her thigh rubs the long length of my dick. I can feel my balls tightening with the need to fuck and to do it now. The eagerness to finally put an end to my dry spell is torturing me.  I can’t wait to get inside her, to feel her silken heat clasping me, rippling around me as I thrust into the liquid fire of her tight little pussy.

And that heat is so close. I can feel it whispering over the head of my erection, drawing me to her. I am not going to be able to wait long, But I am eager to show her that I am a beast in bed, not just a ‘pumper’. I want to give her the best experience so that she comes back again. If she doesn’t come back another day, I am screwed. My options are close to non-existent. I am just a young campus boy with nothing much to offer. In that case my bed game has to do the talking for me.

So I lay quick little kisses down her abdomen licking at her skin, tasting her with every cell of my body. Just long enough to spread her thighs and settle between them before dipping my head for one quick little taste of her sweet, juicy cunt.

The taste of her explodes against my taste buds as I slide my tongue through the syrupy slit before circling the tight, swollen bud of her clit. Sweet, tart, silken ambrosia that entangles my senses and keeps my tongue scooping back for more.

Achieng’s moans echo around me as I enjoy the taste and feel of the slick folds of her flesh. Silken and bare, her pussy floweres open for me. Peaches and cream and soft syrup, and I am a man with a taste for this particular fruit. Especially when those gorgeous legs lift and her feet prop on my shoulders to allow me maximum access.



I happily drown in her. I lick at the sweet cream, taste the hunger and passion that rains from her. My fingers caress the tender opening to her vagina, teasing and tempting her before working inside her. My senses explode with the heat that surrounds them, with the moist, rich juices that flow from her.

I ache for her. My dick throbs like a bull gearing up to attack a matador but the thought of leaving the succulent flesh beneath my lips is more than I can consider. Not while she is burning like this for me. Not while her cries are filling the room and her pretty legs are spreading even wider for me.

I lick around her straining clit, grimacing as her punani tightens further around  my tongue. My dick is screaming in pain, begging to push inside her. I pull my tongue back, push inside again and flick the little nubbin as she screams for more, begging to come.

Not yet. God, the taste of her, the feel of her. I want to feel her coming around my cock, not my tongue. I want to feel the tight muscles rippling around my erection, sucking the semen from the depths of my balls and sending my head racing with ecstasy.

I pull my tongue from her, groaning at the effort it costs to pull back from her, to lift my head from her tender pussy and force myself to rise over her. I stretch out to grab a condom pack that is on my bag just next to the bed but her hand stops me.

“Mi nataka nyama ka nyama” she says.


I am shocked and turned on at the same time. I know how risky it is but my cock gets even harder from the twist.

“Na story za ball?” I ask her.

“Nitameza pill. Aki sipendi CD. Leo nataka kutry bila. Nijue vile inafeel.” She declares

Her voice is too tempting for me to resist. Add that to the way she looks at me. I am melting. ‘Fuck It!!!!. I am going in raw. Kenye itafanyika ifanyike’, I tell myself.

I push her legs back as I move back on top of her, opening her further for me as I press the head of my Luhya manhood against the moist, flexing entrance to her pussy. She stares up at me, her expression dazed, her eyes the color of storm clouds as her hands lift to my chest. Her palms press against my skin, her nails biting into my flesh.

I slowly sink my cock into her cunt, my breath catching at the heat that surrounds the tip. Looking down, I watch as the smooth, naked lips of her punani part, glistening with her juices and hugging my cock as I begin to pump inside her.

Flames travel from the sensitive head of my dick to my tortured balls as I fight to breathe. Too sweet. She is too tight, too wet, too nice. I am afraid I am going to ejaculate too quickly coz the pleasure is too much. But I can’t afford to cum yet. Not yet. I think of Calculus, Football, The Weather and Family in order to keep my mind distracted and my semen at bay, but each subject fizzles within my mind as I sink further and further into her heated vaginal walls.

Shaking my head, I throw my head back and plunge in the last inches, growling at the tightness, the suckling heat. I am a man on the verge of madness, control gone, only the wild need to fuck and mate spurring me now.

I don’t stop with one thrust. Pulling back, I begin fucking inside her deep and hard, snarling at the pleasure that builds with each stroke, at the extreme sensations overtaking my body. I manage to keep going for several minutes. My thighs bunch, my balls nearly drawing into my body before I finally feel Achieng exploding.

“Fuck. There, baby. So sweet and hot. Come for me, Achieng. Come for me so hard…” , I rant like a madman.

Her punani tightens around my cock nearly to the point of pain as it begins convulsing around me. Liquid heat engulfs me, burns me, then sends me careening into a mad, furious drive towards my own pleasure.

“God yes! Wewe ni mtamu…” The words rip from my chest, from my soul as I shag away to the lat stretch.

Finally it arrives. The release explodes through my body, drawing me tight as an animalistic snarl leaves my lips. I bury my cock to the furthest depths of her before I feel the harsh, blinding explosions tearing through my scrotum. The pleasure is ecstasy, destructive and consuming as I feel my semen spewing inside the hot depths of Achieng’s sweet cunt. Her punani holds me on edge, milking spurt after spurt of rich seed from my body before the last shudder tears through me and leaves me wasted.


I collapse to Achieng’s side, barely retaining enough sanity to keep from falling atop her. I am gasping for air, rippling echoes of pleasure still racing up my spine as I use the last of my strength to drag her into my arms and cushion her against my chest.


The next morning, Achieng leaves early. I take her to the matatu stage and then give her 200 shillings to buy emergency pills with despite the fact that I have only 500 left. I go back to my keja and fall into deep slumber once more. I am too tired.

When I wake up in the afternoon, fear is looming over my head. I realize I have messed up. I don’t even know her HIV status. I try to ignore it, but my mid refuses to be at peace. I rush to a nearby clinic to get tested. Phewks, the result come out and I am negative.

“You still have to test again after three months to be sure”, the nurse says. “And always remember to use a condom.”

After three months, I go back to test again and luckily I am good.  I vow to hold on to that promise. To always be careful. Up to this day, I have stayed true. I never bang a chick without protection.




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