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Guys, Here Is What you Should Do When A Girl Comes To Your Place Then Refuses To Shag

There’s an issue that has been left unaddressed for decades, an issue that affects every sexually active guy out there, no matter how alpha he is. Once in a while you meet that girl who just wants to use your house as a lodging then leave in the morning like it’s her right. A girl that will come to sleep over at your place then act all shocked when you try to initiate sex. A good number of ladies think this is an okay thing to do but majority of guys consider it the highest form of bullshit.

Dear ladies, if you have no intentions of having sex with a guy, simply do not sleep over at his place. It’s that simple. Meet him at a neutral place. A mature lady should understand that guys are wired to expect sex when in seclusion with a girl. Anyway, despite saying this, ladies still won’t get the memo because…well, they are ladies and that’s how they act.

If you are a lady reading this article, this is the point where you should close it.Thank you for contributing to the hits. If you are a guy, then proceed please.

It’s your duty as a man to counter this form of oppression. I am going to advise guys on how to deal with this predicament appropriately. Here is what you should do when she refuses to give up the goodies

Ask her to leave

Since some women can’t understand that men aren’t robots who can suddenly stop at the drop of a dime with all that testosterone pumping through their system, you should ask them to leave your house. So long as there are still matatus on the stage, you should ask that girl to leave. There’s no need to spend several hours sulking at each other, with cheeks looking like mandazis then later on she goes and laugh with her friends about it.

I am not saying you should chase her out. Just ask her politely to leave. It’s your house and you make the rules. It’s only through dismissal that she’ll learn not to do the same thing to another guy.

If you are the one in her house, then be the one to leave. Some girls will change their minds upon realizing that you are serious about not wanting to spend any more time with them.

An alpha will simply walk away from any girl trying to pull the “my punani is GOLD!” routine on him. Her selfishness will have backfired. Story za ‘si tunaeza lala tu’ usiwai kubali. You are a man. You are not her teddy bear.

What if she refuses to leave? Then come up with an excuse to leave the house. Maybe a family emergency

Try to negotiate a bit more

DON’T GIVE UP TOO EASILY. If it’s a girl you really like, or love, and she likes you too, then you can try to negotiate a bit more. Some girls just like being begged in order to feel good. Why? Because a woman’s main relationship currency is her vagina.

Here are a few pointers


1. When she says “No” when you try to take off her jeans or shirt, she might mean… “You need to turn me on a lot more.”

2. When she says “No” when you try to take off her bra, she might mean… “Try again in five minutes.”

3. When she says “No” when you try to take off her panties, she might mean… “Slow it down, you are going too fast, but don’t give up!”

The word most girls use when they truly mean no is “stop.” If you hear that word then stop or you might have a rape case on your hands. No man should ever force a woman

You should always try to negotiate a bit more if you like the girl. Some girls ill be willing to give a handjob or BJ even if they refuse to have sex. Try asking. Better half a bread than no bread right?

Accept her meanness but revenge in future

You can accept defeat but don’t forget to plot revenge in future. When she is finally deep in love with you and has given you the punani several times, you can start pulling revenge strategies just to mess with her mind.

There are several ways to do this

1. Get her wet with caresses and ferocious finger banging, then stand up and announce you have to leave because you have work to do. Watch the shocked look of unresolved horniness plaster her face.

2. Don’t call her after you bang her. When she finally lets you bang her, don’t call her or text her. If she texts, don’t respond.

Act like she’s not there

If a girl refuses to give it up, you can ignore her and act like she’s a piece of furniture. Don’t ask her to leave or act angry. Just ignore her. Ask your buddy or neighbour to come over and hang out or watch a movie. Go watch TV or start working on your laptop. This move works well on 90% of women. After a while, they will get sick of you not recognizing their presence and call you to bed with their legs wide open.

As women are the gatekeepers to sex, it is implicitly understood that they will be the ones to choose when and where to give it up, and men, for the most part, fall in line with this implied narrative accordingly. And that is why they fail. But flip the script on women — that is, be the one to play hard to get, and the one to be coy about the chance for sex — and you will have mindfucked your seduction target so thoroughly she will find herself, against all her natural proclivities, working hard for your sexual lavishment.

Note: You should always avoid getting yourself in the predicament of being denied sex, by ‘chochaing’ a girl fist before she comes to your place. This way, she comes while knowing what to expect – The ‘D’. Push for sex several days before her arrival. If you have a feeling she won’t be willing to shag, then it’s better to not let her come. Just don’t beg. Real men don’t beg for sex. There’s always another girl willing to give it up. You just have to look.

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