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EXPLICIT CONTENT: Do Not Read If You Are Holier Than Thou

It’s 9pm on a Tuesday night, two weeks ago. I am at sitting on a bench next to a swimming pool at the backyard of a huge mansion in Gigiri. Halima emerges from deep inside the water in her bikini and rushes to where I am. My narrow gaze devours her body, touching her with dark intent. She is always wering her buibui but this time it’s different. She dumps herself on my laps then starts kissing me. Her mum just left the country for Dubai a few hours ago, leaving her home alone. She’s the only child. Her dad passed away a few years ago.

As soon as her mum had left, she called me to tell me she is lonely and that I should come over. I did. I mean who wouldn’t? We had only met once before at a friend’s birthday party in Ngong, where I asked her for her number. Since then, it was all chatting and calls until this night. .

This night I took a cab from town to Gigiri. She cooked for me, before we went to play by the pool. Now she is initiating everything, kissing me

My heart races as her hands drop to my boxers. As I slowly get excited, she withdraws from the kiss

“ I want you to bang me the way you write about it in your articles. Prove that you are that good. Prove it to me tonight.”

She is not the first girl to say such words but hers are laced with hunger, with starvation

“I haven’t had sex in 9 months. My mum is very protective over me.” she adds with a woiyee voice.

Halima needs me to service her so bad. The horniness is all over her face. She needs to still the screaming demand pulsing through her now.

She watches in anticipation as my head rises, my lips parting. She aches for that renewed kiss. Needs it. Desire and unruliness combines as the rushing adrenaline begins to build inside her.

But it isn’t a kiss that I give her. My teeth rake over her neck, the incisors sharp but gentle, scraping over her pulse before moving to her shoulder

Then i bite her. Not deep. Not enough to break the skin, but the flashpoint of pleasure/pain that has her arching to me, a moan sizzling past her lips.

“I’ll give you what you want”, I growl as i move from her then picke her up quickly in my arms.

The next second, I am immersed at the shallow edge of the pool, water levels reaching my chest, hard fingers gripping her ankles to jerk her forward, pulling her covered jewel directly to my waiting mouth as she lies on the hard floor with only her feet in the water

I claw at her panties, yanking them out. Fabric might have ripped. I am not too sure.

Halima hadn’t expected it. She expected soft, gentle foreplay and lots of teasing. Most men focus on too much foreplay because they feel the need to compete with a woman’s past lovers. They tease with the need to ease and impress. They draw out the foreplay and the pleasure until a chic lost all desire to finish the act.


I am not most men

She is my feast, spread out for the taking. I rub a finger over her clitoris. She screams. She’d sworn to me via text that she never screams. The pleasure that tears through her is exquisite. Terrifying. There is no warning of the ecstasy that is ripping through nerve endings of her smooth skin and convulsing her womb .

My tongue licks, laps and pushes her higher, making her jerk forward to a sitting position

“Shiiiiit…..yes…” She screams as her hands grab my head like a ball. She jerks in response to the sudden, fiery sweetness that begins to attack her.

Under the water, my ‘D’, is stone hard, wrestling the warm and gentle waves of the pool.

Halima’s thighs clench around my head as her hips rock, her lungs struggling for air. She tilts her head upwards to stare sightlessly towards the stars and the moon.

I give her no respite. I don’t intend to have mercy on her. I insert a finger in her as I keep licking, touching her, from the inside out. My hands, my lips, my tongue all collaborate to send her senses to heaven. Trigger points of electric ecstasy vibrate through nerve endings that had gone without touch for much too long.

I whisper my need for her, my hunger for her, driving her to the limits of her own sensuality. Perspiration dampens her body, making her slick, wet,

Halima finally comes in volumes and arches, driving her punani tighter against my mouth, making it difficult for me to escape the released fluids. Her legs tremble in response to the grip she has on me.

After the pleasure invasion is all over, she confesses to have never had orgasm from a C.J before. That was her first.

Before she can anticipate or even consider my next move, I jump out of the water. And I am naked. I have left my boxers floating in the water. Gloriously aroused, my ‘D” stands out from my body, flushed and engorged.

“It’s your turn to return the favor,” i snarl as my hand grips her waist only to toss her into the water. The next second, I am sitting in the same position she was in. She occupies my previous position too, immersed in water up to her shoulders, ready to suck. She takes off her bra so that she’s completely naked in the water. Cool air skates over her breasts.

My right hand grips her hair as my left one grips the straining length of my erection, looking to insert it in her mouth. Her eyes are gleaming gold in reflection to the moonlight as her pouty lips opens, her tongue swiping over the engorged crest.

“Hell yes,” I let out a groan as i slowly fed the damp head of my ‘D” into her mouth.

I watch as her mouth surrounds the several inches of my manhood. My eyes center, not on hers, but on her lips.

“There’s no pulling out, Halima,” i warn her then. “You‟ll take it all. Every fucking drop of cum I can spill into that hot little mouth.”

She whimpers, as much from the domineering eroticism as from the act itself. I thought she would protest to my intentions to spill in her mouth but I am wrong. If i thought any act of defiance would come from her, i was mistaken. She keeps sucking

Halima pulls back for a second to say something

‘You are huge”, she compliments my penis, before getting back to work.

Her other hand cups my tight balls, her fingers playing them, rolling them as her palm grips the sac firmly. I snarl again, a hard growl leaving my throat as the muscles of my thighs flex and the head of my ‘D’ throbs.

My hands tighten in her hair now as my hips begin to move. I pumping into her mouth in short, hard strokes. Her tongue rakes beneath the head, pressing, stroking, and she is rewarded by a pulse of pre-cum, heated, earthy, the taste of it firing an almost explosive response inside her.


“Yes.” I pull harder at her hair. Her eyes nearly close at the intensity. I slide nearly to her throat, where no man had been allowed before, until now. Her tongue flattens, raking the sensitive flesh beneath my ‘D’

“I’m going to come.” I declare

Halima’s fingers tighten at the bottom, her middle finger finding the heavy vein that leads up the shaft, stilling my release.

My head falls back, my body tightening further, my hands now moving to her cheeks as she sucks violently deeper, filling her mouth with the thick, hard flesh throbbing erotically over her tongue.

The sound of our breathing diffuses through the surrounding air, rough, harsh gasps. My growls and her moans combine to create a flawed orchestra. It’s magical.


Her fingers rub on the shaft, stroking me as she glories in the hard-driving rhythm of my ‘D’ in her mouth. The pressure at the base of my erection lessens, and within two minutes, I let out a roar, hands locking her head in place as my manly fluids begin to spurt into her.

Hard, deep pulses of release force her to swallow, to moan, as if the taste isn’t unpleasant. She relishes it. She doesn’t let go until the last drop What a woman

I takes me a while to come back to my senses.

“Now let’s go bang in your bedroom” I tell her as I pull her out of the water.

Halima and I match towards the mansion, looking forward to the rest of the night. This is gonna be great.

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